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Author Topic: Akira Yaotome [Unknown]  (Read 102 times)

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Akira Yaotome [Unknown]
« on: May 19, 2021, 07:37:35 pm »

Name: Akira Yaotome (father surname) or Akira Bradly (mother’s surname)

Alias: Aki (by Kusano & Eri), Test Subject 90

Date of Birth: June 15th, 2008

Age: 14

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Unknown - Alpha & Omega

Character's Scent:
Alpha - Avocado & Coconut
Omega - Avocado & Banana

Sexuality: Undetermined

Race: Japanese

Species: ¾ Human & ¼ Ghoul

- Training
- Likes Cats
- Eating (Ramen)
- Protecting Kusano & Eri
- Working on Model Kits (think Gundam)

Powers/Abilities: Because Akira's biology is that of a human and a Ghoul forced to mate with one another, his overall makeup makes him different from that of your average Ghoul. He retains more human-like capabilities such as being able to eat human food whereas Ghouls usually eat require human flesh that not only fuels their power but also keeps them from going into berserker mode from starvation. Eating human food also is known to weaken a Ghoul's power. This is not a quality that Akira developed. However, it is also an option for him to consume human flesh to strengthen the abilities he has. He also doesn't possess what Ghouls have known to be a "Kagune" which is a predatory organ and functions as a Ghoul's weapon and claws. The predatory weapon differs from Ghoul to Ghoul. His eyes do change color when he fights but instead of it being just one eye which is common for most Half Ghouls, both of Akira's eyes change. Naturally, a Half Ghoul like Akira would be considered weak in many aspects. But he makes up for his weaknesses with the following abilities he's shown to have below which makes him different from others like him:

Regeneration - Akira can regrow his body parts if they've been ripped off. This means any part of his body, including his head. His regeneration even works if his skin has been burned. His regeneration does have its limits. While he is essentially "immortal" in a sense, he cannot regrow his body back if his parts are separated in a closed space. If he is set on fire, depending on the height of his power at that current moment, the rate of his regeneration is either immediate or stagnant. At full strength, regeneration from injuries isn't an issue, if weakened, it would be. He will not die but it would make it easier for enemies to incapacitate him to where he is unable to move.

Immortality - As morbid as this is, it has been tested that Akira cannot die through any means, but he will stop moving if he is decapitated. He's even able to still communicate with others without his body. As stated above, he can be incapacitated if in a weakened state. This also means he can separate a part of his body to use it however he means, including his detached head. However, his decapitated body only moves around for three seconds.

Superhuman Strength - Being forced to fight other monsters in the Yokai Realm, Akira has shown to have immense strength through decapitating and ripping monsters and creatures apart with his bare hands despite being smaller in size. However, the more he embraces his Ghoul heritage, he grows even stronger and has been known to be sadistic to the point of enjoying killing someone when he's like this.

Superhuman Speed – Akira can move faster than humans, escape unseen, and evade surprise attacks. Much like his super strength, the more he embraces his Ghoul heritage, he becomes faster, being able to attack multiple enemies at once.

Enhanced Tastes – Akira has an acquired ability where should he consume the blood of someone he eats, he can detect whether that person is human or otherwise. He is also able to tell if someone has injected their body with anything foreign. While whatever it is won’t kill him, said foreign substance will give him a stomach ache.

Pain Immunity - Unlike most Ghouls and Half Ghouls, Akira doesn't feel pain. Whether his parts are detached, or he is set on fire, he's known to not react in the manner in which the average individual would be subjected to such. It is unexplained why & how he has this ability.

Secondary Gender - Akira is presented early due to his physiology being between a Human and a Ghoul. This, however, caused him to present as an Alpha and an Omega, making those times of the month where one has to deal with their Heat or Rut to be painful for him. It's also during this time he unwillingly craves Human flesh due to his body being unable to handle having two secondary genders that are technically the strongest out of the three. His body requires him to take special medication that only the researchers at Yokai Inc make to keep him from going into a carnal state. If he didn't have this medication, he would go on a ravenous murder spree. As such, before his escape, he managed to grab whatever amount of said medication that he could take with him. However, it is only a matter of time before it runs out.

Personality: As Akira was raised in a highly neglectful environment where those around him only cared about the abilities he would develop, how strong they would be, and the secondary gender he’d present as it’s shown he has difficulties identifying and expressing emotions that are experienced by others and himself. His responses are blunt and he can be a bit clueless about some things he doesn’t have a full understanding of. No matter how simple those things are. When it comes to battle, it’s clear he doesn’t consider his well-being, for he only seeks to stop the enemies in his path. Unlike most monsters in the Yokai Realm, Akira doesn’t favor being a Ghoul or in his case, a Half Ghoul. It’s not a matter of him not knowing that he’s strong but rather he fears that he’ll become so strong that he won’t be able to tell the difference between friend or foe. Given that his only known friends are two younger girls Kusano and Eri, with whom he escaped to the human world, he strives to protect them so they aren’t captured by anyone from Yokai Inc. It wasn’t until his close interactions with the two of them that it made Akira want to train more to be able to control the abilities he has without losing himself in the process. Akira seems to dislike his outward appearance due to many mistaking him for a girl because heavily looks like one. The one person that seemed to give him a small tolerance for it was his mother whom he’d only met once before she was killed.

He has, in a sense, accepted that he is nothing more than a tool to be used but for the first time, he willingly decided on his own to escape the confounds of Yokai Inc. Showing that he does have the ability to think for himself and not others thinking for him or telling him what to do. Akira does have some things he does favor outside of Kusano and Eri, such as cats for he finds them to be rather comforting and interesting animals after having only pet one once. He also loves eating ramen. The one thing that he feels makes him human is being able to eat food without vomiting it back up and ramen is one of those meals Akira can sit and eat a large bowl of. There was one person at Yokai Inc that was nice to him and it was through this person that Akira took an interest in building mecha model kits because he found them to be extremely cool. That and it was the first time he’d also expressed a form of happiness in something before it was taken away from him. As for what he thinks of humans, he isn’t like common Ghouls who wouldn’t trust them for he is half-human. No, it’s more he doesn’t trust anyone he comes into contact with, no matter who they are. Given the environment he’s grown up in, it’s not surprising he’d have trust issues. Lastly, his secondary gender(s) are also an issue for him as they heavily influence his abilities to where he can unsuspectingly attack someone without meaning to. As such, he takes special medication for it but it was already told to him years ago that surgery would be the ultimate solution in ridding him of this problem. But the board of directors at Yokai Inc, of course, isn’t willing to allow Akira to have that burden removed from him.

Occupation: ----

School: ----

Place of Living: Akira is on the run from the people at Yokai Inc and is currently wandering the streets of Tokyo, Japan with two other children from the facility: Kusano Yatogami and Eri Hayase. He is currently protective over them, but they all equally fight to protect one another. He, Kusano, and Eri have nowhere to go until they are found and taken in by someone.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Knights & Magic -  Ernesti Echevarria (eye edited in second pic to show Akira's Ghoul side.)

Appearance: Akira stands at the height of 4'12" with mauve-colored hair styled in a bob cut. He also has deep blue eyes. His skin complexion is pale due to his half-ghoul physiology and his overall appearance gives him a rather androgynous outlook. Akira is in fact male, but he has a heavily feminine appearance that causes many to mistake him for a girl. Which he is shown to dislike. However, he does use it to his advantage if only when striking to kill his enemies. Ghoul Akira

History: Akira Yaotome is a Half-Ghoul teenager that was born and raised in the Yokai Realm in the facility of Yokai Inc. His mother was Celestina Bradley (Omega), a woman from a highly influential Ghoul family where she was the oldest out of her and her two siblings, a younger brother and sister. Ghouls in the Yokai Realm weren’t common. They were known to be created through a vampire injecting their blood into a human to a point that the blood of the vampire takes complete control and they become mindless killing machines that are reminiscent of vampires. They have all their power but none of their weaknesses or the capacity of common thinking. Ghouls that have more human-like qualities but survive by feeding off of humans were considered a rarity in the Yokai Realm. Because they were, many monsters sought after them as potential mates. There are only four known powerful Ghoul families in the realm with Celestina’s family being one of those four families. Other Ghoul individuals were from lower-class families but for the most part, unless they had to, they didn’t seek out fighting other monsters that lived in the Yokai Realm. Only fighting when threatened.

These Ghouls survived by leaving the Yokai Realm and going to the human world to seek out humans to eat. Ghouls are often told to travel in pairs to avoid being captured by those seeking them out. Celestina was unfortunately captured upon her return back to the Yokai Realm by agents of Yokai Inc. Given that these people were curious to know just how Ghouls such as herself can function without being mindless killing machines, there was no way they were allowing Celestina to escape. And like many of their test subjects, she was forced to mate with someone she didn’t choose to be with. Each time they would bring someone to her to force mating, she would use her abilities to kill them. However, it was only one time she didn’t feel this way towards a human man who she only knew by his surname “Yaotome” and he was an Alpha. She would try to force herself to feel nothing for this human man but was unable to suppress her Omegan nature and didn’t understand why she desired to mate with a human. Ghouls always mated with one another as children between Ghouls and humans never survived. That was not a road Celestina wanted to go down.

However, she wasn’t given much of a choice considering she’d been poked, prodded, and forcibly tested to know the extent of her abilities to see what she was capable of and if the researchers could replicate these abilities in the form of birthing a child or taking her blood and injecting it into that of another monster to see what happens. Which they did in the beginning and the results ended in many failures. Thus them having to go in the direction of mating which Celestina, of course, refused. But seeing how she reacted to Yaotome, they used Omega and Alpha pheromones so the two would consummate. Once this had happened, it hadn’t taken long for Celestina to become pregnant to which she was horrified by this because it meant the child inside of her would possibly die to the half-human DNA from its father. The researchers weren’t going to allow for this to happen. They wanted to see what type of child would be born between a Ghoul such as her and a human. Should it be a success, then it also meant that she would be forced to birth more children of different species outside of humans. In a sense, part of Celestina had wished for the child to die so she wouldn’t have to go through such experiments and birthing processes.

This did not happen. She was what she needed for the baby to survive, no matter how many times she’d forced herself and her body to not take in what these people were giving to her, the child survived and she gave birth to a son. At first, she wanted nothing to do with him but her motherly instincts had kicked in and by taking one look at her son, she became overwhelmed with joy that he survived. That he didn’t die because his father was human. This made her very protective of her baby and when it came time to separate her from him, she killed the researchers that attempted to do so. Celestina named her son Akira and for a while, the researchers let her be if only to allow the child to grow old enough so that they could separate them later. Most children born from the test subjects don’t stay long around their parents. Akira stayed with his mother until he was about ten years old and it’s when his facial features became more prominent and he began to look more like his mother. This caused the researchers to believe he would present as an Omega like his mother. Akira didn’t care much for his appearance since he was often confused to be a girl but encouraging words from his mother allowed him to tolerate it if only being able to use it to his advantage in the future to escape.

Akira, as a child was very emotionless due to the environment he’d grown up in. He knew his mother was scared and protective of him but he didn’t understand WHY they were here like this along with many others like them. He was also confused about what he was as there were instances he’d be injured and he wouldn’t feel anything from it or little scrapes would heal instantly. His mother had told him that he seemed to be developing minor Ghoul abilities but she warned him to be careful in displaying them. Yet it was too late. The researchers had already seen what they’ve seen and they wanted to various tests and experiments on him to see what he was capable of. After all, he was a Half Ghoul child that wasn’t supposed to be alive. This meant separating him from his mother which they immediately sedated before she could attack them. Akira was put through painful experiments that forced abnormal abilities to awaken but also causing him to present at an earlier age than normal due to the stress caused to his body. Instead of presenting as one secondary gender, he presented as two: an Alpha and an Omega. This meant his body was capable of not only impregnating someone but could also be impregnated which the board of directors at Yokai Inc found him to be a valuable asset that they could use.

Normally, Half Ghouls, if they do survive, they still require the consumption of human flesh and blood as their primary source of food. However, Akira turned out to be the opposite. He retained his taste for human food and was only fed human flesh when they wanted him to fight different monsters to test how strong he was. Given that he didn’t show much emotion or respond to many things as children his age would, they believed being separated from his mother didn’t bother him. This would be untrue. Akira thought frequently of his mother and wondered if she was alive. Often asking if he could see her to which he’d be told no. One researcher who was new to the team took pity on Akira and didn’t desire to hurt the boy or anyone else that was being experimented on. They were instead reduced to handling paperwork but this never stopped them from attempting to interact with Akira, if only to find out what he liked and if they could, they’d bring him something so he wouldn’t feel lonely. He could at least entertain himself. This was how Akira learned about animals and found cats to be rather interesting creatures. The researcher also had an interest in model building as they would have Gundam kits on their desk to have something to do when there wasn’t any work for them to do at that moment.

They shared this interest with Akira and because they had, it was the first time he showed excitement in something. This was had been put a stop to as the researcher had been killed for socializing with the test subjects and it’d hardened him inside once again. This also meant their experiments became more sadistic by forcing out Akira’s Ghoul side. He tested well as they expected even if he wasn’t on the same level as a regular Ghoul like his mother. Yet, his various abilities made up for it. Whether it was setting him on fire, cutting his body, separating his limbs, decapitating him, etc. Akira endured all of it because he saw it better than trying to fight against it. That he couldn’t have that feeling of happiness he’d experienced. It’d made him easier to control compared to their other test subjects. He was later introduced to a half-dragon girl by the name of Eri who kept managing to escape and so they believed socializing her around other children would stop her from doing this. But she was also tasked with befriending another child named Kusano Yatogami, the daughter of two researchers that worked in another part of the Yokai Inc facility and wasn’t aware of the experiments that were being done on both humans and monsters. Akira immediately knew why they wanted Eri to do this. It was because Kusano had abilities they wanted to use and the directors sought to capture her.

Akira didn’t want Eri to say anything because it meant she’d be killed for saying anything. They may also even kill Kusano for being told about it instead of having her befriend them and capture her like they originally planned. He didn’t think much of Kusano when he’d met her except seeing how nice and innocent she was. Akira could tell, she truly had no idea what was going on behind the scenes of Yokai Inc, and neither did her parents either. And Eri didn’t want to lie anymore because she was already scared enough and wanted to leave as she was tired of being poked and prodded. He couldn’t blame her for that. Because Eri had told Kusano, that made her promise to both Akira and Eri that she would take them to a safe place. He didn’t believe there was such a place that be considered safe. Kusano was talking about the human world and a part of his mind had gone back to the days when he was still with his mother and she not only spoke of the Yokai Realm from the outside and what it had to offer but also the world of humans. Despite being what she was, his mother spoke highly of humans, stating that not all of them are bad, even if those like herself have to eat them to survive. There are caring humans out there that are willing to aid them.

A part of Akira wanted to see if this was true. Were there better people in the human world than there were in the Yokai Realm. There were people like that in this realm of monsters to his surprise since he hadn’t met someone in what felt like forever that wanted to treat him like a test subject. Kusano’s parents had confronted the board of directors on the claims that Eri had made in what they were doing, not knowing they’d already moved a lot of their staff and test subjects to another secret building before destroying the current facility they were using, with everyone inside they felt, were expendable for speaking of things they wouldn’t understand. The staff that wasn’t aware of things going on behind the scenes had been killed during the destruction of the current facility. However, they were going to make sure they attempted to capture their most valuable subjects which failed considering that Akira, Eri, and Kusano were able to escape at the cost of her parents’ lives. This included his mother which he’d managed to find before escaping and she was nothing more than an empty shell of her former self. Akira had no choice but to leave her behind. She couldn’t move and he had to think about saving himself as well as Kusano and Eri. The three of them managed to escape to the human world.

He’d also grabbed a few things to take with him before leaving, mainly concerning his secondary genders as he wanted to remain in a stable mindset without harming anyone so he’d stolen the medicine he’d been required to take so his secondary genders wouldn’t forcibly activate his abilities and cause him to harm anyone. Having to leave his mother behind made Akira protective of Eri and Kusano and therefore, he refuses to allow them to be captured and taken back to Yokai Inc. He’d rather give himself up before he allows that to happen. Currently, the three of them are on the streets of Tokyo doing the best they can to evade the agents of Yokai Inc sent by the board of directors to capture them.

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Re: Akira Yaotome [Unknown]
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