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Author Topic: Writhers House [Faction/Pack]  (Read 39 times)

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Writhers House [Faction/Pack]
« on: February 07, 2022, 06:30:40 pm »

Pack Leader: Dr. Karen (Asian Branch Leader)

Co-Leader: Cross Marian (Branch Chief | General | Whereabouts Unknown)

Pack Location: There are Seven Branch Locations
Asian Branch – This branch is stationed in Tokyo, Japan, and run by Dr. Karen. This branch specializes in combat strength and other supernatural areas that each of its agents possesses.

Other Branches – North American Branch, European Branch, South American Branch, Oceanian Branch, Middle Eastern Branch, and African Branch. All are run by different Branch Chiefs that assign missions to their active field agents.

Pack Benefits: Compensation is paid to the families of Writhers House residents and field agents, but contact is not permitted without authorized permission. This is a safety risk to other residents and personnel of all branches. All information regarding the status of Writhers House personnel is strictly classified. The family may not request information. Those who leave Writhers House must be 'cleansed,' a process that includes drinking an unknown liquid that erases one's memories of their time with the organization. This is to avoid security risks in simply allowing anyone to leave with the information that they know about the organization and those present within it. No one is turned away regardless of species or secondary gender.

Type of Pack: Modern

Pack Members: Dr. Karen (Branch Leader), Cross Marian (Branch Chief & General), Sai Hamasaki (Active Field Agent)

Members are more than welcome to create a character that is a member of Writhers House be it a resident or an agent.

Pack Information: Writhers House is a religious organization that works under the sole purpose of dealing with individuals be they human or non-human, that attempt to disrupt the balance amongst the populous. There are 7 branches of this organization all over the world, the first branch was built and founded by Laura Kissenger in Memphis, Tennessee. They have expanded considerably where each branch with their own Branch Chief. Residents of Writhers House can also train to become active field agents, taking on dangerous missions that require deep undercover work to handle suspicious rumors/circumstances when they arise. Field agents are most recognizable when they wear the Rose Cross emblem pen. The organization houses individuals of the human and non-human variety, regardless of secondary gender, and protects them from situational circumstances. Members that work for the organization teach and show everyone how to be a viable member of society despite who they are. Many are even considered to be too dangerous and therefore are under the most protective watch under the organization. No one will be shunned that wishes to join to have a place to call home. Everyone is welcome.

Role of the Organization
All seven branches are given the duty of protecting the residents of their branch locations as well as assigning missions to active agents. Active agents are required to investigate situations that are under the "supernatural" category and deal with it should it require them to get involved in handling it. Should the mission require deeper undercover work, agents are permitted to do that while keeping their true purpose under wraps. Agents can use their real name but it is encouraged to use an alias when handling dangerous missions. Since many missions can lead to an agent getting killed if they aren't careful, newly trained agents aren't allowed to do missions alone. They're to go on missions in pairs, and gain field experience. Certain individuals also would not be allowed to go on missions depending on the circumstances surrounding them. This happens and it is not to avoid putting them in immediate danger. Therefore, missions are given out to agents by the Branch Leader & Branch Chief only. Only heavily experienced field agents can choose their missions, and these are usually agents that reach the rank of General.

Council of the Catholic Church
Writhers House also works with the council of the Catholic Church and often collaborates with another organization known as the “Catholic Order” on some occasions. The council is run by Catholic figureheads that exist in each location where branches have set up a base of operations. These individuals don't participate in violence and it is rare when they give out an order of that nature. However, given that Writhers House houses individuals who aren't human along with human individuals, sometimes precautionary measures are instilled and taken to ensure the safety of others. If they believe anyone to be a threat to the organization for any reason, that is only when an issued order of violence is given.

Ranks of the Organization
Branch Chief - Each Branch is overseen by a branch chief. The Branch Chief is responsible for the whole branch and gives his instructions to the seven sections that form the branch. The Branch chief is assisted by a Branch Chief assistant.

Sections - Each branch of the Writhers House has seven different sections, each overseen by a section chief, and each with their duties:

Science Section - Responsible for the research and development
Intelligence Section - Responsible for gathering intel from around the world
Medical Section - Responsible for the general health and welfare of the Writhers House personnel and its residents
Signal Section - Communications between active field agents and branch chiefs
Security Section - Guard all entryways (i.e. gates, waterways, etc.) into the facility
Diplomatic Section - They handle affairs with various countries and arrange for support and cooperation
Logistics Section - In charge of day-to-day functioning in the Order, including meals, cleaning, and accounting

Generals - Individuals who have far exceeded past the point in just being a standard field agent, possessing the skills and capabilities to handle solo missions without putting themselves in danger of being killed, have strong leadership skills, and works in perfect synchronization with others become potential candidates for the occupancy of the General. Generals answer to the chiefs of the branch they're assigned to and are usually stand-alone officers, wandering the continents on their handling the most dangerous missions that regular field agents aren't suited to handle and even recruiting others to join the organization if they deem them a suitable candidate to join or in need of a place to go. It is not uncommon for them to only check in every few months, though only one general has gone for years without contacting anyone.

Field Agent - A standard mission given to individuals who pass all of their training and are ready to go out in the field. Once training is complete, first-time agents work in pairs of two but it is not uncommon to go in a group of three or four if more help is needed. Some field agents have gone alone on missions but it is usually when the mission can be handled without casualties and extra help involved that is most suited to the individual given the mission. Sometimes there are missions given to retrieve important items while making sure they do not fall into the wrong hands during transport. There are many missions like this usually involving supernatural artifacts and texts that need to be studied and deciphered by the science department. Missions vary from retrieval, dangerous, or undercover.

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Re: Writhers House [Faction/Pack]
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2022, 08:50:49 pm »

Your Pack/Faction has been approved!





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