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Author Topic: Liron Bello [Unknown]  (Read 104 times)

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Liron Bello [Unknown]
« on: January 20, 2021, 02:45:40 pm »
PM/DM a member of staff if interested in bio.

A thousand angels stand waiting for me. Oh, Take my heart… I'll run, I'll run, I'll run.. to you.

Name: Liron Bello

Alias: Gremlin (Grandma), Cupcake (Grandpa) , Bug (Uncle), and Floof ( Guardian/Mama).

Date of Birth: October,14th, 2012

Age: 8

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown (will switch between Alpha & Omega)

Character's Scent: Scents not consistent with one another
Alpha - Wintergreen & Tabacco
Omega - White Tea & Vanilla

Sexuality: ----

Race: Part Italian/ Jewish/Bhutani. Grew up in the USA.

Species: Gem - Aquamarine

Hobbies: Swimming, Video Games, Eating, Soccer, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Cuddling, Messing with their mom, Chilling, & etc.

Gem Shifting - Liron can transform themselves into any humanoid. That or any animal too. The condition is though they always have to look like a gem version of that thing. It works better if they have seen whatever they are copying though. A subset of this ability that they are very adept at is making their nails like claws.

Gem Softening - Unlike other gems Liron has the ability to soften their skin. Making many things pass through them like a liquid that still kept it's form. However Liron isn't good at this ability because for a long time they didn't know this was possible.

Gold Manipulation - Liron naturally produces gold from their body. They can manipulate the gold around. But also they can also harden the gold and even use that to patch up their skin.

Personality: They are generally an affectionate little wallflower. Tending to take a while to warm up to others. Once they warm up they are very affectionate and usually very helpful to others. Even to the point they'll give friends gifts. But when it comes to non social things they actually tend to be brave. Sadly as nice as the kid is they tend to be overly silly around people they see as friends. Which at times can make people mad at them. But they'll usually apologize for the hurt that they caused. That's  unless they feel attacked by the way they brought it in conjunction it took to tell them they were hurt. But generally will apologize.

Occupation: ----

School: Astraea Academy - 4th Grade ( Skipped a grade due to great scores )

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > (choose available 2 bedroom apartment with mother Shai Bello)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Star☆Twinkle Precure - Hagoromo Lala

Appearance: They pretty look like the face claim below. Tending to be on the skinny side despite loving to eat. But also being quite average in height for their age. With the rest of their general appearance not looking as normal. With turquoise hair and eyes on them. Unlike their mom's hair though it tends to be more transparent or glossy look. That said their hair is still normal soft hair. A big reason is why they are sometimes described as fluffy. Liron definitely looks more like her father as her skin tone is reminiscent of it, appearing more pale than dark-skinned. Liron I & Liron II

History: Liron was born from the product of what started out as a good relationship between her mother Shai Bello and her boyfriend at the time, turned abusive upon the discovery of her pregnancy. As such, Liron had never met her father nor did her mother ever mention them. She only lived with her mother and grandparents where she had an enriched and healthy childhood growing up. She adored her grandparents and her uncle who was always kind to her, never learning of the abuse and rejection that her biological father had towards her and her mother.

She grew up being showered with love from her family as her time was always spent with them. She also had a good relationship with her mother who would encourage her to make friends but also be mindful that not everyone has her best interests at heart. This both confused Liron and concerned her. It made it hard for her to decide was it okay for her to make friends with others her age without upsetting her mother or not. Not to mention, she also developed the same abilities as her family at the early age of three years old. Making it immediately clear that Liron would eventually present as more than one secondary gender when she became of age. Something that also confused her and she didn't think it would matter as long as everyone was kind to each other. There was a period at age five where she didn't think her family was her family. It was because Liron looked different from them that she was often questioned if she was her mother's daughter.

Liron was born with a considerably lighter skin tone than her family and her father was definitely someone of brighter skin tone and this genetic trait carried over to her when she was born. Her mother would reassure her that she was hers mother and comfort her whenever the child would have doubts. These doubts stemming from her being very different from other kids she went to school with. Her abilities were strange to them, not something they would consider normal compared to others who had powers. Other kids were put off by Liron's abilities and steered clear of her. It was then she began to understand what her mother said to her but she wanted to hold out hope that maybe, just maybe she would finally meet some friends her own age that would like her for who she was and not treat her differently.

Eventually, her mother had up and decided to move out of her parent's home and move them into a two-bedroom community with more space and security. Her mother had even enrolled her into a brand new school called Astraea Academy. Liron was hoping the best that this new change for both of them would be more welcoming and accepting. There was no denying that she was also nervous about going to a new school and having all new classmates. It worried her but with encouragement from her grandparents, Liron decided to keep her head up high and make it her goal to make some new friends. She just wishes her grandparents were also nearby but knows her and her mother can go see them anytime they want.

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Re: Liron Bello [Unknown]
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2021, 05:30:58 pm »
For the Primary Gender, I'll accept what you put but the secondary gender, you can always put what the child will present as later as plots progress and the character ages. Even if they haven't presented now, you can state what their secondary gender will be when they become of age. You are free to do that with children characters. Sorry, I didn't mention that somewhere.

As for the school they attend, need the grade they're in next to it as well. I can accept the history even if it looks more like two paragraphs put together instead of four. But it is still fine. It gives you room to add more to it later. But like the first bio, a couple of issues need to be fixed and then you're good to go. ^^





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