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Author Topic: Mizore Shirayuki [Beta]  (Read 90 times)

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Mizore Shirayuki [Beta]
« on: May 26, 2021, 07:59:14 pm »

Name: Mizore Shirayuki

Alias: Abominable Snow Woman, Stalker Onna (by those who fear her)

Date of Birth: December 07th, 2005

Age: 16

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Maple and Butter

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Yuki-Onna

Hobbies: People Watching (stalking technically), Cooking (at low temperatures), Searching For Love

Cryokinesis - As a Yuki-Onna, Mizore has almost complete control over ice at will. Meaning that she can freeze and then control any form of water and her attacks are all water or ice-based. It also means that water attacks are completely useless against her. Mizore can also freeze any body of water around her and control it. When using her power at full capacity, her hair usually turns into ice.

  • Ice Constructs - Mizore can create anything that she wishes at her will. Her ice usually takes the form of either ice claws or ice projectiles and is the most common use of her powers.
  • Ice Daggers - Very sharp icicles that can also be fired from her sleeves and Mizore has been known to employ ice-styled kunai knives that she can throw expertly from a distance, often hitting the foreheads of the intended targets without fail.
  • Ice Claws - Her ice claws are just as strong, possibly stronger than Kurumu's claws, and can easily cut and destroy objects with relative ease.
  • Ice Clones - She also has the ability to create ice clones of herself or others. She first used this ability to make a clone of herself so she could murder Outer Moka and have Tsukune all to herself. She later uses this ability to make a clone of Tsukune in order to keep her mother and Kurumu busy while the real Tsukune was with Moka.

Enhanced Strength - Mizore has been shown to possess enhanced strength during her battles as she's able to defeat subjugate enemies that are larger than herself. Of course, her strength pales in comparison to Moka's.

Enhanced Speed - Mizore displays incredible speed during her fights, appearing almost invisible to the naked human eye and capable of attacking several enemies at once. However, she is not nor will ever be close to being faster than Moka. She can run faster than the average human but not faster than a vampire or a demon.

Enhanced Endurance - She can physically exert herself at peak capacity during a battle for hours before fatigue begins to impair her. She is also able to withstand more physical damage and pain than any human, especially when it comes to opponents that have the ability to use power in the form of fire. Mizore, having much experience can stand up to someone who possesses the power of the fire but only for a certain period of time before her body starts to feel as if it's physically melting when really it's just her powers are starting to weaken due to being in close contact with said fire wielder.

Personality: Mizore enjoys watching and observing people from a distance. Those who are aware of her know her, considers this as stalking. Which it is but it is a past time of hers that she's not ashamed about in the slightest. It also allows her to keep watch out for those trying to do shady shit. It becomes a running gag with her popping up out of nowhere when people don't expect her to do so. She's careful in not using her powers when she doesn't need to but if a situation calls for it, then it cannot be helped where she feels inclined to use her powers to fight. Either that or comically throw ice shards at those that annoy her. Believe it or not, Mizore does enjoy cooking despite being a Yuki-Onna who was originally terrified at the idea due to heat and fire being her primary weaknesses. She has maintained the ability to withstand heat and fire for a long period of time in a fight before eventually losing strength. And this allows her to tolerate cooking on a stove but on very low temperatures. The meals she prepares take longer to cook which is more than fire for her. When she wants to, she can also give out helpful advice to the best of her ability, no matter how cold or perverted it may sound.

Mizore is known for being reserved when it comes to displaying her emotions. Unless it is around someone she harbors a closeness towards, her facial expressions remain rather stoic. This is how she is around humans. She doesn't know what to think of them other than not trusting them, believing from her parents that they aren't good people. So it isn't surprising that she doesn't agree with the idea of being thrown into the Yokai Academy trial program where its monster students attend school in the human world alongside humans and other non-human beings to get familiar with them and learn that they aren't as terrible as many Yokai families have made their children believe them to be. She finds herself uncomfortable around them and doesn't understand how the "monsters" that do live in the human world are so easily comfortable around humans. Because Mizore doesn't have much trust in anyone, including other monsters, she's rather lonely and misunderstood. To the point of even being depressed. However, she uses "people watching" as a coping mechanism for her depression as it doesn't require her to be in close contact with others unless it is required of her to be.

Does she want to learn more about humans? To trust them? Part of her does but it's her fear that they will hurt her that holds her back from doing this. She does desire to find a perfect mate for herself. That one person that will love her unconditionally as much as she will love them. However, given that she is a Beta, many find her rather undesirable for this reason. That and they find her frightening when she does appear out of nowhere and she ends up using her abilities to threaten someone who is up to no good. She has inner turmoil that she struggles with.

Occupation: Parents send her money to pay her rent

School: Hakoniwa Academy | Tenth Grade | Book Club Member

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > First Floor > Room #19

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: Rosario Vampire - Mizore Shirayuki

Appearance: Mizore is 5'6'' with light purple hair that stops behind her back and she also has indigo colored eyes. When she attended Yokai Academy, she wore a different uniform from her classmates which was a light brown pleated checkered skirt, a white sweatshirt with blue long sleeves, and a black singlet underneath with a yellow pendant. She wore long dark and light purple striped thigh-high stockings with white shoes and a belt tied to her left leg. She is almost always seen with a lollipop in her mouth, which maintains her body temperature. Her skin complexion is pale, which suits her because of what she is, her overall figure is slender along with her breast size being noticeable average b-cups. Her appearance does not change when she transforms into a Yuki-Onna, the only difference being that her hands become wrapped in ice as they transform into claws ice claws. Her hair also transforms into ice as well. She wears Hakoniwa's girls' uniform. Mizore hates the uniform because it makes her look like a little girl and so against school regulations, she wears an equivalent of her older shirt she wore at Yokai Academy but it's sported in colors to match the color of the uniform dress and with it, she'll sport long black and red thigh-high stockings and black suede shoes on her feet. She can be seen wearing normal clothing like various types of skirts, shorts, and capri pants with sandals and/or platform shoes or sneakers. She bears a striking resemblance to her mother, whether this is a common trait among Yuki-Onna, it is not known.

History: Mizore Shirayuki is a young Yuki-Onna who was born to parents Tsurara Shirayuk (Alpha, female) and Masaru Shirayuki (Omega, male) as well as a younger sister named Miyuki Shirayuki (Omega). They live in the Yokai Realm where monsters live. This is a world that exists alongside the world of humans that is protected by an invisible barrier that hides the entire realm from the human world. They live among a clan of other Yuki-Onna where Mizore and her sister were raised in a fairly normal environment but there were a lot of expectations placed upon the Shirayuki daughters, mainly by their Tsurara to find mates for themselves when they become of age to continue the Yuki-Onna line. With Mizore being the oldest, the pressure was hardest on her even though she didn't connect very well with others in the Yokai Realm. Especially when she became of age and presented as a Beta. Yuki-Onnas that are born usually present as Omegas or Alphas. It is rare when one presents as a Beta. Not to say it hasn't happened but many tend to don't find Beta Yuki-Onnas' desirable because of the misconception that they will only produce more Beta children.

Mizore's parents didn't treat her or her sister differently from one another. They loved them equally but the pressure to find mates for themselves was placed upon their shoulders. Tsurara wanted her eldest daughter to be happy and find someone to love, even if it meant going out on her own to prop her daughter up as desirable to anyone that was seeking a mate. And she and her sister were always warned to stay away from the barrier that protects the realm from the human world. Humans couldn't be trusted even though neither of her parents had ever been around humans to confirm this. Only going by what they were told as children about humans and so they believed it to be true. But it wasn't as if trying to interact with other monsters was easier for Mizore. She was shy and unsure of herself considering that she was a Beta. And when having to attend school around other monsters, they constantly felt the need to make her feel aware of how useless she would be as a mate to someone. That is until she grew tired of the ridicule from them and used her powers on her classmates by freezing them all in place in a quiet rage.

From that point on, her peers came to fear her, steered clear of her. Her presence could be sensed as they would always know when she was watching them. That's because Mizore was watching them. From a distance. What she considers to be "people watching" everyone else views as stalking. And living in the Yokai Realm, it was always expectant of monster offspring to show off their powers. Mizore just used hers in a different manner and it kept everyone from approaching her. This made her parents concerned for her, especially Tsurara believed that her daughter should try her best to engage more with others so she can find a mate to be happy with. This just depressed Mizore more. She did long to have a mate but there was just no one at her schools that piqued her interests. Especially not when she began to attend Yokai Academy. All the guys were super gross in her opinion as they pretty much acted the same. Plus, they were interested in girls that were a lot prettier and more well endowed than herself. So far, no one bothered her. Well, that is until a month later, two male students were on their way back to the dorms and saw a depressed Mizore sitting outside alone at night. They attempted to console her but she ended up freezing them in an emotional outburst.

She ran back to her own dorm while not realizing she was being once by one of the teachers named Mr. Kotsubo. He'd told another teacher that Mizore had frozen a couple of male students while also lying that they were seriously wounded in the process of it, which they were not. Word had gotten around about this around campus, causing other students to believe that she'd actually do what was said. She denied the lies because that's what they were, lies. She only admitted to freezing them because it was the only thing she'd done. It was an accident and she hadn't meant it. She'd calmed down enough to go back and thaw them out while leaving them unharmed. They were still scared of her but they were uninjured for the most part. As students were ganging up against her, she fled to the cliff to get away from them all which is where Mr. Kotsubo had followed her when she went there to be alone to cry. He tried to use this to his advantage and attack Mizore by trying to force himself onto her but she fought him off only to accidentally push him off the cliff. Mizore was both scared and horrified. Scared at what'd almost happened to her and horrified that she'd possibly killed one of her teachers. This proved to not be the case as Mr. Kotsubo was not dead. He revealed his monster form to Mizore as a Kraken and declared that he would claim her for himself so that no one else could take her from him.

She found this to be strange since no one ever openly stated being interested in her but it gave her a clear realization that he had to be the one behind the lies about her harming the two male students she'd frozen. He attacked her and forcibly tried to claim her but Mizore fought him off while severely stabbing the man in his right eye. Everyone saw the fight, including the faculty which resulted in Mr. Kotsubo getting fired. Having held her own against a teacher who was a pretty strong monster, this allowed for other students to look at Mizore in a different light. While not being completely unafraid of her, this incident at least made others aware of her presence at the school. Not only that, the academy faculty decided to implement changes into the school in order to better socialize their students with not only each other but with humans as well. They decided to create a three year trial period with monsters students attending schools in the human world. They were seeking willing participants for the trial and wouldn't force students who didn't want to do it, to do it. The goal of it was to improve monster and human relations and to remind their students that there are others like them that live in the human world just as peacefully among humans with no issues.

Mizore was unsure of this idea. To her, it sounded frightening because she'd been warned to not trust humans. She decided to consult with her parents about her. Her sister Miyuki thought the idea sounded awesome because she always wanted to visit the human world but know they aren't allowed to do so without proper restrictions. The restrictions being them limited to using their powers unless it's a situation that requires them to use them. They're to document their experiences in the notebooks provided and they had to have approved permission from their parents. Mizore's parents were not keen on this idea until she'd flat out asked them had they ever once been around humans to know that they can't be trusted. They could not answer this question but it told Mizore that they've never interacted with a human. So, she wanted to face her fear, despite being clearly afraid that the rumors might be true and wanted to take part in the three year trial period of attending a human school. Tsurara, while not sure about this, didn't want to keep her daughter from doing what she wanted. Plus, she figured with there being other monsters living in the human world, then maybe Mizore will find one to mate with.

So, she encouraged her daughter to graduate and bring home her future husband which made Mizore just sigh. On the bright side, Yokai Academy did state that if the trial is a success, then they will give their monster students the open option to attend school in the Yokai Realm or attend school in the human world, making the idea permanent. Mizore was enrolled into Hakoniwa Academy as a second year student. She was also setup with a place of living at the Amestia Inn which her parents send her money to pay for her to live there. Of course, she hasn't given up her "people watching" habit as she finds it helps her to observe and watch people from a distance and it makes her feel less depressed by doing so. Even if she doesn't respect the privacy of others by watching them or doing it on purpose just to scare the hell out of them. She does like that she doesn't have to hide her abilities since it is part of the norm and many other residents at the inn are either human or monster. However, outside of the inn property, she's no choice but to follow the rules Yokai Academy have set in place, otherwise, she'd be forced to return back to the Yokai Realm. She still feels uncomfortable around humans but she's doing her best to work on that.

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Re: Mizore Shirayuki [Beta]
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2022, 05:03:00 pm »

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