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Author Topic: Yoko Ikeda [Alpha]  (Read 157 times)

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Yoko Ikeda [Alpha]
« on: May 14, 2020, 05:05:20 pm »
PM/DM a member of Staff if interested in this bio.

"Everything always seems to be my fault."

Name: Yoko Ikeda

Alias: Yoyo (by close friends)

Date of Birth: April 14th, 2001

Age: 21

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Sandalwood & Musk

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Cooking, talking with friends, calligraphy, childcare, hair styling.

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Yoko is an always terrified young woman, though it wasn't always this way. Her close friends know her a little more to the point that she can be outgoing with them and talk to them normally. She hides a lot of who she is and what she does from people because she is worried that they won't like her, or will judge her for who she is as a person. Yoko always tries her best to be nice to everyone and please them, especially when they can help her out. She tries to get by on her own because she knows what it's like to have people hurt her and doesn't wish to experience it again. Yoko can also be fiercely defensive of her friends when someone dares to disrespect them. It is usually the only time she's most vocal because she doesn't like the idea of seeing people bully one another.

This mentality obviously rubs many the wrong way who are usually Alphas like herself and while she doesn't understand why that's an issue since it is clearly wrong to bully anyone no matter the reason. However, this may stem from the societal ideal that Alphas are always superior to the other secondary genders. Yoko doesn't see herself being superior to anyone. She is the opposite of average Alphas who are obnoxious and do hold themselves and their status high in superiority. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she doesn't depend on them to take care of her. She takes care of herself and works and studies hard to take care of her children as well. Despite her minor insecurities about herself, Yoko does what she can on her own.

Occupation: Waitress at Melody Cafe Part-Time

School: Kaibara University | Second Year | Child Development Major

Place of Living: Red Foutain Apartments > Apt #000 (pick available apt number)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Attack on Titan - Mikasa Akerman


History: Yuko was born to a wealthy mated Alpha & Omega pair in Tokyo, Japan. Her mother was an Omega with a long family history of female Omegas, while her father was actually the son of Betas who presented as an Alpha. Yoko is an only child, which is why her parents doted on her so much. She had an average childhood, with one exception: she didn't present as either an Alpha or an Omega in elementary school, and so her parents assumed she was a Beta due to her father's genes. It was fine by them, they knew there were many other Betas in the world.

People mostly treated Yoko like she was a normal Beta, letting her fade into the background while she watched her Alpha and Omega classmates. She spent time with other Betas, though her scent was never as strong as theirs, even for a Beta. Rumors always spread about her, if her mother had actually slept with a Beta man instead of her father, or if she was actually some weird genetic mutant in between Betas and something else. Yoko tried not to let it get to her, but she always wondered if she was weird. She didn't even get a period like a normal Beta girl, so she wondered what was wrong with her.

When Yoko was 13, she was sleeping over at a friend's house. The friend was an Omega male named Keiichi, and during the sleepover, he went into Heat. When that happened, something changed within Yoko. She became overwhelmed with this sudden rush of heat all over her body and became a panting mess. Yoko didn't realize what was happening to her but it would be the first she finally presented as her secondary gender. Instead of being a Beta like she originally believed, she was an Alpha. She was heavily aroused by Keiichi's scent and wanted nothing more than to touch him ... every part of him. As for Keiichi, he did not object to this and the two of them unintentionally spent that night tangled together. By the time they'd realized what they'd done, morning had come. Yoko wasted no time in apologizing to Keiichi but he also apologized to her for putting them both in such a situation they hadn't imagined they'd be in.

Yoko had gone home with her parents questioning why she returned early only to lie to them that her friend went into Heat that morning and she hadn't wanted to interrupt them and make them feel more embarrassed by them being in such a situation. However, what happened between them was more than real. There was no trying to erase it out of her mind or pretending that she hadn't slept with her friend at such a young age. She felt regretful while hoping nothing bad would come from it. Then there was her contending with the discovery of her being an Alpha and not a Beta. It explained so many things that made her different from other girls when she believed she was a Beta. It was so overwhelming for her that she didn't know how to deal.

While she steadily kept what happened between her and Keiichi a secret from her parents, she did tell them that she wasn't a Beta. That she'd finally presented as an Alpha, much to their surprise. But they treated Yoko the same as they always have. Her secondary gender didn't matter to them. Her parents were just happy to know that nothing was actually wrong with their daughter. While they had believed her to be a Beta, they were waiting until she became of age to present for that to be true and just allowing Yoko to live and grow up like any other teenager her age. Nothing needed to change. That made her happy and feel so much better that she didn't have to worry about what her parents would expect from her presenting as an Alpha. Yoko was fully aware that many Alphas had high expectations placed upon them and she appreciated her parents so much for not putting her in such a situation.

As for her friend Keiichi, he had begun ignoring her ever since the sleepover. Anytime she'd try to approach him to see how he was doing, he would immediately turn and go in the opposite direction whenever her saw her. This confused Yoko so much and that feeling of regret began to surface. It wasn't until she'd gotten a whiff of Keiichi's scent that she found out why he was avoiding her. As it would turn out, he'd gotten pregnant from just that one encounter between them. His parents found out and while he originally wanted to have an abortion so as to not cause problems for Yoko, his parents wouldn't allow him to do so. Yoko didn't want that either but she also respected Keiichi's choice and stood up for him, wanting his parents to understand and see how he feels. Keiichi didn't want this kind of attention. He'd already felt ashamed of what they'd done together simply because he was careless and forgot to take his suppressants.

Keiichi's parents didn't like how Yoko was speaking to them and of course, they reached out to her parents as well, informing them of what was happening. She didn't try and fight it but Yoko already knew that something was going to happen and once her parents had been told, she immediately apologized that she kept such a secret from them. They weren't thrilled about the situation either but instead of punishing Yoko, they had to make her understand that this was her responsibility now. They would be there as much as they can to help her and Keiichi both but they did voice that the two of them were irresponsible. So, Keiichi decided to keep the baby or babies as he'd later discovered he was having twins. After the two of them graduated from junior high is when Keiichi gave birth to a girl he and Yoko named Suzume and a boy they named Atsuko and they were both completely healthy twins.

For a while, things went well. Yoko and Keiichi eventually entered high school while alternating spending two-week periods with their children and grandparents. Despite being young parents, they did have fun taking care of them but it wasn't easy. Yoko absolutely adored her twins but she was often looked down upon by other students who teased her because of how young she and Keiichi were at being parents as they were young teens. It wasn't planned. It happened unexpectedly. They knew that even if everyone else didn't. Yet it still bothered her that people judged them. ... Judged her ... She tried to focus on schooling and her children as best she could. While she had friends, she felt she couldn't really talk to them about what she was feeling without making them feel left out on top of them prompting her with detailed questions. So she never brought up her life with the kids and Keiichi. Both of their parents were off and on pressuring them to become official mates so that their children would have parents that were a pair.

Keiichi didn't want that and Yoko respected his decision. She never pressured him to bond with her and the two of them were fine being friends and taking care of their children. Unfortunately, sadness would strike as one day Keiichi had been hit by a car and killed while trying to walk home from school. It was a hit and run so the killer was never found. Yoko was definitely horrified about this because now their children no longer had him in their lives and it was the first time that she felt so utterly heartbroken before. His parents wanted nothing to do with Yoko or the children anymore and they were now placed within her care full time. Her parents helped out as best they could but eventually, they had to put their foot down and tell their daughter that they couldn't take care of them anymore. They didn't kick her or the children out. Instead, they allowed them to stay until Yoko had graduated from high school. Even if they hadn't kicked her out right then, that didn't erase the fact that them even saying they wanted to kick out their own daughter and grandchildren bothered her so much.

This is why when Yoko was 17, she got a job working at the Melody Cafe and she would save the money from each paycheck she made from there so she'd have enough to find a place for her and the twins to live. Suzume and Atsuko were too young to understand what was going on and Yoko wasn't going to worry them with problems that weren't theirs. They were children. This was her problem. And as long as her parents hadn't asked her to foot the bill for anything, she was able to save up the money she needed. Her parents were wealthy and didn't really need her to do anything. But the money she had, she told her parents that she found an apartment for her and her children and moved out when she turned 18. Once they were settled into their apartment which was a gated community for families called Red Fountain Apartments, Yoko celebrated her birthday with her twins. Yoko eventually graduated from high school as well and began attending Kaibara University not long after that at the age of 19. She's been studying there for two years now and it's easier for her to do so now that the twins will be starting their first year of junior high school.

Yoko is careful that her children don't go through the same experiences she went through and made sure when they presented their secondary genders, she always reminded them to take their medicines. Suzume presented as an Omega like Keiichi and Atsuko presented as an Alpha. Yoko also was more careful to make sure she doesn't go into a Rut around anyone, making sure to have her medication always on hand to avoid any mishaps. She still has her job at the cafe and tries to do her best to remain as positive as possible, while the world and the people around her can on occasion be cruel. Yoko doesn't focus on finding a mate. If anything, she actively avoids it because she feels that she causes too many problems for others. And with her already having children, she believes that she isn't fit to be anyone's mate.

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