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Calla Merrill (Omega)
« on: October 15, 2021, 08:49:14 pm »
PM/DM member Zach Green if interested in bio.


Name: Calla Merrill

Alias: California (Nickname)

Date of Birth: April 10th, 1987

Age: 34

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Caramel & Chocolate

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Americam

Species: Human

Hobbies: Shopping, debating, sex, protesting, clubbing, yoga, pole dancing, modeling in lingerie, getting people into politics, swimming, travelling, eating home cooked meals

Powers/Abilities: N/A

Personality: Calla strives to be the most interesting person youíll ever meet. Sheís led an exciting life in politics, volunteering, travelling and so much more. The daughter of a former U.S. Navy Seals and politician, Calla takes the leadership role wherever she's at. A tall woman standing at 6'0", she can come across as intimidating, but one smile can assure anyone she won't bite your head off.

Growing up in politics and working to change peopleís lives for the better, Calla believes everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, sexual orientation, genders and more. She judges people by what they present before her, and if any criticism is given itís towards their character. Following in her fatherís footsteps, Calla is thankful for everyday sheís able to work towards making the world a better place. One of the leaders in the LGBTQ+ community, she's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to treating others with human decency. It's not to say she won't criticize them because Calla possesses a sharp tongue capable of decapitating people.

Calla possesses a high sex drive due to her genetics and hormones. When she was underaged, she didnít enjoy the sexual attention she was receiving from others and often covered herself with heavy clothes to hide her figure. It wouldnít be until college that she decided to take her sexuality and beautiful body into her own hands. People would lust after her, but she would control how they did so. As she experimented with sex, partners, and fashion, Calla knew how to attract someoneís attention to get what she wanted and sate her desires. She has a variety of kinks with the most normal (in todayís standards) being submissive to a dominant daddy. Having to control her life in a way scrutinized by social media and her opponents, Calla enjoys having that taken away from her by a dominant man. She labels her sexuality as bisexual though it's difficult for her to describe it. She prefers masculine men (pecs and p*nis) when it comes to romance, but is willing to sexually engage with almost anyone.

She doesn't know when the attraction started, but she knows what she likes. Her attraction to people with animal traits is a turn on particularly those with scales. Dragons, naga, lizards - she loves them all.

Regardless of this, Calla has been a huge advocate for hybrids and animal people to be treated the same as humans. She's gone to bat and even started peaceful protests and rallies to increase awareness of violence against them. She's traveled across the world and is one of the first people to become an international lawyer for non-humans. Paving the road for rights, health care, and accessibility, Calla will not let anything stand in her way. She's even as far as photographed in lingerie with models of all types to fund her campaigns.

Due to the unbalanced nature of her hormones and unpredictable family genetics, Calla has a 0.5% chance of conceiving children. She possesses all the other traits of an Omega including heats. This isnít to say she doesnít want children, and is more than happy to adopt or find a surrogate mother, but only when she finds the right man. Her heats are rather intense and can leave her drained for several days afterward. Despite this, she's managed to find ways to work at home during these tiring days when she's not busy eating and sleeping.

Occupation: American Politician | International Lawyer

School: N/A

Place of Living: Red Fountain Tower > Room 69

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Rangiku Matsumoto | Bleach


History: Callaís origins are unusual, but not uncommon. She was born from a surrogate mother using the sperm from one of her Alpha fathers Michael to begin a family with his mate Gavin, an Alpha as well. There was no doubt she would be brought up with love as the two immediately adored her, and did everything they could to raise a baby girl in a world they were trying to improve.

Michael Merill, nťe Gomez, is a Californian politician and lawyer who worked all his life from poverty to success working as a bartender to make ends meet while in school. The son of drug addicts and dealers, Michael made it his mission to help everyone believing that addiction is a disease that needed to be cured. His visit to clinics, rehab centers, and seeking capable doctors and nurses helped lower drug-related crimes in his area. Michael went as far as visiting schools to show students the actual dangers of drugs and helped anyone who was addicted or knew someone that was. He became popular and kept that determination all through his law career. So much so that he took down big-name politicians who were trying to reverse the good he had done. This isnít to say he didnít have a support system as the love of his life kept him standing when he felt like quitting.

While Michael was in school and bartending, he met Gavin Merrill - a U.S. Navy Seals veteran who retired after his last mission in the Middle East. Known as the ĎMerry Bells,í Gavin had an imposing figure that overshadowed everyone else with a stoic face to match. A man of few words, Gavin spent the first day of retirement not knowing what to do except drink and hope the answer would come to him. Michael tended to him with whiskey and struck up a conversation. Everyone else was afraid except for Michael who spent the entire night talking about his dreams and what he wanted to do when he became a lawyer. Gavin stayed until the bar was closed, and asked Michael out to breakfast. The two went to Waffle House, and since then never left each otherís side.

Gavin gained employment at a local veteran hospital with additional training to help calm those with PTSD and other mental illnesses. The two were never rich, but they were rich with love. Despite the fact they were Alphas, society tended to frown on those types of couples as reproduction wasnít possible without outside help. The two didnít care and married before Michael graduated at a courthouse. The wedding was small, but thatís not what mattered to the two. For several years they lived in a tiny one-room apartment with each day taking a step forward in their dreams. Gavin wanted Michael to succeed and used his contacts and military influence however he could. Though it wasnít requested, Michael was able to find additional aid and staff to help the veteran hospital when times were hard.

As Michael gained popularity and wealth from his occupation, so did the pressing urge to have a family. There were plenty of Omegas who confessed to wanting to bear their children, but the Merrill family wouldnít have just anybody become the surrogate mother. Through a confidential service, they were able to find a lovely Beta who would become inseminated with Michaelís sperm as Gavin was unable to have children due to previous accidents. The Beta ensured no one knew who the father of her child was leaving her to spend the next nine months in peace. Gavin would stop by to check in on her and ask if she needed anything. A man who spoke little, Gavin expressed to her that he appreciated her being the mother of his child as he had long since given up trying to have a family. She never pressed for questions but understood. Though she didnít have a lover or mate of her own, she knew that the children she carried would be loved unconditionally.

On April 10th, 1987, Calla Merrill was born a healthy five pounds and three ounces. Surrounded by pure love, she would grow up in an extravagant life, not in wealth, but experience and joy. Life was hard in the beginning for the two Alphas as neither could produce milk and relied on formula. Another obstacle was the comforting scent of her mother. The Beta had a pine scent whereas Michael carried one similar to the ocean and Gavin possessed an earthy clay type. Thankfully, there were pine scent pads the men could use to comfort their screaming child, and, odd to anyone outside the family, Gavin would wear the comforting scent while cradling the tiny baby in his large arms. Even in public, no one was brave enough to confront the man.

After an article was published in the newspaper about the decline of masculinity and how Gavin was degraded to being a mother for Michaelís child (rumored to be from a side hustle rather than a surrogate), Gavin took this personally. Having learned basic law from Michael, Gavin became an advocate for families that werenít the standard Beta/Beta or Alpha/Omega. He became a voice for those afraid to speak on parent neutrality and how they were being discriminated against due to the position they took up. To be a parent meant many things, and their genders - primary or secondary - didnít matter when it came to raising children towards a better future.

Throughout the protests, court meetings, and everything in between, Calla was there growing up. When she was younger she didnít understand how important it was for her fathers to make important speeches about family equality and ensure there was access to health centers for everyone. She soaked it all in and followed in her parentís example. Even as a child, she watched and learned even going so far as to tell a judge an objection in unison to Michael. She would attend the veteran hospital with Gavin listening to the tales of war, and the consequences that everyone forgot once victory (or defeat) was ensured. At the time, she wasnít fully aware of how brutal war truly was, but hearing people breaking their hearts as they confessed to the crimes forced to commit in the name of the king and country (regardless of origins) broke her heart.

Calla attended public schooling and became the most popular girl. She was kind to everyone and checked in on the quiet kids. If she suspected abuse or negligence, she would inform her parents to figure out what could be done. This was when she learned that there were rules they had to follow to separate children from abusive parents, and as a child, she wasnít able to do much in terms of the law. Yet, this didnít stop her from bringing extra snacks and sneaking them to those children. Before school was out, she was sure to make them smile and laugh so for those precious moments they forgot about their pain. Calla became class president with many parents speculating that it was due to her familyís influence, but they would change their minds meeting the young determined young lady.

This is not to say she wasnít always popular. Calla made demonstrations and even protested schools on rules or handling matters. There was even a time she snuck into school to graffiti the lockers when a teacher was being inappropriate towards students yet nothing could be proven as the cameras were mysteriously turned off and there was no physical evidence of her being there outside school hours. She made a name for herself by standing up for the underdog.

It wouldnít be until she hit puberty that her life changed for the worse. During middle school and high school, her breasts were the largest in her classes; so much so that received lewdful looks especially from adults. Presenting as an Omega didnít help matters, and the once cheerful classmates who stood beside her now gazed at her as hormones took over. Calla tried not to let it affect her, and she would come home crying not understanding why people were this way. She would cover-up, but it didnít stop people from touching her inappropriately. It escalated to a point where she spent her sophomore year at home to focus on studies and extracurricular activities. Even going to the store would become too much as adults would make inappropriate suggestions to her. It came to a point where Gavin, a patient man by virtue, nearly punched people only to be held back by Michael.

Michael, coming from a family of beautiful Hispanics, had no idea what Calla was going through. It wouldn't be until the yearly family reunion that the Aunts, Grandmas, and cousins would take one look at Calla and make a life-changing decision. They took the young girl aside and showed her what it meant to be a beautiful woman. They had bodies of all shapes and sizes with mates devoted to them and only them. Grandmothers passing age-old wisdom as the cousins modernize it. Calla inherited the beauty of her ancestors so why should she hide it? The next two years saw the cousins who lived nearby take Calla to the mall and get her new clothes. The once quiet dork who studied too much law and politics blossomed into a beauty of her own. Makeup was a difficult course and learning what types of outfits worked and didn't was a trial in and of itself.

Her return to public schooling during her senior year caught everyone off guard. Strolling into school with unrivaled beauty, everyone wanted to be her or be friends with Calla. She took this revamped opportunity to do what she did best - fight for the underdog. If it meant convincing people using her caramel pheromones or a pouty lip she wasnít above doing so. This isnít to say she didnít have bad days; her cousins supported her and gave her the prep talk she needed to keep marching forward.

After graduation, Calla attended Yale University for law and international politics. Her studious behavior aiding her against the toughest of classes hellbent on weeding out the weak. If they couldnít pass the class then they couldnít win a case. During these years, she sexually experimented with classmates and others. Traveling all her life allowed her access to learning languages early. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Korean and Japanese, gave Calla the upper hand. Many of which got them into her bed by whispering a few sweet words. It was at Yale she found what she desired most of all physically in a partner - animal characteristics. Horns, scales, tails, claws, fur, sharp teeth, wings - everything. It was like a dam breaking, and she actively sought sexual partners who had these qualities to bring her to the highest of pleasure. Humans (normal or supernatural) couldnít do it for her anymore.

As she mingled with the non-human community, she discovered layers upon layers of specism, discrimination and unneeded hatred for those who simply werenít born human. There were many who sought to remove their animal traits just so they wouldnít be cursed and spit on or treated like sex objects. Some humans (who called themselves furries or scalies) pretended to understand the torment and struggle the other races went through, but it only made everything worse. Calla took that anger and unhappiness and formed the first California Civil Rights For Non-Humans organization to promote awareness of the troubles. Having graduated with honors and top of her class, Calla Merrill became a force to be reckoned with whenever she entered the court rooms. Her determination to seek justice and defend the people who have adopted her into their community.

Calla became the center figurehead of the organization when it came to politics and law. She started peaceful protests, had lunch with politicians, religious leaders and anyone willing to hear her out. At one point, someone told her she's too beautiful for such crude work and needed to become a housewife. In retaliation, she collaborated with several clothing companies who created gender and species neutral clothing and lingerie. Calla posed in all sorts of outfits stating that gender does not stand in front of passion. Speaking at great lengths about how outdated traditional roles had become, and modern problems required modern solutions. Even Gavin did a few shoots with her; baring his scars and muscular physique for everyone to drool over. Michael had never been a jealous mate, but he would be sure that everyone saw their bite marks and smelled his spicy scent on Gavin.

Throughout her 20s and early 30s, Calla was responsible for the passing of several bills to improve the lives of everyone starting in California. So much so that she gained the nickname California from those learning to speak English. She's made such a name for herself as an 'outlandish' woman who once stood between police armed with shotguns and protestors. Calla has traveled the world doing everything she can to bring people together. Even if she's on a Zoom call post heat, Calla doesn't let anything stop her. Even former lovers threatening to come out to the news outlet doesn't bother her. Several have, and even gone as far as posting several photos taken during the sexual activities. Calla's only response being that the angle isn't flattering.

Calla often travels to Japan to speak to their countrymen who are more accepting of those with animal traits. She has a fixed room at the Red Fountain Towers where the staff and maids are tipped quite well to keep her business out of the papers.


Calla - From the name of a type of lily, of Latin origin. The use of the name may also be inspired by Greek κάλλος (kallos) meaning "beauty".

Merrill - From the name of various places in England, derived from Old English myrige "pleasant" and hyll "hill".

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