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Amar Humphrey [Omega]
« on: February 21, 2021, 11:27:12 pm »
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ĒMovies will make you famous; television will make you rich, but theater will make you good.Ē

Name: Amar Humphrey

Alias: Ammy by close friends and his older sister

Date of Birth: March 23rd, 2000

Age: 22

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Honeysuckle & Magnolia

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: African American

Species: Human

Hobbies: DND, Acting, Taking care of his cat, Making new friends

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Amar is someone that dislikes conflict and tries to actively avoid it if he can. He's not someone that's known to start an argument but he's used to people around him being heavily opinionated and telling him that he needs to learn his place. While he may not like being told that he should fall in line as an Omega should, Amar's social anxiety prevents him from speaking up for himself, again, to avoid conflict. But there have been times when he's known for being sassy and spunky but this is only around people he's comfortable with. Those being close friends or his older sister Kathy are able to see a side of Amar that most people don't see. He can act like a spoiled brat and is open to the idea of being pampered. His playfulness and charm start to shine through and he becomes someone that can easily laugh around close friends and his sister and it shows he enjoys spending time with them.

He is nothing, if not compassionate. Oftentimes, even despite his own anxieties, he will stop to help someone in need. He enjoys helping people and is exceptionally eager to please. His selflessness is one of his best qualities but perhaps also one of his worst. Due to this trait, he struggles to set healthy boundaries for those around him. It sets him up, a lot of the time for being hurt and taken advantage of. Amar doesnít make friends easily. He often feels like his relationships with other people are superficial and almost never expects anyone to stay around long. But if they do stick around, he cherishes the friendship and time he has with them. He hopes to someday connect with someone, anyone and wants it to feel like it's real. Whether it be a new friendship or not, Amar just doesn't want to live his feeling lonely

Occupation: Part Time Cashier at Linphea Comics during the week and Actor at local theater on weekends

School: ----

Place of Living: Amar rents a small studio apartment in the Shibuya district

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Arknights - Thorns


History: Amar was born the youngest of two children in a small town in Minnesota. His motherís pregnancy with him wasnít planned, particularly as she was already 40 when she found out. His birth was hard on his omega mother as a result and unfortunately, she passed away giving birth to him. Amar was left in the care of his grieving alpha father and older sister, Katherine (Kathy for short). His addition to their small family was an adjustment. Amarís father worked nights as a nurse at the local hospital, meaning he needed to rely on Kathy (who was already 15 when Amar came into the world) to help care for the small, fussy bundle in the afternoons and early mornings. Kathy took on the role of surrogate mother surprisingly well for a young alpha and she adored her tiny, soft brother. She worked hard to balance her school life and her care for him and graduated high school with honors when Amar was four.

She ended up attending a local community college so that she could remain close to home, continuing to care for her tiny Amar even while her college courses began to rack up. The additional responsibilities of caring for her young brother meant that her associate's degree took three instead of two; the extra time ended up working out as her fatherís shifts suddenly changed to days instead of nights and, at seven, Amar was able to survive without relying on her solely. He still sobbed the day she went away to the University of Minnesota in Duluth. With his sister gone, Amar was left rather lonely. His relationship with his dad, while not bad, wasnít particularly close. His shy nature also meant he didnít end up having a lot of friends in school. There were, however, a few kids that he connected to, namely a young alpha named Brandy. He met her about the time he turned nine and he often considers her his first love.

The two were always seen together and it was Brandy who introduced Amar to the wonders of theater when they were eleven. She never made him feel like he had to fall in line simply because he presented as an Omega nor did she ever hold the fact that she was an Alpha over his head. She just really liked hanging out with him and even convinced Amar to join a small-time production with her and Amar realized he loved the stage and loved pretending to be someone he wasnít. He felt at home here and he always had fun with Brandy and everyone else that was part of the theater production team. It was only outside of this space that others would bring up their status and secondary gender and Amar didn't understand why that should mean anything to anybody. But that was the naive part of him thinking that people should just accept one another, regardless of their differences. Brandy did. That's why he loved being around her so much.

Things seemed to be going well for him until the next year when his father suddenly had a massive heart attack and passed. By this time, Kathy had finished her studies and was slated to take a job in technology in Japan. With the passing of her father, however, it appeared once again she would need to step up for Amarís sake and was prepared to turn the position down. Amar stopped her, however, and begged her to take the position; he couldnít handle the idea of being a burden to his older sister, even if it meant saying goodbye to everything he knew. There was a lot of back and forth over the idea but in the end, they sold their family home and moved to Japan the next year. Amar tearfully said goodbye to his friends on the theater production team and Brandy, all of this happening when he was fourteen.

Once settled in Tokyo, Amar struggled to fit in. He didnít speak Japanese very well and furthermore, he was homeschooled. He didnít have very many friends and didnít spend much time outside, becoming rather reclusive. Once again, it was Kathy who was there for him, however. She pushed him to seek out hobbies and people. She was the one who helped him learn Japanese, giving him lessons in the afternoon. She also helped him get a job in the mall and encouraged him to join the local theater. With her help, Amar found himself coming out of his slump and he soon decided he wanted to try and rely less on her. He moved out and into the small, cheap studio apartment. He picked up extra hours at his part-time job at Linphea Comics in the Hitoshi Mall. From there, Amar began to build his life up and start making friends despite his socially awkward nature. He still misses his friends back home, including Brandy who he contacts through calls, texts, and sometimes emails.

Amar wishes to hold on to the belief that he can be with Brandy someday so until that time comes when he is able to save up enough money to go and visit her, he will fight his nerves and ask her if she would like to pair with him. He would only give up on Brandy if she has found herself a partner to be with already. But right now, he still believes he has a chance since she's not stated to have claimed anyone as a partner. That has been Amar's goal and any money he makes from his job, he pays his bills, gets the essentials for himself, and saves the rest. He's almost got enough saved up and he's just beaming with happiness that, that day will be coming soon.

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