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Author Topic: Kaeya Manug (Alpha)  (Read 119 times)

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Kaeya Manug (Alpha)
« on: March 15, 2021, 06:44:32 pm »
PM/DM a member of Staff if interested in this bio.

"Wine a little and you'll feel better."

Name: Kaeya Manug

Alias: ----

Date of Birth: November 30th, 2000

Age: 2

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: A mix of Lotus and Cedarwood

Sexuality: Bisexual (biological males & females), but will only top

Race: Japanese & Filipino

Species: Human

Hobbies: Reading, Drinking Alcohol (or simply wine tasting), Research (gathering information on others to keep himself out of trouble)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: A confident and charming person, he is known for having a flair for the dramatic bordering on pretentious. He gets enjoyment out of telling bald-faced lies to those around him, especially the gullible--it's intended in good fun, but as a result, he can be difficult to trust. His confidence also easily transitions to arrogance; while he may not outright state that he believes himself to be smarter or better than someone else, it'll be obvious. Witty and curious, he likes to put his mind to work and tries to think outside the box. If one gets past his farces they may find him enjoyable to be around, thanks to a relaxed and even playful demeanor. This makes him generally easy to approach but does come off as being too laid-back and even lazy until proven otherwise. He is slow to react to situations, especially serious ones, preferring to gather and process information rather than jump to conclusions.

He holds grudges and can be vindictive, treating those who have wronged him like they are lesser or less intelligent until they have gotten back into his good graces. If at all possible. This is when his oft-hidden sarcastic and even cruel side comes out in full. While not cruel, he can be callous toward those who do not share similar "open-minded" beliefs to his own, and he would not be above leaving someone to their fate should he be put in such a situation. He's rather vain, taking a high stock in his appearance, and can be seen constantly wearing high-priced suits. He can react rather dramatically to wardrobe inconveniences such as unexpected stains or tears.  His outfit is, as often as possible, immaculate and he can react rather dramatically to wardrobe inconveniences, such as unexpected stains or tears. He works hard, but only when he wants to.

Occupation: Heir to Ahn Wines (translates to, Tranqulity Wines)

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Towers, [Select Available Room]

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Fate/Stay Night - Archer

Appearance: Kaeya is tall and lean, with tanned skin and white hair, and gray eyes. Originally, Kaeya's hair was long and flowing, keeping it loose or sometimes wearing it tied up in a long-length ponytail. However, after a while, he found it difficult and a pain to maintain it and eventually cut his hair to the short length that he has now. Finding it a lot easier to maintain without it getting in the way. He's known for wearing expensive high priced suits, keeping his appearance clean and well-groomed which he prefers. He has a fondness for the colors blue and red and it can be noticeable in his attire. This shows he's quite a fashionable person that tends to splurge his money on the latest tailor-made clothing whenever possible.

History: Kaeya Manug was born to a Beta couple that loved each other very much as well as their son. His father was a Filipino young man while his mother was a native of Japan. While things seemed relatively normal for Kaeya after his birth, it wasn't long before tragedy struck his family. His mother had succumbed to an unknown illness that was never told to Kaeya as to what she had that made her sick. She thought it best he didn't know and for him to grow up with to remember her as she was. His father had accepted his wife's decision even if he didn't agree with it but eventually, she did pass away when Kaeya was only five years old. Heartbroken by the loss of his wife and having his son around as a constant reminder of his mother, his father had dropped him off at a local orphanage, believing he would have a better life raised by someone else than someone like him. Truth be told, Kaeya's father internally believed that he would hurt his son because he looked so much like his mother and he didn't want that. For his protection, he decided to let him go.

Kaeya didn't understand this decision and why his father left him in the care of strangers to never return and as such, he'd grown up in the system to be a very distant child. He didn't try to make friends with others his own age and any adults that saw him and knew that he was a candidate for adoption would look over him. Mainly because of his dark skin tone, they assumed he wasn't commonly native to Japan unless someone was a foreigner. This was completely untrue as both of his parents lived in Japan and raised him in this country, however, he did have his father's roots and as one would learn, Filipino individuals can be darker in skin tone compared to an average native Asian. It was a weird misconception that eventually Kaeya just stopped putting care into the opinions of what others saw him. This view changed, however, when Kaeya became of age and presented as an Alpha and it was then that so many families suddenly wanted him only because of this reason.

He made it a point to be disruptive and disobedient whenever there were parents/families suddenly interested in adopting him merely because of his secondary gender status. This stressed the patrons of the orphanage out because he would eventually become too old to adopt. That and they grew tired of his behavior and indifference towards things and people. Eventually, there was someone that came looking to adopt a child but not for the same reason that many of the other parents/families had. This was a man who made his intentions clear in why he wanted to adopt a child and he preferred it to be a child they couldn't adopt out no matter how much they tried. This prompted the patrons to suggest Kaeya to this man which he was presented to him and it was clear from the get-go, that these two weren't going to get along. Kaeya didn't trust anyone and this man only wanted a child for the sole reason and goal to be used to overthrow a family who'd wronged him. This man was anything but kind, coming across as rather cruel but only towards those that he felt deserved such hostility from him.

He adopted Kaeya with no questions asked about where the boy came from or his background. Instead, he groomed him for the sole purpose of gaining the secrets of his enemies and reporting everything he found to him. With Kaeya, he was strict, but not cruel. He wanted to be sure that the child knew what he was doing, and understood everything about the company that this man had. This meant he was provided, with tutors in academics as well as business. Knowing the ins and outs of everything. And never once did this man treat Kaeya as a tool for his secondary gender, but instead as a person that was needed for something. What did Kaeya have to say regarding it? He was fine with this. Completely. He and his adopted father only interacted whenever it was required of them to do so. He had no qualms about pretending to be friendly with others in order to help this man in his goals. And what was he offered in return for his services? To be well taken care of once things went according to plan. This meant he had to pretend to be nice to the son of this family his adoptive father was trying to do in.

While the son of this family was fine for the most part. Kaeya didn't dislike him by any means and a part of him once in a while felt bad for having to betray him whenever their "families" sat down for business meetings, on the other hand, he didn't feel bad as the kid's father was anything but an innocent man. He was a very jaded and shady old man that was forcing his son to take over his family's business despite him not wanting to. At least not originally. The information that Kaeya managed to compile regarding the shady and underhanded dealings he'd done over the years allowed for his business to grow as it had. They were a wine company and like many, they competed with other companies in hopes of trying to buy them out, even if it means ruining them in the process of doing so. There was a clear attempt to do this with his adoptive father's company as the man's business had suffered for years when his father was originally over everything but now that he was in charge of everything, he was trying to fix that.

So when the final showdown came between the two heads of the wine companies, Kaeya's adoptive father won out in the end and bought out his enemy, giving them a taste of their own medicine by laying all their dirty laundry out on the table regarding proof of the deals he'd taken part in, actions that transpired those deals, and the results of how he scathed out of them all. The only one hurt by this was the man's son who'd harbored a deep hatred for Kaeya as a result of all of this and seeing his family ruined and bought out of their life's work while also being horrified at everything they'd done, even if part of him didn't want to believe any of it was true, he vowed revenge against Kaeya for this betrayal. While Kaeya's adoptive father was pleased, he wanted to toss out an offer to at the very least keep the cycle of hate and betrayal from continuing. He thought it best that he allowed the other boy to work for the wine company (which was renamed during the buyout/takeover). After all, he got what he wanted. He shouldn't make someone who wasn't in on anything that happened that his father was a part of, be taken out on his son. Kaeya could've cared less out either way as long as his adoptive father kept his part of the deal to ensure he'd be taken care of for helping him get what he wanted.

His adoptive father wasn't keen on the idea since it was clear that the boy had it out to avenge what his family lost, however, it would seem that Kaeya's offer had made him change his mind and immediately he apologized to Kaeya and his adoptive father. He didn't want to go down the same path as his father and appreciated the offer. He was willing to start from the bottom and learn fair business practices, even if it meant working for the man that currently now owns his father's company. Kaeya's adoptive father was still skeptical while Kaeya didn't particularly care. He honestly had no real hand in this other than helping this man as he'd been groomed to do so. And because he'd gotten used to living a luxurious lifestyle, Kaeya wanted to keep that. That's all he really wanted. But for that to continue, his adoptive father had to name an heir to his family's wine business. He knew Kaeya didn't want it since he clearly showed no interest, he'd named him his heir with the option of when that time came, he could choose someone else to take his place. His adoptive father didn't like that he trusted that young man from the other family as the better option but it would keep his enemies close by to keep an eye on.

The company was renamed Ahn Wines where Kaeya is now the legal and official heir to everything. However, because he had too lavish spending habits, his accounts are closely watched by his adoptive father. He may not care if the boy spends money but he didn't like it if he spent too much. His adoptive father was a firm believer that meaningless spending draws too much attention as there were eyes everywhere. Not that Kaeya didn't understand that but it was a fair trade-off. He wasn't required to live under the eyes of his adoptive father and currently stays in the Red Fountain Towers hotel to avoid unnecessary association with his adoptive father but he had to give the man credit, his family made Damn good wine. He has a rather spoiled mentality now that he's an adult but Kaeya clearly shows he doesn't care and can show when he's enjoying himself instead of giving off the usual indifferent persona he originally displayed for the majority of his life. His confidence is always on full display but it causes him to come across as arrogant at times. He also tends to hold grudges toward anyone that means him no good but he'd rather get them back in the form of childish trolling rather than stoop to the level of wrecking their lives. Sometimes, there are always better options for bringing a person down a peg that isn't always the most obvious solution.

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