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Claude Faustus (Alpha)
« on: June 03, 2021, 04:53:26 am »
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“I will pierce your soft skin with my needle… and slowly suck out your sensual soul.”

Name: Claude Faustus

Alias: Spider Butler (Occupation Title), Demon of the Shadows (Species Nickname)

Date of Birth: ? ? ? ?

Age: 30s (Appearance) | ? ? ? ? (True Age)

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Cold Air

Sexuality: Undefined; only attracted to people whose souls have a certain flavor

Race: Spider

Species: Demon

Hobbies: Knife throwing, cleaning, knitting, dancing (his favorite being the flamenco), baking, consuming delicious souls, meditation, sewing, weaving

Powers/Abilities: ABYSS SPIDER
Born from the deep abyss of the demon world, Claude has eaten and clawed his way from the bottom of the food chain to the top. Whether he stands on two or eight legs, he is a fearsome demon capable of taking down opponents through words, knives, or poison. Any and all who stand in his way will fall. As an infant, he devoured his siblings before setting his gaze upon his weakened mother and ate her too.

Claude’s true form is a gigantic spider demon capable of producing acid strong enough to melt most materials and organic beings, and using his chelicerae with fangs to inject the venom as well; he is poison/venom/toxin immune as a result. His seemingly silken thread disguises its stronger than tungsten durability capable of building powerful webs, traps, and more. In this form, Claude is capable of lifting objects up to 170x his weight with the aid of his eight arms. In this state, Claude is able to achieve supernatural conditions to properly combat the supernatural and demonic entities that roam the universe. Additionally, his dark skin and hair allow him to camouflage into the darkness to capture prey or to hide.

Even in human form, Claude possesses enhanced abilities that easily surpass a human’s and other supernatural entities. Strength, endurance, and senses just to name a few. It is unknown at this time how powerful and invincible these demons can become, and it is theorized that demons seek to become completely death immune, especially from Death and his assistants. This being said, they have conditioned immortality as they can live forever even if they restrain themselves from consuming souls; however, they will eventually fall into a hunger craze and become feral. Demons are able to regenerate from injuries and bodily harm that would otherwise kill others. Sacred objects have no effect on demons. Additionally, Claude retains his Alpha nature while in human form and is heavily suppressed in spider demon form.

In his youth, Claude would forcefully steal souls from young or stupid humans who wandered into his lair. As he grew more powerful and older, the souls became tasteless and kin to burnt meat. After fulfilling his first Faustian Contract, Claude gained a human disguise in order to easily obtain a human’s trust. The more completed contracts, the more powerful and full Claude becomes. Even in human form, demons aren’t immune to human problems such as heartburn, death, and pain. It is rumored they are incapable of love as there is no such thing as loyalty within their kind; each demon possessing their own principles and following their Master’s orders.

To a degree, demons possess a manifestation ability. They’re capable of recreating buildings, furniture, decoration, and more within a certain time frame. At the moment, there is no limit to this ability aside from time manipulation and resurrection.

"His soul dwells in darkness, yet remains unstained by it. It's vexed us, tantalized us, driven us mad."

Faustian Contract / Seal / Completion
To make this contract is kin to making a deal with the devil. Each contract is unique in its specific requirements and services, but the end result is always the same - the human soul as payment to the demon. To summon the demon, the human must have little to no religious or spiritual faith and is searching for an escape (physical and emotional). The human and demon must discuss the details of the contract before it is finalized. Once agreed, the demon will place their seal upon the human’s body creating a link or collar for them to be forever joined until the contract is complete. Through this, the demon is able to track the human no matter where they may be. However, the seal must be placed in a visible area as it secures a stronger bond, but in exchange, the placing is extremely painful. Each seal is unique in its representation. Then, the demon serves the human until the contract is complete. Even in the event that the contract becomes null, the human’s soul will become stained by the demon’s touch whether by hands or lips.

Typically, the demon acts as a servant and power to protect the human; if the human dies before the contract is complete then the demon is unable to obtain the soul. The demon’s primary goals are to absolutely obey their Masters’ orders and ensure their Masters stay alive. Likewise, demons are able to sense humans’ souls even at long range. Oddly, they’re able to take human souls and trap them into objects (a ring for example) and transfer the soul into another body regardless of another soul is occupying it.

Demonic Conversion
Perhaps the most coveted ability of demons is the ability to turn a human into a demon. They will possess their own demonic power, energy, and unique abilities. It is unknown if the sire demon trains and helps the other whereas other species (werewolves and vampires) do so whether out of tradition or instinct.

Personality: Claude’s true personality is masked by a face of indifference with an emotionless voice. He maintains order in the chaotic world he lives in by ensuring everything is spotless and perfect. Taunts and threats will not Crack his facade no matter if it’s coming from his Master or whoever else. If his strength and power need demonstration he will gladly do so though most of the time it will result in the death of whoever displeases him or his Master. He has served Masters who constantly caused destruction and messes wherever he went, and Claude is seen passionless tidying up without an ill word passing by his lips. Truly, is there a better butler than him? Of course not.

Claude’s reserved Alpha nature often attracts others who hope to Crack the mask with promises of untold pleasures. His willpower to not bend to their pheromones and talks often has them conceding and leaving Claude be. He could be placed in a room of Omegas in heat, and he wouldn’t move to touch any one of them. It’s only when he craves the interaction or his Master wishes it that Claude will act upon his lust. His crueler side will often surface during these moments, and he wants to hear his partners call his name and swear their loyalty to him. There have been times where Claude has left a partner in mid-sex because they did or said something that displeases him.

Claude seeks the ultimate flavor that would bring meaning to his endless existence as a demon. When discovering a new flavor, Claude’s personality will entirely switch from the calm and collected individual to a crazed maniac. He’ll do whatever it takes to obtain the soul even if it means killing the current contract holder. Unfortunately for him, the person he dubs as the ultimate flavor is forever out of his grasp, and as such he holds an unmatched hatred and envy towards a raven demon; if Claude hears even a whisper of the demon’s name he’ll hunt the raven down and kill him once and for all.

Like a spider, Claude dislikes certain scents such as lemon and mint. Lavender, cedar, vanilla, and chestnuts can irritate Claude’s sense of smell. If he dubs the soul worthy enough to devour, he’ll tolerate it though eventually, he’ll get a headache from being around the person for extended periods of time. Claude enjoys dark and quiet places in solace. His favorite pastime is knitting doilies made from his own silk thread obtained in his true form.

Occupation: Butler

School: N/A

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > A4

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Claude Faustus | Black Butler & Ungoliant, The Gloomweaver | Pablo Dominguez


Spider Demon Form:

History: Claude keeps his past under lock and key to prevent anyone from finding potential weaknesses. To most of the demon world, Claude just one day appeared and made himself known as one of the most powerful spider demons to grace the depths of the abyss. Yet, there was Raven Demon who constantly surpassed him, irking the spider demon to no end. Eventually, both found their way to the mortal realm on Earth and began their timeless battle of proving who is the better demon.

"A long, long idle life as a demon... If Aloysius Tremblay has created a stir in it his soul might have been worth tearing apart as well."

Throughout his life on Earth, Claude has taken different aliases aiding in the chaos of the world. He has met those who claim to be creators of the world whose powers hold a candle to his own. Yet, Claude will not stir the pot until the moment calls for it. Like the spider he is, he waits in the shadows until the perfect moment to capture his prey and drain them of life. There are rumors he’s devoured divine deities, but there is no proof of this especially in human form. If the soul is stubborn enough, they will retain a slight consciousness within his mind before succumbing to the darkness and wicked thoughts that is Claude Faustus.

The most remarkable memory and soul he’s consumed is a teenager by the name of Aloysius Tremblay. A child born into **** after his mother died during childbirth, the boy suffered cruelty that only humans could produce. Back then, his name was Jim, and it was the late 1890s. Despite serving different people every day, Jim knew there was good in the world that wasn’t given to him. Money, power and a title is what separated the poor from the rich. Eventually, Jim was sold to Earl Tremblay who abused the boy to the point where he would have surely died if not for the unholy interference that is Claude. Attracted to Jim’s soul that cried out for help, Claude sunk his fangs into Jim to forever taint the teenager and link them in a Faustian Contract. Jim then became Aloysius Tremblay - the lost son of Earl Tremblay who soon passed away from ‘natural causes.’ Aloysius inherited the estate, title and power, and he would crush those who threatened to take the little bit of happiness from him. Claude would stand by him as his faithful butler and companion who through manipulation and deceit would drag Aloysius down an irreversible path.

Claude would ensure that Aloysius would get his wish - to murder those who wronged him and sold him into ****. Eliminating the grunts was easy work, but locating the boss would prove difficult and fruitless. During his investigation, Claude came upon the Raven Demon who was also in a contract with a teenager as well. Celino Philbert and Aloysius are both fourteen years old and each with their own tragic past using the cards they were given to enact revenge on shadowed figures. Without any concrete enemies, both demons could potentially spend the rest of Celino’s and Aloysius’ human lives without their wish being fulfilled thus nulling the contracts. As such, Claude and Raven Demon agreed to turn their Masters against each other.

At the time, Claude believed Aloysius’ soul to be the most exquisite of all flavors. Trauma, pain and hopelessness brewed a delectable soul that would satisfy him for decades. And yet, it wouldn’t be so. During a duel between Celino and Aloysius, Celino stabs Aloysius with a knife and would have killed Aloysius if Claude had not stepped in to block the blade. Celino, almost wounded, slaps Claude leaving a bloody handprint. A human’s blood takes on the flavor of their soul. When Claude licks the blood from his cheek, his personality and mind shift to a crazed state with only one thought in mind - steal Celino’s soul.

The next day when Claude is changing Aloysius’ bandages, he questions Claude’s hunger as blood leaks from the wound. Claude said yes and smiled. The spider demon who remained passive at everything life had thrown at him smiled at the young boy. It terrified Aloysius. Truthfully, Claude no longer cared for Aloysius and had rearranged his plans. Aloysius attempted to flee, but was easily hunted down and killed. The final words Aloysius would hear is how the young man’s soul tastes like charcoal compared to Celino’s.

"This death that I greet as the fight over the young master's sweet soul ends still gives off a rich fragrance even as I wither away."

Claude kidnaps Celino, and through torture, manipulation and mind warping, he convinces Celino that Raven Demon is responsible for the tragedy in his life. For a short time, Claude attended to Celino like he had Aloysius, and it drove Claude crazy to be so close to the most luscious soul, but couldn’t consume until Raven Demon was no longer in possession of Celino. When confronted by Raven Demon, he and Claude dueled one last time, and it would be to the death. The winner could claim Celino’s soul, and have the everlasting savoury taste of Philbert. Consumed by the greed and lust for Celino’s soul, Claude allowed himself to lose composure and was defeated. Gravely wounded, Claude managed to escape, but only by falling into a whirlpool. For fifty years, he hid away in an underwater cavern to slowly heal and sleep.

Sometime in the 1950s, Claude woke up after washing up on Japan’s shore after a nearby explosion destroyed his sleeping chamber. There was no Raven Demon or Celino in view. Ravaged by hunger, Claude went feral and consumed all the souls in a nearby village to begin regaining his sanity. Angered and humiliated by the events, he hid in the mountains to formulate a plan all the while eating anyone who crossed his path. It wouldn’t be until the 1970s when Claude returned to his normal self and accepted the defeat. For the next half-century, Claude would roam Japan in search of another appetizing soul to make a contract with in order to gain more power with the end goal being to kill Raven Demon.


Claude - French masculine and feminine form of Claudius → From a Roman family name that was possibly derived from Latin claudus meaning "lame, crippled".

Faustus - Roman cognomen meaning "auspicious, lucky" in Latin.

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