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Author Topic: Gabriella Westerberg (Beta)  (Read 64 times)

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Gabriella Westerberg (Beta)
« on: October 09, 2021, 05:56:21 pm »
PM/DM member Kris/Dusan Libre if interested in bio.


Name: Gabriella Westerberg

Alias: Polyxena’s Crazy Girlfriend (Fans), Secretary Westerberg (Occupation Title)

Date of Birth: April 20th, 1998

Age: 23

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Banana

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Swedish

Species: Rabbit Hybrid

Hobbies: Reading/watching hentai, spoiling Polyxena, dancing in her banana costume, sending memes to everyone, buying food for everyone in the office (“Let me feed you Dammit!”), snuggling, crying at movies

Powers/Abilities: N/A

Rabbit Physiology
Gabriella’s physical attributes include long gray ears on top of her head and a small fluffy tail right above her butt. Her hearing is not enhanced, but capable of right above human level. She can leap although more often than not she lands on her face or butt due to lack of balance. Her reflexes allow her to evade kicks and punches, but she’s not fast enough to dodge bullets or enhanced fighting techniques. However, if caught off guard she will be hit. Her nose is sensitive, and she knows when someone hasn’t taken a shower. If taking out the trash she wears a mask to help.

Personality: Gabriella is an emotional bundle of love who just wants to make everyone happy. She tries to bribe people with food, and, more often than not, brings donuts to the office. This results in her coworkers needing to decline or go on diets, but this just encourages her to bring healthy snacks. Gluten-free? Allergies? Keto diet? Gabriella will go out of her way to bring whatever to ensure that everyone can enjoy the food. She can’t cook to save her life so don’t ask for her to cook.

Many would describe Gabriella as unusual because it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like her, she will go out of her way to make them happy or solve their problems if she can. Her stubbornness sometimes clashes with others even if good intentions are involved. To close friends and Polyxena, she is a crybaby who doesn’t understand why some people can be cruel. Her good nature and heart sometimes prevent her from seeing the evil sides of people, and she relies on Polyxena to help her from being tricked.

Yet, Gabriella possesses a fiery temper who will thump to let everyone know; there are occasions where her strength comes through and she makes an indention in the floor. This doesn’t mean she’ll physically fight people because more often than not she loses. Despite being a rabbit, she lacks proper fighting abilities. She’s taken fighting and self-defense classes only to be told she needs an Alpha to protect her. This angered her so much she got a custom-made electric hammer to defend herself. The hammer helps her keep balance, and increases her chances of success by a good amount.

It’s no secret that Gabriella is a gamer and a massive nerd. Her desk is decorated with Funko Pop figures, her lanyard a Star Wars one, and her clipboard holding an Iron Man keychain. Despite this not being office safe, no one corrects her as she performs her job without fail regardless of what it is. She ensures that all heroes are at their appointments, her boss has everything they require, and there are always backup plans if something goes wrong. She is a woman of focus, by-the-rules, and gladly mentors the new people.

One of Gabriella's insecuries lies in her speaking. Her excitement often tongue ties her and more so when switching between English, Swedish and Japanese. Certain words and syllables she cannot pronounce and consciously avoids saying them. She's embarrassed by this trait and easily gets down, especially when this happens in front of others. As a teenager, she was often made fun of for this. Matched with her normally passive nature, she endured it. It wasn't until she got deep into video games and anime that she found ways to redirect her sadness. Playing games as confident mute heroes helped her self esteem as sometimes she would pretend to be the hero. When audio was added to characters, Gabriella would repeat the dialogue as practice.

Gabriella’s love for her girlfriend can be described in many ways. Initially adopting the introvert into her friend group, Gabriella fell head over heels soon after. Like a romance novel, the bunny woman did everything she could to show Polyxena love and affection in the purest sense of the word. Gabriella, a bit fickle and often picks up and drops games within days, proved to Polyxena that this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. Gabriella is clingy and comes across as possessive if she thinks someone is flirting with the hero. Though Polyxena isn’t a rabbit, Gabriella has been seen to rub her chin on her girlfriend to mark her territory.

Occupation: Secretary (Japanese Hero Division)

School: N/A

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > N2 with Polyxena Tomaras

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Savage | Arknights


History: Gabriella was born in a lab experimenting on humans and animal DNA in an attempt to create a more perfect human. Through decades of trial and error, Gabriella was their first success in the American branch of the same organization that created Alcmene and Natsuki. Despite the huge success, the donors were displeased with a no powered Beta born. There were talks of getting rid of the child until one of the Swedish couples stepped in, and adopted the rabbit girl.

Gabriella is a strange phenomenon as she was born already presenting as a Beta with a delicious banana scent often making her hungry before she knew how to control it. Her Beta mother Christel is a patient woman who helped Gabriella with learning. The child was a slow learner and had immense difficulty speaking and learning Swedish. She wouldn't speak with tutors or others and often remained silent.

Her Omega mother Janna (quarter Japanese and three-fourths Swedish) introduced video games to Gabriella. Back when games were text based, Janna would read everything for Gabriella. This different style of learning helped Gabriella understand the language and she quickly caught on in order to advance through the story. Janna would pick role play games and the two spent afternoons and weekends together. Christel would make them snacks and watch as her family came together as though Gabriella was of their blood.

Christel is a wealthy business woman who used her 'four leaf' clover scent to bring about luck though she had no powers. Janna is Christel's secretary and the three travelled the world together partaking in the food and cultures of the world. Gabriella would try to repeat phrases, but was often crudely laughed at when misspeaking. The girl would remain silent and often played Pokemon or Kirby on her Gameboy to distract herself. During a trip to America, the family went to their first convention. Gabriella fell in love with everything and begged her mothers to take pictures of her with her favorite characters. It's one of the happiest memories she has, and one of the few times she's forgotten about her speech problems.

It wouldn't be until middle school that in the early spring she came down with a fever and missed school for two weeks. Human doctors had little to go on as she was experiencing heats similar to an Omega, but every test resulted in Beta. Tired of the run around, Janna requested a veterinarian to look at Gabriella. Specifically, a rabbit specialist. Taking into account Gabriella's unusual birth and traits, the veterinarian confirmed that rabbits start mating in early February or March and end in September. Christel would reach out to the organization she funded (and later pulled from) to see if any more rabbit children were born.

Christel and Janna were able to make contact with Akio and Guadalupe Kubo. The scientists ensured that Gabriella would be fine as Alcmene was currently going through her rut, and they theorized Natsuki would experience similar traits when she presented and reached puberty. When Gabriella indeed turned out fine, the family sat down and discussed their future. Not knowing what would happen, the mothers admitted they were terrified of losing their daughter. Gabriella, who had been practically at Janna's side almost the entire time during meetings and such, announced she wanted to be a secretary. She already knew the basics, but she needed qualifications and certificates showing her skills.

With the firm decision in mind, Gabriella would spend the rest of her school years learning what it meant to be a secretary. Her self confidence increased as did her typing, time management and other acquired traits. She learned ways around the weaker points of her speech problems using English phrases. Once more, learning from video games and English dubbed anime. Her professional mannerisms were without fail. No one could give any negative feedback as being polite and kind to others paid off especially against those who didn't want it.

The two families became close over time, eventually leading to their meeting in person soon after Gabriella graduated high school. The girls, having talked to each other in English and learning Japanese from their mothers, immediately hit it off. Gabriella and Alcmene would run around Tokyo getting into all sorts of trouble. Natsuki was easily won over by treats and gaming and the two spent hours battling it out online or against each other. Alcmene, upon learning that one of the secretaries at the Japanese Hero Division had resigned, suggested Gabriella apply for the job. After all, what could it hurt? Gabriella did with Alcmene's letter of recommendation and got the job.

Gabriella was able to secure a work visa, apartment and furniture. Her goodbyes to her mothers was a tearful one showing the less mature side. They text each other every day, and call once a week. Christel and Janna would visit during the holidays, and send gifts on birthdays. There was no breaking the strong bond the family had. Gabriella hoped to one day bring someone else into her family.

Alcmene, Natsuki and Gabriella attended a convention where she spotted a cosplayer dressed as Byleth from Fire Emblem. Having grown up playing every version, Gabriella immediately pounced on the cosplayer gushing on how wonderful it was. Polyxena would introduce herself only to be promptly adopted into the group with Gabriella being the mother hen and ensuring everyone is taken care of. Polyxena and Gabriella would become close, and exchange contact information. Gabriella would remain professional at work, but as soon as she clocked out she would drag Polyxena to dinner or to the arcade.

It wouldn't be until one lovely afternoon that Gabriella would realize she's fallen in love with Polyxena. That same day, she confessed her feelings beneath a starry night. Gabriella, a fickle woman who would pick up new games and drop them within days, promised it wasn't a spur of the moment. She would prove herself. Having played numerous dating sims, she started with flowers, chocolates and jewelry. Everything she thought was romantic became too much for the introvert and the two had to have a conversation on wooing. Gabriella's heart was in the right place, but Polyxena wasn't a fictional character. She was a person with feelings and wants that changed every day.

Over time, the two became close eventually leading to them moving into Red Fountain Apartments. Gabriella would assist Polyxena as a sidekick, occasionally wielding an electric hammer to defend herself and help keep her balance. Sometimes the only thing she could do is be a distraction while Polyxena also known as "Avatar" would jump in and be the hero. And, she's okay with that.


Gabriella → Feminine form of Gabriel → From the Hebrew name גַבְרִיאֵל (Gavri'el) meaning "God is my strong man", derived from גֶּבֶר (gever) meaning "strong man, hero" and אֵל ('el) meaning "God".

Westerberg - Derived from Swedish *väster (Old Norse vestr) meaning "west" and berg meaning "mountain".

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