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Author Topic: Mana Asakura [Omega]  (Read 115 times)

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Mana Asakura [Omega]
« on: June 02, 2021, 07:56:26 pm »

Name: Mana Asakura

Alias: Mana-chan, Mana-san, Asakura-san

Date of Birth: January 10th, 2012

Age: 10

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Will Present as an Omega

Character's Scent: Blood Orange & Honeydew (when she presents)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Reading, Making Friends, Watching Cartoons, Enjoys learning new things, Being around her Aunt Nodoka

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Mana loves reading because it helps her discover things she’s yet to know and learn. Although many things she discovers are unintentional and sometimes she is unaware of the fact that she probably shouldn't know about whatever it is but she doesn't try to imitate it. She may like learning about new things but knows when a line is drawn and does not go any further than just reading what she found and maybe asking questions if she does not understand it. If anything, Mana is rather shy and reserved, preferring to stay to herself than tagging along with the crowd, which includes her classmates. She would like to make a lot of new friends too as she is a very friendly little girl and would like the chance to do that. Like any child, she does like toys and is usually the first one to try out a new toy made by the company that her Aunt Nodoka manages over. She is not a picky child, so she will play with just about any toy and promises not to break it. She takes good care of her things after all. Mana also enjoys watching cartoons. Despite her age, she is a smart child, but she has no superior intelligence, but she makes decent enough grades.

Mana is self-conscious about her body due to growing breasts early. She is not fond of it and tries her hardest to hide her body by wearing clothing that is oversized. However, this early growth is a genetic trait for the women in her family on top of eventually presenting earlier than the standard age when individuals discover their secondary gender. Her aunt always tells her to be careful and as a precaution, Mana wears the suppressant collar which she dislikes and makes her peers find other reasons to poke fun at her. While she wants to make friends, she tends to stay to herself a lot in school because she unintentionally stands out despite not trying to. She has been made to feel ashamed of her body and image because of her age, making it clear that part of Mana hates herself because of how she is treated by others. She does not like to isolate herself, but she does so to avoid ridicule from others. Mana aspires to be more confident but lacks the support system that gives her the ability. Mana also suffers from poor eyesight and must constantly have her glasses on for she is unable to see very well without them unless she were to have prescription contact lenses. She is also not great at sports either and falls way behind if put on any sports-related team. Because she's so poor at them, many kids pick at her for this too.

Occupation: ----

School: Astraea Academy | Fourth Grade | Book Club Secretary

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt M2, shares w/Aunt Nodoka

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Kodomo no Jikan – Mimi Usa

Appearance: Mana is 4’4” with sandy brown long curly hair that she wears all the way down to her thighs, but styled to be parted in two long braids. She wears rounded eyeglasses for her eyes which are brown in color. Around her neck, she wears a suppressant collar for protection. Being the young girl that she is, her body has already begun growing at a faster rate than others her age. More of a genetic trait but she has already begun to develop her breasts early, making them a small c-cup. Because of this, whenever she wears casual clothing, they’re usually skirts, shorts, dresses, and pants, that are oversized to hide the frame of her body because Mana is ashamed of her body. For footwear, she is seen either wearing sandals or sneakers. As a student at Astraea Academy, she wears the required girls' uniform for her grade level. Mana I & Mana II

History: Mana Asakura was born to a woman by the name of Erina Mito (Omega) and father Kenta Asakura (Beta). Mana was only just a baby when she lost both of her parents, therefore, she never got the chance to get to know them. She was put in the care of Erina’s younger sister Nodoka Mito (Beta) who is now her legal guardian and caretaker. The Mito family is a famous company that produces a variety of educational toys for children across the world. The company was founded by Erina and Nodoka’s grandfather who was known for being a kind man with a childlike heart. It was because of this reason, he wanted to create something that would bring smiles to the faces of many children. While he is still living and adores his great-granddaughter, Mana, very much, he had retired and left the company in the hands of Nodoka. With Mana being promised as the first one to try out any new toy the company makes which always brought a smile to her face. She grew up as a quiet and respectful little girl by nature. Naturally, she does not speak much unless she is spoken to but is usually often embarrassed or scared to say anything. That depends on the reason.

Since she has been in her aunt’s care from the time she was born, Mana notices that she does not like talking about her mother much as she took her passing very hard. It was a plane crash that took the lives of everyone, her parents included. They were not yet mated but had made plans to become official mates but never got the chance to do that. Nodoka was close with her older sister and sees so much of her in Mana and it is why she buries herself in work most of the time, but she does her best to take care of her niece because she knows it is what her parents would’ve wanted. Mana is grateful to have her aunt and great grandfather in her life as she finds them to be the most wonderful people she has ever come to know. They are the only ones that make her feel comfortable and confident about herself, something she has trouble with. This is because, in the Mito family, the girls tend to develop earlier than normal, whether it is growing breasts, presenting earlier, or sometimes both. In Mana’s case, she developed breasts early which she finds to be terribly troublesome.

Nodoka understands her frustrations all too well but is also very protective of her niece and takes extra precautions to ensure her safety and comfort. One thing is the suppressant collar which Mana dislikes wearing because she finds it to be uncomfortable. But her aunt tells her that because she is going through a growth spurt early, it is possible she may also present early as she and her mother had. Although they were not given as much grief for it by peers, kids of today are just downright cruel and mean. It is like picking on someone because they are fat, and the ridicule does not help them feel less self-conscious about their weight. Mana believes in counteracting this by wearing oversized clothing to hide her body. While it does not matter if she wears larger clothing or not, her classmates still poke fun at her, especially the boys. Mana just wants to make friends but the things everyone says makes her hate herself sometimes and discourages her from trying. Her teachers do try their best to stop this but one time a teacher felt the need to attempt to do more just for doing their job as a teacher. It was a male teacher that felt Mana up and that experience not only mortified her, but it also made her not want to go to school for a while.

When Nodoka found out about this, she immediately reported that teacher and pulled her niece out of the school. She waited a little while before enrolling her into a new one. To give her breathing room and temporarily homeschooling her for her protection. But as work was growing increasingly busy, Nodoka knew she could not homeschool Mana forever. And the experience had made her poor niece afraid to interact with people which is not what she wanted her to become. Her sister was such an open person who loved interacting with everyone, not caring about who was who, and just treated everyone equally. It was how she was able to make so many friends. Nodoka wanted that for Mana so she eventually enrolled her into Astraea Academy during mid-term. Mana was unsure but at least the ridicule was dialed down from 11 at least but that doesn’t mean her peers still don’t take notice of her early developed body that she tries so much to hide. But at least no one is trying to touch her. Like any child, when not around others, she shows characteristics of liking to watch cartoons, reading books, and wanting to learn new things. The things she learns she also wishes to share with others but so much mistreatment has caused her to believe that no one would be interested. Therefore, she stays to herself. Mana does hope to become braver and more confident in herself as she knows she can’t always depend on her great grandfather and aunt forever. For now, she just wants to be able to survive and finish school like every other kid without wanting to run away from her problems. She is smart enough to know she can’t keep doing that even if she has so many fears that weigh her down and keep her from moving forward.

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Re: Mana Asakura [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2022, 05:01:56 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to add it to your Page List.





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