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Author Topic: Feodosiy Bogomolov (Unknown)  (Read 145 times)

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Feodosiy Bogomolov (Unknown)
« on: May 02, 2021, 08:48:48 pm »
PM/DM member of Staff if interested in this bio.


Name: Feodosiy Bogomolov

Alias: Feo (Nickname), Nil (Birth Name), Rabbit of Caerbannog (Nickname), The Prey (Occupation Name), The Predator (Occupation Name)

Date of Birth: September 2nd, 1989 (assumed)

Age: 32 (assumed)

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Unknown (Beta Formerly)

Character's Scent: N/A (Uses hollyberry to mimic he has one)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Russian

Species: Rabbit Hybrid | Human (Originally)

Hobbies: Training, collecting guns, sleeping, volunteering at an animal shelters, photography, calligraphy, firework displays (holiday events), pilates, birdwatching, snowboarding, ice skating, bon fires, listening to American 80s music

Powers/Abilities: HELLFIRE BIRAGE

Master assassin / Hitman Expertise
Having been trained since birth, Feodosiy is a master (or close to one) in many fields. Adding to the rabbit physiology, he is a predator hiding in the skin of prey. His hunting and tracking abilities can sometimes surpass technology especially when locating individuals who know their way around cameras and systems. Feodosiy hides his ears and tail to blend into normal human society, and will often trick his target(s) by manipulating his body language and speech pattern for them to lower their guard or receiving critical information from a bystander. A unique sense for detecting weaknesses, he knows when to strike whether to maim or kill.

Feodosiy uses his abilities in negotiating contracts with his clients. One of the highest priced (arguably the highest) hitmen in The Organization, he’s known for sending invoices to his clients if the contract did not cover the expense. The more dramatic the client wants the target’s death, the more Feodosiy costs. Feodosiy is capable of casing out, planning and executing assassinations whether up close or afar. Spatially aware at all times to make the best use out of the environment including exits, enemies (and their weapons) and casualties. His intuitive aptitude comes into play when combating supernatural entities or people in understanding their abilities and how to defeat them. He can blend into most environments without arousing suspicion giving him the advantage of sneaking in and out; however, modern technology can detect his body heat as he’s not immune to that.

Peak Human Condition
Throughout his entire life, Feodosiy has kept himself in prime shape; there’s no skipping leg days for him. Keeping to a strict training regime and eating lifestyle, his strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina and reflexes are in top condition. With the addition of the rabbit genes, his speed, stamina, agility and reflexes are enhanced to exceed this.

Indomitable Will
Feodosiy is a man of focus, commitment, of sheer will. Once he’s given a mission, nothing will stop him from completing it. Normal means of temptation, manipulation, mind control and seduction are null against him. He forces himself to push past great physical pain and psychological trauma while refusing to surrender. No matter how the odds are stacked against him, Feodosiy will die trying to do what cannot be done. This often intimidated his enemies and has boarden his reputation in the business.

Gun Proficiency
Practically growing up with a blanket in one hand and a gun in the other, there’s none other in The Organization that’s more natural with a gun than Feodosiy. Dual wielding with enhanced (99.9% perfect) accuracy and precision, he can hit a fly on the wall from across the room. Quick draw gives him the advantage of killing his targets quickly before they know what hits him. From handhelds to sniper rifles, Feodosiy can pick up nearly anything and know it like it’s part of him. He carries two Glock 26s on him at all times.

Knife Proficiency
When challenged up close, Feodosiy takes his fighting skills to a new level. Combining stealth and swiftness, he can dual wield small blades to effortlessly hack, jab, hook or otherwise injure a target. He’s terrible at throwing knives as he often hits them in the eyes instead of the heart.

Medical Knowledge
Feodosiy has enough medical knowledge to patch himself up, and accurately disable others when in close combat. While he can’t perform surgery, he has enough knowledge to stop or slow life threatening wounds to get to a proper doctor in time.

Personality: A highly ranked hitman in The Organization, Feodosiy does his job professionally and without complaint. His friendly demeanor lowers other people’s guards making them believe he’s a friend who means no harm. While extracting information isn’t his forte, he can get key pieces of information on enemy weaknesses to ensure the job will be done properly. If the client wants an example to be made of the target then a show they will get. Feodosiy’s signature is blasting American 80s music while fireworks go off.

Despite his skillset and persona, Feodosiy desires to avoid unneeded bloodshed. As such, his persuasion skills to talk others out of senseless fighting often does the trick so long as he doesn’t have to compromise himself or his position. Feodosiy can fluently speak multiple languages including English, Russian, Japanese and more. If there’s a language he isn’t familiar with, he will learn it in a short time to ensure he’s not at a disadvantage.

He will take on multiple disguises in order to trick his targets. From dying his hair to glasses, smoking and drinking, Feodosiy will do whatever to get near his target and complete the mission. Yet, he himself doesn’t like partaking in alcohol, smoking or eating anything outside his diet. He is a vegan who takes vitamins to supplement the needed nutrients he needs to retain his peak conditions.

Feodosiy considers everyone near him acquaintances or coworkers regardless of how long they’ve known each other. Having grown up in the murder industry, he is aware that one day his gun may be pointed at them or theirs at him. Keeping everyone at a distance allows him to kill without moral or religious issues interfering. He’ll end conversations with the phrase ‘I’ll pray for you’ and leave. One of his bedtime rituals involves praying over those he’s murdered that day and asking for forgiveness. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever be forgiven for the blood he has shed.

When it comes to lovers, Feodosiy has had a range of flavors to choose from. Often mistaken for a submissive partner due to his physical appearance, he’s more than capable of making others submit and desire him. A sadist, his greatest pleasure is drawing out the pain and pleasure of others to the point where they’ll break and submit entirely to him. Feodosiy refuses to commit to a relationship, and is searching for the perfect sugar baby to spoil and break. He wants someone to devote themselves entirely to his will. There are times where he wants to be the one spoiled and receive pain, and very few can claim such a reward.

Having grown up in Russian Orthodoxy, Feodosiy toes the line of being religious and a heretic. Though he’ll pray to his Christian God for forgiveness, he often goes against the teachings in favor of serving who he believes is his ‘True God’ Hermenegildo Santos. After an incident in which Santos saves Feodosiy’s life, the Russian hitman has devoted his entire life to Santos after witnessing miracles. Feodosiy would go as far as betraying The Organization to complete whatever mission or purpose Santos sets him on. Though, what this may be is unknown.

Occupation: Hitman & Arsonist (The Organization) | Spy (Hermenegildo Santos) | Russian Mafia (Formerly)

School: N?A

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > A6

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Original | Weibo ID 6514668473


History: Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Feodosiy was dumped at the doorstep of an orphanage with only the name Nil written on a piece of paper. The monks at the establishment couldn’t keep him, and gave the child to a Russian mafia group called The Silverhand led by a man only known as The Director. Nil would swear his life and loyalty to The Director at the age of thirteen after passing several tests involving killing rival gang members and a politician. Not much is known about Nil’s early life except joining the Russian church at the age of fifteen. There are no school records, no home address and not even an email address. To the Russian government, this man does not exist despite the forged birth certificate, fake driver’s license and other forms of identification. It is assumed he presented as a Beta during his teenage years, but it is not confirmed.

Nil remained by The Director’s side for the remaining time he was in the Russian mafia. A silent and loyal bodyguard, Nil would be unwavering as his skills became more known in the darker circles. During an operation in South America, Nil and his comrades encountered Hermenegildo Santos. Santos was developing new drugs that The Silverhand wanted for their own usage, and it was Nil’s mission to secure the drugs and bring them back to Russia. Unfortunately, Santos was aware of the operation, and waited until the men came to him in his home. One-by-one, Santos would kill and consume until Nil was the surviving member. Nil did not fight, and instead surrendered in awe. Believing that Santos was the ‘True God,’ Nil pledges himself to Santos on hands and knees surrounded by the blood, drugs and body parts of his comrades.

Surprisingly, Santos did not mark Nil as one of his Disciples. Instead, he tells the young man to return to Russia, and kill The Director as a test of faith. Once done, Nil would be invited to The Organization, and he would spy on the guild while waiting for further orders. Doing as he’s told, Nil returns to Russia. On a beautiful snowy evening, a part of St. Petersberg lights up as fireworks shoot off in a grand display like The Silverhand headquarters was the storage of such instead of home to criminals. Nil watches from afar with binoculars, his face in a terrifying grin with The Director’s body slowly sinking into the river weighed down by cement shoes.

As Santos predicted, a recruiter for The Organization appears and invites Nil soon after. On file, it is unknown who this recruiter is, but it is noted that Nil appeared at the Black Coffin bleeding and bruised after losing the fight. It is here that Nil rechristians himself as Feodosiy Bogomolov. While under the care of The Organization, Feodosiy underwent genetic surgery to become more flexible with increased speed thanks to the experimentation done to create Tsukishiro Hisakawa in Japan. Undergoing such a procedure required an immense amount of time, recovery and money, but in the end it was all worth it. Miyako Saitō aided in the surgery, and ensured his recovery went smoothly as his body adjusted to the new genetics. Eventually, Feodosiy grew ears and a fluffy rabbit tail, but was forced to have his scent glands removed as his body began rejecting his secondary gender. Saitō theroizies that if Feodosiy had been Alpha or Omega then he would have died as their anatomies are more complex given their purpose.

Feodosiy spends the next two years training his new body and returning it to peak condition. Discovering his new sensitivity to smells, sounds and enhancements, Feodosiy is pleased with the results even if he has to wear sound-deadening earbuds to keep his head from exploding from the headaches of the city sounds. Depending on where he’s travelling to, he uses a special ointment to place beneath his nose so certain scents don’t gag him.

The Prey becomes The Predator, and he wants your blood… So who is his next target in Tokyo? Is it the Prime Minister? A politician? Your neighbor? Or you.


Feodosiy - Russian form of Theodosius → Latinized form of the Greek name Θεοδόσιος (Theodosios) meaning "giving to god", derived from θεός (theos) meaning "god" and δόσις (dosis) meaning "giving".

Bogomolov - Patronymic derived from Russian богомол (bogomol) meaning "pious one, devotionalist".

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