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Author Topic: Kimihiro Watanuki [Omega]  (Read 100 times)

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Kimihiro Watanuki [Omega]
« on: June 20, 2021, 05:48:03 pm »

"There are no coincidences in this world, there is only inevitability. Isn't that right, Yuuko-san?"

Name: Kimihiro Watanuki

Alias: Watanuki-kun

Date of Birth: April 01st, 2002

Age: 19

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Honeydew & Peaches

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Cooking, Housework, Being Helpful

Seeing Spirits - Watanuki has the power to see spirits and other things that are invisible to everyone else that is unable to see them. These spirits plague him daily as they are attracted to his blood and therefore they will stick to his body like glue, weighing him down to where he is unable to move. To many who see this, they find him to be a weird young man acting strangely in public when in reality he's yelling at the spirits to get off of him and they will not do it unless Doumeki is near or he is within close range of Yuuko's Shop as both have the power to keep spirits away. There are also other spirits that Watanuki can see that do not plague him all the time and usually they have a reason behind him seeing them, whether they are attached to someone else, they're targeting him trying to kill him or others, etc. Being able to see spirits is not something Watanuki is fond of but because he has this ability, it has helped him get out in many situations.

Speed & Agility - Watanuki possesses great speed and agility as he's been able to outrun a lot of spirits that tend to chase him, especially during certain times of the year like the full moon. He's been known to easily dodge attacks from spirits that can attack without getting hit but there have been times when he's not been so lucky and has gotten injured several times.

Empathy - Watanuki can also feel the emotions of others when they are talking. If they have a negative feeling, he starts to feel sick and dizzy. If they have a positive feeling, he feels calm and cheerful.

Personality: Having grown up alone after the death of his parents, Watanuki had grown accustomed to doing housework which usually entails cooking and cleaning. These are things he doesn't mind doing for himself but he finds it troublesome to do it for Yuuko, mainly because he finds her to be a packrat that needs to clean more often. While he complains, he still does it as part of his job. He mainly enjoys cooking though as he always challenges himself to make new dishes, especially at the request of Yuuko and Doumeki as well. Normally the requests require ingredients that aren't in season and he has to use other alternatives in preparing meals which usually turns out fine. It can also be known that Watanuki adores Himawari Kunogi (Beta) whom he's gone to school with since junior high and has been his main crush and object of his affections since then. He can always be seen being cheerful whenever she's around and tries very much to spend as much time with her as he can before Doumeki interrupts but anytime spent with her, Watanuki enjoys regardless of that fact. Though Watanuki often appears annoyed and complains all the time, deep down, he does care about the well-being of others and tries to be helpful in any way that he possibly can. There have been times when he's even been nice to Doumeki despite his dislike of him.

Watanuki dislikes the spirits that follow him around every day and desires to find relief in not having to deal with them but is unable to unless he can pay the price in wishing for it, which would require him to give something of equal value for his employer Yuuko to grant the wish for him. Unfortunately, this got him stuck doing all of her housework like cooking and cleaning and helping her with any customers that she may have visited the shop. While assisting her isn't much of a problem, he does greatly hate Yuuko's drinking habits because of the simple fact he finds it to be such a pain to have to go to the store all the time to buy medicine for her to be able to get over her hangovers. It's troublesome but he finds himself being unable to not help her and does so but he'll complain about it. He finds all of this more troublesome and hardly pays attention to the societal issues that many around him tend to focus on. Oftentimes, forgetting he is an Omega since his secondary gender is more of an afterthought due to him having so much going on.

The main thing is often assisting Yuuko with anything that involves supernatural occurrences, Watanuki doesn't care too much for the creepy and unexplained happenings that come along with it. There's not much he can do about it but deal with it but that doesn't mean he has to like it. He tries so hard to also not bring misfortune to others and sometimes cannot help but blame himself for the things that happen to people, even if he knows it isn't his fault, he somehow feels responsible. Despite all of this, the one thing that Watanuki hates is Doumeki Shizuka (Alpha & classmate). He hates doing anything for him or having him around. But it is Doumeki's presence that keeps spirits away from him and knowing this, Watanuki finds it annoying, especially when Doumeki appears whenever he's trying to have some one-on-one time with Himawari and feels that Doumeki butts in way too much. Watanuki also possesses low self-confidence in himself and figures he has nothing important that he holds of value because of how his life has been.

Occupation: Watanuki's been working at Yuuko's Shop as her part-time assistant.

School: Kaibara University | First Year, going for AS Degree in Culinary Arts | Cooking Club Vice President

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt B4

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: xxxHolic – Kimihiro Watanuki

Appearance: Watanuki is 6'2'' with short black hair and indigo blue eyes and he wears a pair of ordinary oval-shaped glasses. Watanuki's been known to wear clothes more related to the Japanese and Chinese style like yukatas and regular clothing such as jeans and t-shirts or suits whenever he is going somewhere that requires such attire.

History: Kimihiro Watanuki is an Omega who was born with no siblings and his parents having died when he was so young that he barely remembers much about them. He feels happy to know when told as he got older that they were happy despite being dead. However, this is not the worst of Watanuki's life. The fact that his everyday life is plagued with spirits that only he can see and it is an inherited trait from his family that was passed on to him. This means his blood smells good to various spirits and that is what attracts them to him. Many of them do not harm him but they do stick to him, causing him to be physically weighed down by so many of them to a point that he can barely move. As such, many things that he'd like to do as a young boy with others around his age, he had to avoid doing because it causes the spirits the come out as soon as they smell his blood nearby. He's lived the majority of his life alone, having to take care of himself and dealing with irritating spirits that he is unable to get rid of. It may be common for non-humans and spirits to exist but he is aware that not everyone can see spirits and therefore, some would just think he’s crazy seeing something that is not there. So much like a lot of his problems, he keeps them to himself and doesn't say anything, trying to figure out on his own how to deal with them.

He deals with so much that what many who present as an Omega would normally worry about is not something that is on his mind. He’s struggled to deal with it but he doesn’t allow his secondary gender to placate his entire existence. He doesn’t see things or people around him as black and white. He views everyone as their own person instead of segregating them like many tend to due to being lower class or just presenting as a secondary gender they prefer to avoid. Watanuki finds that to be cruel but that doesn’t mean he is without anyone he doesn’t care much for hanging out with. The two closest people around him are people he’d gone to school with since eighth grade and they are Shizuka Doumeki (Alpha) and Himawari Kunogi (Beta). He finds Doumeki to be annoying but is infatuated with Himawari and doesn’t mind being around her at all. While he never noticed it before, the spirits never seemed to flock to him whenever he's around Doumeki. He didn't find this out until much later after stumbling and falling on a fence that repels the spirits he'd been chased by away and he'd been led to a strange house where he first met two small girls at the main door that welcomed him but it was a woman named Yuuko Ichihara that he encountered afterward. He swore that he entered by accident but she tells him that it was inevitable that he showed up to her shop, being that it was fate that brought him there.

She tells him that she is the owner of the shop and that she grants wishes in exchange for some sort of price. Yuuko asks Watanuki what is his wish and he asks for the spirits to stop chasing him. She agreed to grant it but at the price of him working for her as her helper in the shop until he accumulates enough time to pay the price he owes her for his wish. From that day forward, Watanuki began working part-time in Yuuko's shop. It is in this shop that he meets many people that coincide but as Yuuko says repetitively, there's no coincidence. The people Watanuki encounters help him to change and understand things from Yuuko's perspective and at the same time he also matures as well. He discovers through Yuuko that Doumeki's presence around Watanuki keeps spirits away so there are times when he must be around even though Watanuki dislikes this very much. But he tolerates it if it allows him to be able to help Yuuko and others. He learns the power of divination, not noticing that this is the beginning of a transformation in himself. Since one of his biggest problems is his low self-esteem, he'd gladly hurt himself if that helped someone else. It's suspected that this is why Yuuko asked him to work in the shop since he had nothing important enough to him to pay for his wish with. This causes difficulties when others decide to help him despite risking themselves. Watanuki is unable to accept someone sacrificing for him. In one case he exposes to great danger when spending time with the spirit of a woman, who lost her child when she was young. He does so that the woman doesn't experience the same loneliness he feels. He continues to see her despite falling ill (he even coughs blood).

To this day, he continues to encounter many different people and is involved in many different situations. The majority of the time he handles the problems on his own and other times with Doumeki whom he still dislikes now that the two of them are attending the same university. His love for Himawari hasn't changed at all either and he adores having her around but doesn't get that same feeling with Doumeki. At the very least he's come to tolerate him to an extent but has moments of vague deja vu whenever he's around him. Normally he shrugs them off but from time to time he'll question them if something different happens that he feels cannot be explained. He'll still complain about Doumeki's presence but he does take into consideration that whenever he is around, the spirits that plague him stay away. Watanuki continues to work for Yuuko while dealing with the woman's various childish antics and her heavy drinking where she ends up getting a hangover and he having to get some medicine to help her feel better. He doesn't show hate for Yuuko since she's been nothing but nice to him on many occasions but he does dislike her trolling habits. He does appreciate that she is willing to someday grant his wish to be unable to see and attract spirits.

This doesn't mean he won't get angry with her and it's usually all the time when she does something he doesn't like or is instigating Larg (Black Mokona) to do things he doesn't want to do or play with him. Watanuki doesn't care much for Larg, finding him to be an annoying "Kuro-Odango", meaning "black dumpling". Maru and Moro aren't as bad either as he tolerates them more than he can Larg and Yuuko sometimes. Overall, he does generally care for them regardless and would protect them at all costs if necessary. If it meant him having to give his own life, he would do it but that is something that Yuuko often calls him stupid for because she views it as him throwing his life away so cheaply as if his life meant nothing to him. He doesn't understand why giving his life to save another is a bad thing but it is a self-lesson that Yuuko is trying to teach him. Whenever he's not working at the shop, he does try his best to focus on school and find some leisure time in between the two of them so he can have some time to just relax.

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Re: Kimihiro Watanuki [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2021, 08:51:41 pm »

Your character has been approved! Make sure to add it to your Page List.





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