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Author Topic: Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (Unknown)  (Read 94 times)

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Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (Unknown)
« on: May 19, 2021, 11:34:50 pm »
PM/DM member of Staff if interested in this bio.

"Only an honest death will cure you now."

Name: Maria

Alias: Lady Maria (Title) Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower (Official Title), Apprentice to Gehrman (Hunter Title)

Date of Birth: ?? / ?? / ????

Age: ?? | Somewhere in her 20s (Appearance)

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown

Character's Scent: She always has the scent of blood around her.

Sexuality: Asexual

Race: Cainhurst

Species: Human

Hobbies: Tending to Clocktower patients, fixing up the Astral Clocktower, sword practice, reading, stargazing, gardening, tailoring

Powers/Abilities: RAKUYO & EVELYN

Unlike the other weaponry demanding blood for compensation, Rakuyo needs to be wielded with great dexterity. Ordinating from Cainhurst Chikage, this trick weapon gifts Lady Maria with additional move sets and more if offered her own blood thus increasing damage and attack range. If offered blood twice, she enhances Rakuyo once more, and now her attacks can cause both Blood and Fire damage. Additionally, Rakuyo can be used as a katana or as a dagger.

A special firearm used by Cainhurst knights, Quicksilver Bullets can cause extensive damage to those weak to silver. Unlike Rakuyo, it requires blood for usage as any weaponry from Cainhurst does to realize its full potential. Lady Maria can use its Repeating Pistol move to inflict the most damage, but at a greater cost per trigger pull.

Lady Maria Hunter Set
While on the surface her clothes seem no different than another’s, it provides Lady Maria with high poison resistance, moderate frenzy resistance, extremely high blood defense, mediocre physical & elemental defenses. Crafted in Cainhurst, this clothing is modified for the intent of hunting beasts in Yharnam.

One of the first Hunters, Lady Maria is not to be trifled with by no means. Her dexterity, speed, and endurance can outmatch monsters and humans alike. Once her health is one-third down, she’ll stab herself with Rakuyo to enhance the blade’s abilities. This allows her to levitate as well, and wherever her blood drops will cause explosions. When her health is two-thirds down, she’ll spill more blood and this time it’ll add fire damage. However, every blood arc will transform into fire for increased damage over time.

Personality: Lady Maria is a tall and silent woman who only speaks when reason gives. People often mistake her for being mute, and she’ll use this to her advantage however possible. Her life has shown her that even good people can become evil under the right motivations, and thus she doesn’t trust anyone aside from the crippling patients in Astral Clocktower. For a time, she apprenticed under Gehrman and was aware of his odd obsession with her though nothing ever came from it. Having trained and studied hard to become a Hunter like him, she took opportunities as they came with the goal of one day surprising her Master.

But, that was when she was alive. In death, she resembles more of a doll. The Clocktower’s patients often request for compassion and for her to hold their hand and she complies. It’s unknown if she’s behind their horrid mutation due to her former linkage to the Healing Church. Yet, like a faithful companion, she utters comfort to help ease their suffering even as they slowly descend into madness whispering about a sound from the depths. Whether this emotion is true or not remains to be seen.

Several citizens of the current world have made their way inside the Astral Clocktower granting her a small insight into the world beyond the doors she cannot leave. They have either gone insane or slew by a patient before Lady Maria could ask questions. Hidden in the shadows, she’ll observe them see if they are an enemy or potential ally, but will do nothing if they enter combat and will die whether from lack of experience or skills. She will watch without expressing any emotion on death even if it’s a beloved patient. She doesn’t know what lies beyond Hunter’s Nightmare, and she only hopes it’s salvation and freedom of this pain.

Even in life and seldom in death, there is little in the way of friendship. Honor even in its low value can go a long way so long as both parties uphold their end of the bargain. Few could call Lady Maria their friend or allie, and in death, none can really do so except among the madness of the patients. There is no room for romance nor has she ever felt to enact upon it for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s the shortness in which Cainhurst citizens have lived or the cursed lineage that is the royal family bloodline, but either way, Lady Maria will not pursue it.

Despite her cold personality, Lady Maria’s favorite flower is the Lumenflower. A type of cosmic flora blooming at night, and its appearance is similar to a sunflower, but is gigantic in size and shaded white. In Yharnam, it can be found in the Lumenwood Garden, but there may be some scattered in the Astral Clocktower tended to by a patient. Lumenflowers are controlled by the Healing Church as they are a symbol of ascension. Lady Maria doesn’t feel she has ascended given her consciousness was taken from her corpse into Hunter’s Nightmare. If anything, it’s the opposite. Yet, perhaps one day her sins may be forgiven so she will be released from her prison. Lady Maria’s green brooch depicts a Lumenflower.

Occupation: Hunter | Cainhurst Knight

School: N/A

Place of Living: Astral Clocktower

Original or Canon: Semi-Canon

Face Claim: Hunter | Cainhurst Knight


History: Cursed for her actions in life, Lady Maria was sent to Hunter’s Nightmare upon her death. There, she dwelled in the Astral Clocktower as a corpse waiting for something or perhaps nothing. Her body is cold to the touch if one is able to touch her smooth skin despite the bloody clothing. Yet, there is a reason for her being in the Astral Clocktower - to guard the entrance to the Fishing Hamlet where more eldritch monsters can be found. The Orphan of Kos roams, and Lady Maria will slay those seeking to fight it for nothing good awaits beyond the doors. Only when she is defeated will she drop the Celestial Dial to unlock the doors.

But… What brought her to this point?

There is only one record of Lady Maria’s childhood and it is documenting her distant relation to Queen Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. Other than that, everything is left in the fog of the nightmare surrounding Cainhurst, and its history drenched in the flesh and blood of humans and monsters alike. Lady Maria is one of the first Hunters, and she studied under Gehrman the First Hunter for a lengthy amount of time. Joining the nightly hunt, Hunters used blood to boost their health and skills to defeat the ungodly creatures driven to insanity. Citizens of Cainhurst thirsted for blood, and Lady Maria differed as she didn’t abuse its usage compared to her brethren in both occupation and species.

Shortly before her death, Lady Maria visited the Fishing Hamlet with other hunters when the corpse of Kos washed up on its shores. A Great One was worshipped by Hamlet’s citizens even as they transformed into humanoid, fish, or mollusk hybrids due to the paradises escaping Kos’ body. Lady Maria heard the whispers from the citizens talking of a mother being dead, a lair of beasts, and even blood-mad people roaming. While the latter could be related to intoxicated Hunters, Lady Maria waited as the Byrgenwerth scholars experimented on Kos’ body. There is no remaining documentation on what happened, and all that can be assumed is the thirst (perhaps quite literally) for the eldritch’s blood would Damn the Hunters to Hunter’s Nightmare once they died. Lady Maria was no different, and these sacrilegious actions wreaked havoc on her morals. Out of grief, Lady Maria’s life suddenly ended much to the distress of Gehrman.

For unknown reasons to Lady Maria, the entrance to the Astral Clocktower is no longer near the Lumenwood Garden. Now, anyone can seemingly open the doors to the Tower regardless of who they may be, but only suffering awaits those who bear no skill in combat. Disfigured patients roam the hallways preaching their love and admiration of Lady Maria who cares for them. Anyone who speaks ill of her will be ripped to death. There are some patients confined to a bed where they beg for Lady Maria’s hand as their heads have become bloated and they no longer possess eyes. If one is able to access the top of the tower they can talk to her so long as their intentions are pure and uncorrupted. Anyone of ill repute will have Rakuyo shoved into their hearts or a Quicksilver bullet fired from Evelyn between their eyes.

The entrance to the Astral Clocktower is always shifting. It is rumored by those with supernatural senses that a door can be seen near gardens at the stroke of midnight. Follow the glowing flowers, and you will find the door, but be wary - those who enter never come out. Not everyone dies, but it’s possible that they go insane and become patients themselves to be cared for by Lady Maria.


Maria → Latin form of Greek Μαρία, from Hebrew מִרְיָם (see Mary) → Usual English form of Maria, the Latin form of the New Testament Greek names Μαριάμ (Mariam) and Μαρία (Maria) - the spellings are interchangeable - which were from Hebrew מִרְיָם (Miryam), a name borne by the sister of Moses in the Old Testament. The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child". However, it was most likely originally an Egyptian name, perhaps derived in part from mry "beloved" or mr "love".

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