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Author Topic: Hanataro Yoshida [Omega]  (Read 123 times)

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Hanataro Yoshida [Omega]
« on: June 08, 2021, 07:26:30 pm »

Just promise me that youíll come back home.

Name: Hanataro Yoshida

Alias: Hana-kun (by his roommate Sai)

Date of Birth: April 01st, 2002

Age: 19

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Lotus Blossoms

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: Japanese

Species: ĺ Angel & ľ Human

Hobbies: Cooking, Eating (meat-filled rice balls), Helping Others, Cooking, Cleaning, Being around Sai

Healing - Though Hanataro's healing powers are limited, he can restore biotic organisms to life which took a lot of practice and some encouragement from his roommate in believing that he can do it. He can also cure damaged and withered organisms, heal wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and poisoning. He, unfortunately, cannot heal diseases brought on by the human body nor can he revive the dead. He can, however, heal the damage done to the body but it would take him a while and he'd not be interrupted while doing so. The healing process for that takes a lot longer and once done Hanataro will be left feeling exhausted.

White Water Manipulation - Through the usage of any nearby body of water, Hanataro can take that water and through the use of his powers purify it to make it stronger with the divine purpose that embodies purifying properties and healing aspects. The purified water can cure and/or harm anything that is its opposite, which is anything that's under the influence of dark power. The water itself will not harm anyone that is human but should they be possessed or cursed, it will harm that which is dark. Most demons and vampires are rendered weak against purified water and as such Hanataro has to be careful about who he uses it on as he doesn't want to hurt the wrong person unintentionally as he prefers to help people not hurt them.

Teleportation - Hanataro can teleport from place to place without the need to physically travel to a destination. Just by thinking of where he wants to go, he'll appear there at will. Through some training with Sai, he's been able to better handle this power to where it doesn't backfire on him. He's learned to focus his concentration without letting anything distract him.

Wing Manifestation - Hanataro can summon transparent wings on his back that allows him to take flight when he needs to. He can also use them as a shield to protect himself from attacks. He can also detach a feather from them and use it as a weapon, which is a practice in progress.

Personality: Hanataro has very good domestic skills such as cooking and cleaning. At an early age, he became the immediate caretaker for his mother Aria who became overcome with an illness after his father left them and his older brother Gentaro. Gentaro was originally responsible for taking care of their mother but when heíd gotten a job that required him to be a live-in servant for a wealthy and famous artist that was an Alpha, Hanataro took on everything and devoted his time to taking care of their mother. Heís not very good when it comes to making sweets but he does his best with the recipes provided to him and trying not to change anything that would make them sweeter. Unlike his brother, Hanataro loves cooking, just as much as he loves eating, specifically meat-filled rice balls. He does like reading, taking a keen interest in wanting to learn about other cultures and the people from these places. That said, his academics are average but thanks to being tutored by his current roommate Sai, heís above average at best.

As for his powers, while they may be useful to him, they are in their weakest form having befriended Sai as he has, heís been able to train a bit with them. At least enough to where he can fully use them without them backfiring on him. Hanataro is known to be a nervous and timid young man, often freaking out over the littlest of things. He tends to be very clumsy and easily duped because his birthday is on ďApril Fools DayĒ and it gives others the excuse to prank and make a fool out of him all the time. Itís why heís come to partially hate his birthday and never finding a reason to celebrate it. His kind nature and nervousness results in him being bullied by Alphas that attempt to take advantage of him. He didnít trust people for a while but eventually learned to do so and open up more when he became friends with an upperclassman and now roommate Sai Hamasaki.

Occupation: Works Part-Time at the Brewsterís Ice Cream as a Cashier & Server

School: Kaibara University | Second Year | associates Degree in Culinary Arts | Cooking Club Member

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt N1, shares w/Sai Hamasaki

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Bleach Ė Hanataro Yamada

Appearance: Hanataro is 5'4'' with black hair that is mid-length, his bangs framing his face and blue eyes. Hanataro works as a server & cashier for Brusterís Ice Cream and his work attire is a short-sleeved shirt that consists of the colors blue, red, and white and he wears blue pants. For casual attire, he wears simple clothes like t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. Hanataro I

History: Hanataro Yoshida was born to parents Aria Tenma (Omega) and Hiroshi Yoshida (Alpha & Angel), his birthplace being Hiroshima, Japan. Heís the younger brother of Gentaro Yoshida (Beta). As Hanataro was born the youngest, he nor his brother had any awareness of their fatherís family but they were both aware that their father was an Angel and had powers that he never used or rather, never had a reason to use them but Hanataro was the only one who developed them at the young age of a year old. He grew up in a fairly normal lifestyle despite that but when it came to being around other kids his age, they were pretty mean to him. They liked poking fun and pranking him because his birthday was on the first of April it gave them the excuse to just be terrible. Hanataro didnít understand why since he just wanted to be friends with them but they just saw him as a nuisance. That and this caused him to dislike his birthday from that point on.

As for how close he was with his family, he and his brother got along and got on each otherís nerves as siblings do but he was warned to not abuse his powers by both of his parents. His father respecting the wishes of his wife in wanting both of their sons to just grow up and living normal lives. But she didnít mind at all that her husband wasnít human. It showed that not all humans are afraid of what they donít understand. And it was the lesson that both Hanataro and Gentaro were taught as they grew up. Despite the minor troubles he had to deal with involving other kids, that was nothing compared to meeting his fatherís family who wanted the man to leave his family behind and come with them. Not only that, they wanted him to come with his father to train him properly to use his powers and find him a proper mate when he became of age. Hanataro didnít want this. He didnít want to leave his mother or brother and he certainly didnít want his father to leave them either.

But to keep them from taking Hanataro away from his mother and brother, his father agreed to go with them alone as long as he left his family be. They surprisingly agreed to this so it left him having to prepare to leave. He apologized to the three of them and to give his wife some peace of mind, he used his powers for the first time but to erase memories of him. Only leaving her with a vague remembrance of someone she loved yet couldnít remember. He said goodbye to her and his sons. This left Aria as a single parent taking care of her sons but she was often depressed and unfocused, unsure of why she felt so empty. Yet she continued to go to work to provide for her boys until she was unable to do it any longer. Sheíd fallen ill to a terminal virus attacking her body to where she was unable to move any longer. This had Gentaro taking over the responsibilities and Hanataro doing his best to help out as much as he could despite feeling useless. This included using his powers to ease the pain Aria was going through but he would never tell his brother as he didnít want him to be upset with him for just wanting their mother to feel better, if only for a little while.

Life continued for the family despite the trying times they were going through. Hanataro was enrolled into an all-boys junior high where heíd eventually presented as an Omega. Because he was a low-class Omega, this made him a target to any Alphas. It even included harassing him on his birthday. Hanataro hated it. He hated going to school there but he stuck it out because he didnít want to feel like a burden to his mother and brother. Plus, they couldnít afford to attend better schools so they had to go where they could to gain a proper education with the money they did have. He was only able to get some peace of mind whenever he was home even though his mother wasnít getting any better and the medical bills were piling up. Not to mention, he didnít like getting involved into politics since many Alphas and Betas that attended the school he went to were highly opinionated. If you didnít agree with them, it usually led to fights. So he usually kept his opinions to himself, being made to feel like he had no right to share his opinions because he was an Omega. That wasnít even the worst of it. When his brother was seventeen and Hanataro being twelve, Gentaro had gotten caught up in a situation where heíd been accused of stealing art from a local gallery in an attempt to sell when he was only trying to come home from work.

The case was all over the news along with the faces of those taken into custody for it. However, only the others were prosecuted while his brother wasnít which confused Hanataro and made him wonder why didnít he return home if his brotherís innocence had been proven. It was only a few months after it happened that he received mail from his brother thatíd informed him and their mother he was fine and he was offered a job to work at the mansion of the artist who not only owned the gallery but had art on display there. So they would be sent money to pay for medical bills, regular bills, medicine, as well as food, and anything else they needed. Hanataro thought this was very strange but he was glad to know his brother was okay. It still didnít explain why he couldnít come home. He had his suspicions about the letter thatíd been sent so heíd decided to track the address itíd come from and go and find his brother. But he made sure that his mother would be alright before doing so. Aria told her son she was fine and just go and check on his brother. He found the mansion that his brother was working in and of course it was heavily guarded since the man who owned it was a wealthy Alpha. The only way he would be able to get in was to teleport inside. Given that his powers were very weak, he had to force himself to concentrate just to do so.

He got inside if not in the most convenient way but he got in without being seen. He was hoping to find nothing, that things were fine but they weren't. He'd spotted his brother going into a room that belonged to the Alpha in question whoís name was Daisuke Inaba and while no one was looking, he cautiously caught a glance inside of the room. Hanataro was traumatized by what he'd seen. His brother was having sex with this man or rather the other way around since it hadn't appeared as if his brother was enjoying it. It'd traumatized him so bad that he'd hid somewhere before trying to escape from the grounds using his powers. He wanted so badly to sneak his brother out of there and bring him home but he didnít know what would happen if he had. He was scared his brother would be harmed or worse, all of them, including their sickly mother. So he did nothing despite what heíd seen, despite his inner thoughts screaming at him to help his brother, he felt ashamed that he was scared to do so. Even if heíd reported it, there was a good chance no one would believe that his brother was being forced to have sex with that man. But he made it out and went home. He couldnít even tell their mother what heíd seen as it would just break her heart.

Gentaro was doing something against his will for them to live better and he hated that he had to resort to such a thing to be able to do that. Hanataro began to feel helpless and unable to do anything to get them out of the situation they were in. All he wanted was for things to go back to the way they were. Things were better but they no longer had that. He lied to his mother about Gentaro. He told her that he was alive and well but hid the truth about what he was really going on. He hated having to do that but he didn't want her to worry more than she already was. He also didn't want her to get sicker from doing so. From that point on, they continued to receive letters in the mail from Gentaro, and with it was money that did help for a while to take care of their mother and the house. Unfortunately, Aria took a turn for the worst and died in her sleep. Distraught, Hanataro had tried to use his healing abilities to wake her but it was no good. She was gone. Heíd called 911 and they came to remove her body from the home. Heíd eventually set up a proper burial for her using the money sent to them and decided to also look into selling the home they lived in. Hanataro did all of this on his own and heíd found a relator that wanted to buy the house and remodel it but he had to be honest with them that his mother had passed away in it. Everything inside, heíd put in a paid-up storage and the money he got from actually selling the house, he used it to move out and leave Hiroshima to go to Tokyo to start a new life for himself since he didnít have any immediate family he could go and live with that he knew of.

Hanataro was fifteen around this time. Once heíd gotten to Tokyo, enrolled himself into a somewhat better school which was Hakoniwa Academy. It was more tolerable compared to his old school as the teachers there seemed to care when students were being harassed. He found the Amestia Inn where heíd stayed throughout his duration of attending high school at Hakoniwa. He was still distrusting of people but heíd been able to befriend an upperclassman named Sai Hamasaki. Rather, Sai befriended him. Suffice to say, he didnít trust him in the beginning since he thought heíd mistreat him as others have in the past but he didnít. Instead, he looked out for him. He was also a half-demon and a Beta but he didnít seem to allow that information to bother him. Just as Hanataro being a half-angel didnít bother Sai. The only thing about Sai he didnít know at the time was that he was working for a supernatural organization that specialized in investigating supernatural cases that couldnít be handled by local police. He just knew that there were days on end he was always absent from school. When he did attend school, he would often appear out of nowhere protecting him from another student harassing him. He appreciated it but it didnít stop him from freaking out anytime Sai appeared out of the blue.

There were times heíd wanted to ask him why he was always absent but didnít want him to get upset with him. He was technically the only friend Hanataro made and stuck close to whereas everyone else was just indifferent around him. Spoke to him sure but never asked if he wanted to hang out with them. He always liked hanging out with Sai but it wasnít long before things turned awkward for them. Sai eventually admitted to having feelings for Hanataro to which caused him to have a flashback of seeing his brother being forced to have sex with that man Daisuke. He knew it wasnít the same thing as Saiís confession. Hanataro was just unsure of how to respond to it. That and his mind wasnít on the idea of finding a mate as it was on the mind of others. He was just doing his best to make it like he has been doing. This is what prompted Sai to tell him why he was always absent from school. He told him about the organization he worked for and that he couldnít tell him, in the beginning, was because it was for his own protection. He didnít want him to become a target in case any of the missions given out to investigate ended up with the loved ones of those part of the missions getting attacked. Plus, he also knew how hard Hanataro was working but felt obligated to help him and still be there for him even when they both graduated.

Thatís when heíd asked Hanataro to come and live with him. It was a lot for Hanataro to take in. He was confused and conflicted all at the same time. Yet as it turns out, the idea of not being able to see Sai anymore once he graduated bothered him more than he realized. So he said yes in accepting the offering to live with Sai but needed time to sort through how he feels regarding Saiís confession. He also would tell him that he didnít care about what he did but he just wanted him to be careful and to always come home. This had made Sai happy to know that he could still be close to Hanataro and even help him with his studies and help him to better use his powers which became a routine for the both of them as Hanataro gave up his room at the Amestia Inn and moved in with Sai during his senior year at Hakoniwa. For a year and a half, heís lived with Sai and even graduated from Hakoniwa and started attending Kaibara University. Heís currently in his second year there, studying culinary to get better at cooking since he loves it and loves that Sai enjoys what he makes. He also works as well at an ice cream shop. Heíd even reconnected with his brother Gentaro a few months ago, happy to know that heís out of the situation heís in but never admitted to knowing the truth about what he was doing. He was just glad to see him and no longer being forced to subject himself to anything that man wanted him to do.

But he could tell that because of it, his brother was no longer interested in the idea of finding a mate and preferring to just stay to himself. He couldnít blame him on that though Hanataroís situation was a little different as he had yet to come to terms with what feelings he had for Sai. He just knows and feels that he wants him to be around so there is a hint he has feelings for his friend but has yet to realize it. Only time will tell.

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Re: Hanataro Yoshida [Omega]
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