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Author Topic: Suzu Lillivere [Omega]  (Read 75 times)

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Suzu Lillivere [Omega]
« on: June 05, 2022, 12:22:01 am »

The Soul Can Transcend Fear

Name: Suzu Lillivere

Alias: --

Date of Birth: October 31, 1997

Age: 24

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Blackberry & Vanilla

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Exercise, Meditation, Reading

Powers/Abilities: Blood Manipulation - Supplementary, Offensive, and Defensive; there is little her own blood can not accomplish.  Blood is her only limit, as she only has so much at any given time, as well as a wound must be inflicted upon their body to utilize it.  Able to generate excessive amounts of dark colored blood to manipulate, animate, solidify, and otherwise control it.  Manipulation without, but also within; her blood able to boost her physicality in specific ways or as a whole.

Personality: A young woman that used to cower at a crooked breath has now found a peace for herself.  A peace that often seems like forever streaming apathy.  Her expression isn't one that tends to hold a lot of emotion, pale eyes looking over things in observation without harshly reacting in one way or another.  Her mindset is quick and precise, to the point, yet not overly feeling.  Time past of living in fear and agony was put behind her to exist as a constant and strong pillar.

With a personality and physicality that flows with ease and fluidity in equal measure, her emotions don't tend to be one that jump fiercely to one or another.   She isn't void of emotion, nor does she pretend to be.  Muted perhaps the word, for her person and self is still present while she seems to keep control of herself.  A control that comes with its exceptions, certainly, for the fight against fear is one that is filled with the bloodlust of her past.  An ancestry that is cruel and dominant, the blood that flows in her veins being spilt has that aggression rise and her mercilessness become more to the forefront.

All in all she has a sense of understanding and responsibility for other people.  Not everyone is good, nor is everyone bad.  But no one should feel that constant and dark fear.  It's something she's chasing, though often wonders if it's the correct path for herself.  All she knows is that something is missing.  Something whispering in her mind that an entity should have crossed her path years ago.... yet has been delayed.

Occupation: Andros Hospital | Pharmacist

School: N/A

Place of Living: Amestia Inn  -  Room 66

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Shenhe, Genshin Impact


History: The birth of Suzu wasn't the most joyous of occasions.  Her being brought to life brought death for her mother.  While her father was somewhat distressed by the news of losing his dear wife, Suzu never found out if it was because he loved her or if it was a result of having married a weak woman.  Regardless, the man took to raising his first daughter.  It was known immediately that she carried the black blood of her family and he expected nothing less since his wife and himself both were bearers of the wonderful blood. 

The man married again quickly, this step-mother assisted Suzu's father in raising and training her.  From the time that she could focus any sort of control over her own blood, her two parents would encourage and almost force her to do more and for longer.  Cutting the child to display her blood, telling her to move it and to bend it to her will.  The pair were very forceful about the idea of 'survival of the fittest' and her father was not going to be embarrassed again by a weak female in his life.

The girl would be enrolled in school at the age of five, it was a completely new world for her.  Having almost always been within the confines of her family, Suzu had been constantly instilled with the idea that her family was the pinnacle of society.  They were the strongest.  The most important.  They were specifically made for country and were therefore the best.  Yet even through all of this, Suzu felt out of place and anxious at every turn.  School only strengthened her meek personality.  She was alone there, she didn't know a single student, none of them had black blood, and she was afraid to even show it. 

Into further levels of schooling she'd go, growing more and more skilled but every bit as nervous and fearful as when she began.  She had no friends to call her own, having often tried to shrink into the background unless something called for her to be done.  During her school years, her parents had continued to train her as well as found new reasons to continue their harsh treatment.  Their medical prowess, testing and observation confirmed the girl's secondary gender to be that of an Omega... A weak breed, submissive abomination, and while not quite reaching her teens, she found more distaste focused on her than ever.  Her Step-Mother had even begun to instruct her in the basics of medical knowledge.  Most was simply study and understanding of the body, though Suzu often had to focus on controlling that disgusting blood of hers. 

In her thirteenth year of life she would lose her parents, a rampage of a previous patient breaking into their home and slaughtering the both of them.  Despite her young age, Suzu was allowed to live in her father's home among the family estate as long as she complied with regular check-ups from a guardian. 

A near guardian, a new hell.  One that found their way to integrate new horrors and expectations into the girl's life. Bringing those that needed severe medical attention into her home, bloodied bodies and corpses smeared across any room within her family's estate.  Walls that were never welcome or comfortable to begin with leaked and oozed of blood and suffering, seemingly at the amusement of that man put in charge of her.

And then, a calm.  Reaching 18 she was set free from that guardian, the remains of her parents' estate was awarded to her and her alone.  Finally able to dwell in whatever peace she could gather...  Though never to fully rest.  She took to medical schooling as had always been expected of her, the visions of blood and injury terrorizing her mind at every turn...  Through school it never became any easier.  Just as many competing harshly against her as kind souls attempting to make friends, it was with paranoia and fear that she shied away from them all.  Her Omega self only making things more difficult, heats rising when least desired and making things all the more difficult in those years alone...

At a time when it felt as if fate was meant to hand her an existence to mend her soul, she vanished.  Her future should have been as dark as her blood, the rumors that circulated constantly following her.  The Omega that devours her mates...  For it wasn't that she never had one, but that they were never seen again. 

Ridiculous things, them all.  but Suzu gone all the same.  The young woman not resurfacing at her estate nor at school. 

It was with meditation and soul searching that she had fled and changed... What had once been a terrified and paranoid Omega would have sought out something to ease her suffering and took the first steps of recovery on her own.  Perhaps going too far in that desire to rid herself of her personal fears, but in her own mind she believed she found solace.  Traveling abroad, making her own way, staying outdoors or at the hands of strangers.  It was a slow process that started with her own existence and slowly stretched to accept other people. 

And an odd set of people accepting her... Religious and devout, Suzu being caught up in that ideology which afforded her peace.  Her existence was molded to one that should ferret out fear and vanquish it.  Martial arts trained over a couple of years, weaponry training as well.  She's far from an extremely adept super soldier, but her physical capabilities have long surpassed that frail and weak, scared little girl.

A mere spirit of what she was, for even her appearance is no longer that of one someone would associate with black blood. 

For now, her travels have her staying in an Inn.  A temporary arrangement, but one that has her fulfilling her duties all the same.  Fear runs rampant... and it should run from her.

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Re: Suzu Lillivere [Omega]
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2022, 06:16:40 pm »

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