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Author Topic: Ebony Way (Beta)  (Read 51 times)

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Ebony Way (Beta)
« on: April 07, 2022, 02:29:33 am »
PM/DM member of staff if interested in bio.


Name: Ebony Way

Alias: @BlackRose, Fallen Angel

Date of Birth: October 31st, 2003

Age: 19

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Copper

Sexuality: Bisexual with preference to men

Race: Unknown

Species: Vampire

Hobbies: Streaming, starting petty drama, making others spend money on her, purchasing expensive gothic and death decor (has a penance for skulls), building her PC, stargazing, collecting vampire literature (classical and trashy romance), being spoiled, trading on the stock market

Powers/Abilities: VAMPIRE KISS
Ebony possesses vampire and blood manipulation abilities that have not fully awakened due to lack of training and mentors. She can close minor wounds and force others away via Blood Marionette. Ebony can walk in sunlight, but prefers to remain indoors with blackout curtains protecting her from the sun. Her fangs kept hidden until the need to drink blood arrived.

She has trained herself to forgo blood for two months though this physically weakens her to becoming an average human. If she becomes too weak, she’ll become close to feral and crave blood with an intensity rivaled by that of an Alpha smelling an Omega in heat. She can see the blood flow through people at a higher intensity and her eyes will glow. Once consuming blood, Ebony will enter a bloodlust state where she will continue to feed until she is full; thankfully, she hasn’t killed anyone and has been lucky enough to switch back before it’s too late.

Whether or not Ebony can become a powerful vampire is up to her, and if someone is willing to teach her. Until then, she will continue to play human.

Personality: Having woken up on Japanese shores with no recollection of her past and no official records of her existence, Ebony made many promises to herself. She wouldn't return to her starting point (as she calls it) unless dead, and won't allow herself to become weak.

Ebony is a loud, crass, and arrogant woman who has no quarrels in arguing or fist fighting. As a teenager and heavily exposed to the crueler side of the world, she’s numb to violence, and will reciprocate what’s being given to her. Her clothes stained with blood and knuckles scraped, and a torment whenever she collected money just to keep a roof over her head and blood in her stomach. She doesn’t like hearing the word no and doesn’t hesitate to show her displeasure at the situation. Undoubtedly, whenever she walks into a room, everyone notices her and she makes sure they do.

She cosplays as a fallen angel in the same manner. Her specialized wings secured to her back or clothing with Japanese-inspired clothing. More often than not, she wears swimsuits as they’re easy to put on, and entice her viewers. She’ll even tease them by wearing more clothing until they’ve donated a certain amount, then remove each piece. Ebony doesn’t venture in the public often as nearly every time she’s encountered the more enthusiastic fans who have persuaded themselves that they’re in a relationship. A quick punch brings them back to reality and off she returns to the task at hand.

She has a habit of collecting lovers and tossing them aside once they've outgrown their usefulness. She's never claimed someone as anything more than a lover, believing love is one of the ultimate weaknesses a person possesses. Yet, she seeks it out unintentionally, but the results are always the same - disappointment. Betrayal, lies and jealousy play a part in the wall she's constructed between herself and them. It doesn't stop her from using the same techniques on others to achieve what she wants.

Buried deep within her obnoxious persona, there is a deep harboring anger waiting to be used. Abandonment and trust issues brought forth by failed relationships and lack of familial ties is a fireCracker waiting to explode once it finds a target. One of the underlying reasons Ebony wishes to become popular is to one day, and become recognized by family willing to step forth to claim her. When that happens, she will murder them.

Ebony criticizes others to sate her anger. She has controversial opinions that align with incel Betas' who flock to her for confirmation that a hot female Beta also agrees with them. Adding to the petty drama starter that she is, Ebony will make brash statements saying Alphas and Omegas are slaves to their hormones and allowing something as silly as pheromones to control them is pathetic. When in a foul mood, she will go on a rampage to cause as much chaos as possible. Raised (more or less) on the streets, she knows how to fight, but prefers grabbing items (not belonging to her, of course) and throwing them.

Truthfully, Ebony believes none of this and is part of the persona she created. The more drama she starts, the more people will look at her. This stems from teenage years of being constantly ridiculed for her appearance to where she had plastic surgery to reconstruct her entire face. Only then did she see herself as beautiful and use it in whatever means necessary. So much so that she continues to perfect herself today. Going under an insane workout routine and dietary restrictions, she eats enough to stay alive, even going as far as not drinking blood for two months.

Unfortunately, this has caused issues with the human toys who get too handsy. Some are bold enough to slap or hit her when she becomes 'too bossy'. Had Ebony not been so weak, she would've murdered several toys, but kicks them out of her penthouse; more or less unconscious, but that's what she pays the guards for to escort the toys out onto the curb. She has no patience for those willing to overstep boundaries. After these events, she will go silent on social media for several days to recover.

Despite all this, Ebony can show the softer side of herself to others. If hearing one of her fans is having difficulty, she will anonymously donate money through several puppet accounts to their GoFundMe or PayPal to help them by. When having her groceries and food delivered, she tips very well and is always polite to them. She has extreme patience for children and teenagers (though usually she’s disguised so no one will recognize her). Ebony also donates money to several charities and organizations and will host charity streams once every three months to increase awareness. When not in her fallen angel persona, she drinks tea and listens to calming music or watches foreign monster films.

Occupation: Streamer & OnlyFans Model

School: N/A

Place of Living: Penthouse at Court Garden Tower

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Nyotengu | Dead or Alive series

Normal Outfit

Cosplay Outfit

History: At fourteen years old, with not a dime to her name and in foster care, with the constant reminder of being kicked out once she’s eighteen. Nobody wanted a moody vampire teenager who turned to violence to express her inner torment. She smelled of stale cigarettes from her foster parents' constant smoking, and wore tattered clothing more fit for the trash than a person, but there was nothing she could do. For a time, Ebony stole just to eat and have proper clothes to keep her warm during the winter months. Blood was more difficult to obtain, and often she went to the blood clinic to snag a chilled bag; it wasn’t the best, but it would do. She hadn’t even graduated high school before being kicked out to live on the streets. Thankfully, she had made acquaintances with questionable people who would shelter and give her blood in exchange for collecting debts from poor souls. Having nowhere else to turn to, Ebony would return home with their blood on her hoodies and knuckles and a bag full of cash.

For the longest time, Ebony believed this was the life she was to lead. Found on Japanese shores with no memory and no legal documentation validating her existence, and forced into a cruel system that thrived on greed, she struggles to survive. There was no hope of someone knocking on those doors to claim her. She was alone and would be alone forever. The craving for blood only sparked violence and she would meet each challenge head on. The few times she's lost a stark reminder of how weak she is, and it fueled her to hone her vampire powers.

The first promise to never be weak again. Between her collection gigs, Ebony worked at a gothic lolita retail store where she gained insightful knowledge about fashion and how to entice others. Though she’s mainly attracted to men, she learned from her female coworkers how to catch anyone’s attention and to use that sexuality to her advantage. This led to some experimentation in the break room and dressing room, and where Ebony gained the first rush of adrenaline. Having people cry out her name gave her a rush of endorphin. She craved to hear it more. She sought their submission. Ebony wouldn’t call her a girlfriend, but her first lover redesigned the vampire's wardrobe, and it heavily influenced what she wears today.

Ebony quit the collection side business and moved in with her lover for several months. During this time, Ebony got promoted and gained a huge pay increase, resulting in saving money that she greedily hoarded and refused to spend a dime if possible. This often led to arguments between the couple until one day she came home to find her lover in bed with another woman. Enraged, Ebony trashed the entire apartment. Screaming and destroying anything in her path, she packed up what little clothing she possessed, shoved it all in a duffel bag, and left.

The second promise is to never trust another and to owe no one. Though this resulted in many nights of sleeping under bridges in the cold, Ebony knew she would be better off than risking sleeping on someone’s couch. It didn’t matter to Ebony who or what the person was, their faith, their promises or what they stood by - she didn’t trust anyone not to stab her in the back. Never had been so thankful for presenting as a Beta to not worry about heats and ruts, but to be so normal and average frustrated her. Was she so plain that no one wanted her? Easily disposed, forgotten, to die beneath ocean waves? She’s abandoned, and it tore at her soul. Extensive doctor visits showed that she’s incapable of producing children due to genetics, and that added another layer of insult. She couldn’t even reproduce, and for a time that haunted her.

After she could secure a tiny apartment, Ebony could purchase a computer to play games and trade on the stock market. The only item in her possession that she refused to share is a beat up Gameboy Advance that was barely holding on; Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star and other games repeatedly beaten over the years. This is when Ebony learned of Twitch and how to become a streamer. By ways of stealing or purchasing, she obtained a headset, downloaded Runescape, and began streaming under the name Black Rose, but it wouldn’t be until she became popular that she adopted a persona of a fallen angel cosplayer. Ebony developed this other personality because it brought in viewers and had people talking about her on various social media accounts. It was like an addiction. Though her family and vampire coven (if she belonged to one) abandoned her, these people are talking about her. Remembering her. Praising her. Bashing her. It didn’t matter.

They knew who she was, and they were willing to pay.

Between Twitch donations, stock market trading and keeping expenses as low as possible, Ebony had saved up enough money for plastic surgery. If this was the route she’s walking, then she’s going all the way. Her need to have people look at her drove her to maintain a vigorous exercise routine to have the preferred body shape, and lack of food and blood kept her too thin. Combined with a face that she calls beautiful, Ebony finally loved herself in a horrid manner. She knows what she’s doing is dangerous, but doesn’t care.

The third promises to be self-sufficient. Regardless of what others say about how she got to where she’s at, Ebony pushed herself to the max to be where she’s at today. At the top floor of Court Garden Tower, she owns the penthouse to have as much privacy as she can in Tokyo. Her online persona contrasts with her private one. Paranoid with trust issues, she’s installed cameras with audio to ensure that no one will take advantage of her.

Everything she owns is in her name; all photos and videos taken, edited and submitted by her. She didn’t collaborate with other adult entertainers, but used masks to hide their faces to use their bodies as needed. Her fans loved it when she took control and made the anonymous person bend. Behind the scenes, the human toys (as she referred to them as) would argue or want to be in another video. Ebony didn’t do sloppy seconds. She paid them in cash and kicked them out promptly after. Some try to get handsy, but she easily breaks a wrist to teach them a lesson.

When not shooting videos or taking photographs, Ebony spends her time on Twitch being a gamer. She built her own PC, and is an excellent player, though her teamwork skills are lacking. She edits all her videos, gifs, soundbites and everything else, making others believe she pays someone named Rolf to do so. Ebony keeps many secrets to herself and refuses to let anyone unworthy know the more personal details. Occasionally, she'll do a mukbang stream while stirring the drama pot because it brings her delight causing chaos.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Ebony → From the English word ebony for the black wood that comes from the ebony tree. It is ultimately from the Egyptian word hbnj.

Way → From Old English weg meaning "way, road, path".

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