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Author Topic: Shouta Akimoto [Omega]  (Read 270 times)

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Shouta Akimoto [Omega]
« on: May 13, 2020, 10:18:16 pm »

Please stop giving me porn....

Name: Shouta Akimoto

Alias: Sho (for short)

Date of Birth: November 11th, 2000

Age: 22

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Dominant Omega

Character's Scent: Cocoa Butter & Shea

Sexuality: Undecided | Doesn't focus on this

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Reading & collecting comic books, Collecting comic book character figurines, Writing, Wanting to make friends

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Shouta is an all-around nice young man once you get to know him by getting him to open up. He's kindhearted when he does speak to others and will offer to help someone if he feels he's able to. Despite being rather awkward around people, he does desire to make friends and this awkwardness fades when he's a part of a conversation with someone. He enjoys western comic book superheroes a lot, collecting a large collection of the books to read at his disposal. He's had this nerdy side of himself since he was a kid. He likes them so much to a point that he aspired to become a comic book writer as he often used to practice occasionally writing alternative endings to the comic series that he read. He does collect other stuff such as funko pop figures and posters of his favorite characters from the comics he reads. He also does enjoy playing video games and enjoys watching superhero movies as well.

Despite this, he can show other emotions outside of being nice. Usually being rather irritated around people who are deliberately trolling him or trying to force him to do things he dislikes and has said no to doing. During his high school days, he was subjected to constantly being dragged around by Alphas that turned him into nothing more than an errand boy or dragging him to strange places he is uncomfortable going to. This had given Shouta a dislike for Alphas and a refusal to be paired with them. On top of that, his troubles also had begun when he present as an Omega. Worse when his former friend had decided to stop being friends with him unexpectantly. He was unable to for the longest time able to tolerate the scent of Alphas without wanting to throw up. On top of developing anxiety anytime, he was alone around one. This usually happens around male Alphas as female Alphas seem to not be as aggressive around him but that doesn't mean Shouta isn't on edge when in the presence of one. His Heats as an Omega also became more painful for him and no matter how much he would take his medication, his body would always forcibly reject it.

He has recently been seeing a new doctor that's prescribed him better medication that should help with this. Not to mention he has allowed himself to make one Alpha friend whose scent doesn't affect him in the same way that others do. Shouta believes this is nothing more than a fluke as it can always change. It shows he's a bit of a skeptic who doesn't put all his eggs in one basket with things. He's willing to give things a try to see how it works out for him before he forms an opinion of them. He's also someone who's not unwilling to talk about himself but he doesn't feel comfortable doing so around someone he is unfamiliar and uncomfortable around. This disposition seems to change whenever he interacts with someone who has powers as he becomes intrigued, curious and wants to know more about them. This excitable side of him comes out when he encounters such a person. However, this can change should this person turn out to be weird and become someone that starts getting on his nerves. Normal interactions are fine with him and his anxiety hasn't completely disappeared but it can flare up if he feels like he's back into a corner. Making him react violently to get out of it.

Occupation: Comic Book Writer, Works Part-Time at Evergreen Bookstore

School: Kaibara University, First Year Student, Creative Writing Major

Place of Living Amestia Inn > First Floor > Room #01

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Izuku Midoriya - My Hero Academia

Appearance: Shouta stands at the height of 5'7'' with a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair that sticks up at odd angles around his head and eyes that match the color of his hair. He is rather pale-skinned, having a rounded face, and has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations on his cheeks. He wears regular casual clothing from short-sleeved t-shirts, pants, shorts, etc. and he wears a pair of red boots with thick white soles laced up at the top.

History: Shouta Akimoto was born an only child to parents Ino Akimoto and Hiro Akimoto. Ino was an Omega and a stay at home mother that took care of things while her husband, an Alpha, worked. He worked as a manga artist collaborating with a lot of manga writers that have successful works published. Shouta was someone that was always into comics and manga and it became a hobby of his to start collecting them. However, he liked reading comics more than manga and admired the ones that had superheroes in them. He greatly admired them and adored the stories that surrounded them. Shouta would read a mixture of Japanese comics that weren't manga-based and American comics.

As he grew, so did his interests to where he not only had comic book issues of his favorite issues but figurines and other memorabilia. By the time he was school age, he was always excited to share his love of these things with his classmates. But it is also when he became of school age that it was determined he was an Omega. Shouta didn't think such a thing would matter as his parents didn't change how they treated him. He soon began to learn that no matter who you are as a person, the only thing that mattered most is if you were an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. His early school years grade and middle were filled with many of his peers avoiding him because he was an Omega. They showed no interest in the things that Shouta liked no matter how hard he tried to share what he enjoyed with them. There were instances he was picked on for them, making him a rather lonely kid.

He did, however, have one Alpha friend in middle school that he was rather close to that didn't mind hanging out with him as he shared similar interests in comics as well as introduced Shouta to various video games. His name was Yuuto Usui and he was from a wealthy family but he disliked being treated as if he was something special and preferred to attend regular school with others his age instead of a boarding school. Shouta and this Yuuto remained friends up until their last year of middle school, where out of the blue, Yuuto didn't want to be friends with him anymore. Rather, he said he didn't want to as well as finding him to be a nerd and he needed cooler friends to hang out with. Shouta was taken aback by this, very confused by what caused his friend to suddenly change the way he did. He never got an answer as these two never crossed paths again once Shouta entered high school.

High School is where Shouta felt miserable. It was a worse experience compared to grade and middle school. Alphas got their kick out of using him as an errand boy. Betas were often overlooked but it was noticeable to Shouta that Omegas were targeted. Even when he attempted to avoid them, they'd always find him and either make him do things they didn't want to do themselves or drag him to strange places they liked going to just for the sake of a good laugh. Many of these places were shady and he hated every single moment of it. The once awkward and shy boy became rather vocal about his feelings and opinions. The only time Shouta ever got physically violent with anyone was when one of them kept trying to toss him to Alphas that'll sleep with anything and anybody and he punched the hell out of said Alpha.

Since then, he's harbored a dislike of the idea of trusting and mating with Alphas. While he cannot avoid them and can hold a conversation with them, outside of that, Shouta prefers to hide away, especially when his body rejects the medication he takes whenever his Heats become intense. It hasn't been medically assessed that he is what is known as a "Dominant Omega" but he does show signs of being one because of how long his Heats last, how painful they are for him, and his reaction toward the scent of other Alphas. For now, he's been placed on new medications to help with this and he has made an Alpha friend whom he doesn't react violently towards because he hasn't attempted to try anything with him. With this in mind, Shouta's slowly relearning to trust other Alphas. It isn't an easy feat but he's still willing to give it a shot. This doesn't mean he won't say no if he's not okay with doing something. Shouta's now a second-year university student at Kaibara and is finally working as a comic book writer and working alongside the artists that do the artwork for the stories. He's usually brainstorming something new to write and isn't above taking some aspects of the life around him to create something. He's made friends with the inn employees and residents of the Amestia Inn where he's happily living at.

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Re: Shouta Akimoto [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2020, 10:57:53 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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