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Author Topic: Eljas Simonen [Omega]  (Read 34 times)

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Eljas Simonen [Omega]
« on: September 10, 2022, 02:35:42 pm »

Don’t talk to me before I have had my cup of coffee.

Name: Eljas Simonen
Alias: El (prefers not to be called Eli)
Date of Birth: 29th of October 1997
Age: 24
Primary Gender: Male
Secondary Gender: Omega
Character's Scent: Cinnamon and a hint of ginger
Sexuality: Demisexual
Race: Finnish
Species: Part witch, part human (his mother was a witch).
Writing stories
Reading all kinds of books
Cooking (mostly soups though, he just loves making soup)
Taking hikes
Trying different coffees at different places
The ability to understand birds: Eljas’ mother had the ability to talk to most animals, being very connected to nature and the earth as a witch. Eljas inherited this ability partly. Eljas can only understand birds. This ability can be nice, but also annoying from time to time. Back in Finland it didn’t feel too weird to talk to birds. At least when he was a kid it was no problem. Being out in public made it annoying. Perhaps he could get away with it until he was 10 years old, however, it would be weird if other peers, teachers and parents saw him talking to birds. Nowadays Eljas mostly tries to ignore this ability, not wanting to stare weirdly at birds or talk back to them in public.
Earth magic: While his magic isn’t as strong as his mother’s, Eljas inherited some traits he got from his mother. He can make flowers bloom and plants grow. His emotions also play a strong role here. A good mood equals growth and happy plants and flowers. However, when Eljas is in a bad mood, plants may start to wither. As a kid he loved these powers. He definitely tries to stay in a good mood whenever he has plants in his home. It would be a waste to let them wither.
Eljas has no tolerance for nonsense or sob stories. Honestly, he is quite cynical. In his opinion people are often selfish and will take advantage of people who believe all the nonsense someone can tell someone. He will definitely react coldly when he suspects something is off. However, this makes it harder for Eljas to believe others who actually need help. He wants more details before knowing whether he actually believes you.
Besides being cynical, Eljas can be easily irritated when people are annoying him. Sometimes he would wish he could do some actual cool magic to just shut someone up. However, he is not that lucky. While he is easily irritated, he doesn’t easily resort to violence. He will try to use his words to make certain people know he is ‘not amused’.
Eljas doesn’t like lying to others. He is actually quite honest about how he feels. While he does have some self-control, he would eventually do something to someone if their behavior bothers him. He knows how awful it feels to bottle emotions up and rather just say it than to just randomly snap at someone.
Eljas is a perfectionist. He wants things to be as close to perfect as possible. It makes him work hard and helps him notice small mistakes. However, this also stresses Eljas and makes him overwork occasionally, which is one of the reasons he doesn’t get enough sleep and kind of makes him dependent on coffee.
Eljas is very neat. He wants things to be organized. This makes him definitely more relaxed. He rarely loses anything and he makes sure he takes his time to clean things up. He would be someone who would be bothered by someone else’s mess. He may even start cleaning up or help cleaning up if it is too annoying. He just can’t stand looking at it any longer if that is the case.
He is independent. While he does allow people to help him when he needs someone’s help, he wants to be able to do as many things as he can by himself. If he doesn’t know something and he can learn it, he will put effort into learning it. Besides it being helpful, he feels a bit proud of himself when he does something that needs to be done on his own. Perhaps it is also to boost his confidence and self-worth in a way.
Eljas often feels like omegas are on the bottom of the system and thinks it would make it easier for people to take advantage of him. He definitely doesn't want to be pushed around by others. If people are only looking at their secondary gender, how will people spot talent? If people would treat him differently for being an omega, he would definitely try to prove he can do something as well as beta or alpha, maybe better. He definitely doesn’t want to be treated like he was made out of glass or delicate. This would result in him working even harder.
Occupation: Bookstore clerk at Evergreen Bookstore and writer. He has published one book, but he isn’t well known yet.
School: He does not attend a school or university physically anymore, but does online Japanese courses to aim for a higher language proficiency level. He will do exams at 'Kai: Tokyo Language School'. He already has a degree in Finnish language and literature.
Place of Living: Apartment E10, Red Fountain Apartments
Original or Canon: Original
Face Claim: Eljas Simonen by RosaPeach (me)
Appearance: Eljas is about 5’10 tall. He has quite a slender build, while he doesn’t look quite muscular, he does have lean muscles from hiking a lot in the forest back in Finland. Eljas does try to keep the muscles by taking hikes and going to the gym occasionally. Eljas has blonde hair which he keeps long. He prefers keeping his hair down, unless it is getting in the way. He would tie his hair up in a ponytail or a bun when he goes to the gym or cleans around the house. It just feels nicer when he keeps it down though. Eljas pierced his right ears, wearing helix piercings. He usually wears his dark steel rings. Eljas also wears glasses most of the time. He does have contacts, but he only wears them when he feels like they are more convenient, like during the cold weather or rain. He also prefers wearing them when he is exercising. Eljas likes wearing clothes that are somewhere between informal and formal. He often wears darker colors, because it is easier to match. At home he will definitely pick more comfortable clothes, but he will make sure he looks presentable whenever he goes out.

Early childhood years
Eljas was born as the eldest child of Kaija and Miika Simonen. Eljas grew up in a cabin in the woods, where he was basically surrounded by nature. Kaija (mother) was a witch and had a strong connection with nature and the earth. She wanted to make sure she would always be connected, which is why Kaija and Miika chose to live there. Miika (father) would occasionally wonder whether this place was suitable for a baby. Kaija reassured Miika this place would be good for them all. It was quiet and Eljas would not be too overstimulated here.
Kaija would often take Eljas with her when she went deeper into the woods. The older Eljas became, the more she began to explain about certain things. She would tell him all kinds of things about plants and flowers and what uses they had for someone’s health. She would also show him lots of animals that lived there.
Eljas was four years old when his younger brother (Toimi) and sister (Taimi) were born. Still, Kaija and Miika would make sure they would pay enough attention to Eljas.
When Eljas was five years old, he listened to his mother talking to a raven. It was that moment where his mother discovered Eljas could understand what birds were saying. She tried introducing him to some other animals, but Eljas didn’t seem to react the same way to other species. Still, Kaija was excited to find out what other talents Eljas would get from here. She knew the chance was big he would mostly be human, but it was good to know and be aware of what Eljas could do or not. It was not soon after that when she figured out Eljas could make plants grow or wither. She definitely had to keep him happy if she didn’t want her plants and flowers to wither!
School years
Eljas was a happy young kid, but things were slowly changing when he had to go to school. Eljas felt like he was different from most children, which led to him often playing on his own. He eventually made one friend, but most kids thought he was odd. It didn’t help when he suddenly had to wear glasses. His mother choice the glasses, but Eljas thought they looked stupid. This would lead to him ‘losing’ his glasses at school. Eljas became more reserved, trying to fit in some more with the other kids. This seemed to help a bit more. However, this made him feel like he had to hide who he was. During his early teen years this began to bother him more.
To fit in more, Eljas often helped others out with schoolwork. However, Eljas began to realize someone he considered a friend was talking behind his back. He heard how he was just used, because he could work hard and do some work for him. Eljas eventually snapped at the guy, which resulted in a small fight. Eljas and that kid definitely got punished because of their behavior. He was aware he shouldn’t resort to violence when he was just done with someone’s behavior, but it made him more aware of how he was feeling. He wanted to stop bottling up his emotions. He wanted to be honest and tell people what was on his mind. He stopped caring what others would think. They weren’t being considerate to him either. What was the point of trying to fit in when people didn’t even care? No, he’d rather be alone than faking to be someone he was not.
Being the big brother of terror twins
While Eljas accepted how things were at school, he had to deal with two other problems: Taimi and Toimi, the terror twins…  At least in Eljas’ eyes they were. As the older sibling he often felt responsible for their actions growing up. The number of times where he would run after them to get them out of trouble was countless. They had so much energy and seemed to love pranking people. They would secretly use the little magic they had to cause chaos. Of course, Eljas often found out what they were doing and would clean up the mess they made. He honestly thought these two could cause a heart attack. He definitely felt tired whenever he was done with keeping them out of trouble. Perhaps he sometimes just let them do whatever when he was tired and knew the target wasn’t someone nice. Of course, he could be a little petty sometimes, right?
Eljas wasn’t sure when he began caring more about how he looked. It was when he was 15 years old when he began choosing his own clothes. He also immediately wanted to drop the glasses and take contacts. However, his mom suggested he should probably pick another pair just in case. At least he chose something he liked. Eljas also began growing his hair out, not liking it when he had to cut it short. He felt more comfortable with himself this way. It made him feel confident.
Eljas grew up, thinking he would be a beta like his parents. Toimi and Taimi were both betas too. It wasn’t strange to think he would be like the rest of the family. A normal family…. At least as normal as a family could be with a witch in the family. To be honest, he was quite the late bloomer. He was presented as an omega when he was 17 years old. He really hadn’t expected it to happen. His first reaction was ‘...You are kidding, right?’
So there he was, Eljas the omega child who was definitely taller than most omegas he had seen. He wondered what he had done in his life to be punished like this. He definitely felt unlucky in some regard. Still, there was nothing he could do about it. An operation was definitely out of the question. No, he would just live with it.
How he ended up in Tokyo
Eljas had a love for literature and writing. Writing was one of his favorite things to do. He had written some short stories for classes at his secondary education. It was one of the first things that came in mind when he was figuring out what he wanted to study next. So, after secondary education he went to a university to get a degree in Finnish language and literature. He also attended some extra courses from another language and literature major. He could choose English, Chinese or Japanese based on his time schedule. He eventually chose Japanese, because it seemed the most interesting. He became really interested in the Japanese language and culture, so he decided to go on an exchange program. He wasn’t sure if he would be selected for the university in Tokyo, but managed to make the cut along with some other students from his school. Besides studying at their university, Eljas began taking some courses to learn how to speak Japanese more fluently.
Eljas ended up loving living in Tokyo. It was definitely a lot different from his home in Finland, but perhaps that was a good thing. He wondered whether could continue living there after finishing his major. He began checking out whether he would be able to work in Japan with his degree. While his mother was worried Eljas may not be able to connect that much with the Earth in Tokyo, she could tell it seemed to make Eljas happy. His father decided to help him out with the progress.
Back in Tokyo, Eljas began taking some more online Japanese courses to be able to communicate even better with other people. After all, he wanted to be able to speak and write as well as he could in Japanese. To earn some money, Eljas began working in a bookstore. He works 32 hours a week, so he uses one day to study at home. He considered going back to school, but felt like it would be better to do this if he wanted to be able to live well. At night, he would write. He had published one book, which was a fantasy book. While he is happy with his work, he definitely has to do his best in order to become more known and keep on writing. Eljas hopes he will eventually be able to earn his money by only writing, but he is happy with how things are for now.

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Re: Eljas Simonen [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2022, 03:19:42 pm »
Alright, let's get started. The bio you have is good but there are some mistakes that need to be addressed and fixed. Once they are, let staff know so one of us can recheck it and approve it. So I'll list what needs to be fixed/have questions about and offer some suggestions. ^^

1. Sexuality - To start off, the additional label of this character being a demisexual isn't really necessary. Some things can be left vague as you plot it out over time. But the "homoromantic" part doesn't change what a demisexual person is. It's like repeating twice that this person doesn't show an immediate interest in someone without that emotional connection. If this is still the case for Eljas then I'd advise leaving his sexuality at "demisexual". It saves people who don't really focus or know about a lot of these labels time from having to bug you and ask you questions or they look up themselves and think that it doesn't make sense. It does but it just explains it twice. We had this issue before where I'd inquired with another person that simply couldn't explain what a "homosexual homoromantic" was without it still sounding like gay with extra steps. That's not being mean or offensive, only explaining how it sounds. So, I do hope my offering this suggestion to you is okay. I'd rather people not end up repeating themselves twice in different ways just to explain something or get a point across. Don't overcomplicate your character's sexuality. If he's demisexual that's fine, we don't really need to know whether his attraction is romantic or sexual. Again, you can be vague about it and plot it out as you write more with your character and it can be seen through your writing. If that makes sense. ^^

2. Occupation - Does this bookstore he works for has a name? If so, you can make up any name for it. It doesn't have to be a place that's already established on the forum where a sub-board exists for it. Want to make sure that if he does work for the bookstore that is established, you need to put the name of that bookstore next to his position for that company. If it isn't, feel free to make up any name you want just so long as we can put it in the job claims thread properly.

3. School - I know you put N/A here but the bio reads as if he's still attending classes. It is fine if he is but you need to specify the university he attends, even if it's one that's not a sub-board, his year and major. If he isn't attending school and he completed his courses, then the bio also needs to have that information addressed somewhere in the last paragraph or a new one.

4. Face Claim - So we do allow for you guys to draw your own artwork but as it states, you have to tell us who drew the artwork. Since you drew the artwork, that's basically what you'd put here in the face claim area. That you are the artist and we'll make sure to put it right like so in the face claims thread. ^^ We like to give artists credit for their artwork. Whether your use your own or someone else's that isn't an established anime character, we'd rather put a name to the artwork. If that makes sense.

5. History - Everything outside of what I mentioned in the school area is the only issue with the character's backstory. Want you as the creator of your character to clarify whether he is still attending school or he finished his courses and is just simply working. So that's the only clarification needed. Everything else about it looks great.

So, these are the issues I've found with the bio. It's a really good bio and the issues aren't a whole lot. Once you fix everything, as I said, ping the staff roles and another staff will look over your bio. Good luck! ^^

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Re: Eljas Simonen [Omega]
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2022, 05:29:14 pm »

Everything looks good. Your character has been approved. Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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