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Author Topic: Mikayla Namura (Omega)  (Read 91 times)

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Mikayla Namura (Omega)
« on: April 22, 2021, 12:33:20 am »
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Name: Mikayla Namura

Alias: Mika (for short)

Date of Birth: January 15, 1998

Age: 23

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Vanilla and Spearmint

Sexuality:  Asexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Crafting (woodworking, pottery making, & soap making), Preferring to stay to himself, Helping Others (when he wants to, not out of obligation), Homebrewing (beer, mead, and ciders on a small scale for personal & commercial purposes), Binge Watching various TV Shows

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Mikayla is an introverted young man who is used to and prefers working with his hands. He's good at woodworking, pottery, and creating things out of soap. All of these activities he uses as a form of stress relief. It makes him happy that he can do something he enjoys. This also includes brewing his own drinks such as beer, mead, and cider at home. He's somewhat of a casual drinker and likes to make his own drinks over going out and buying them and wasting money on cases of alcohol. Whenever he gets bored, he also likes binge-watching different TV shows to pass the time. Being an introvert, he prefers to stay to himself. Not one for openly eager to go out amongst a crowd of people. He finds it too much effort to form meaningful relationships and therefore doesn't focus on forming bonds with people. This includes romances. Mikayla finds no use for it despite his secondary gender. Unlike most Omegas who cannot help but desire to mate when they go into Heat, Mikayla simply doesn't feel or have that longing desire to do anything with anyone. Sure, he'll check himself into a Heat House to alleviate himself but as far as forming a pair with anyone, he is simply not interested. It doesn't help that most people he comes into contact with don't know how to take "no" for an answer and it's put him off on the very idea. Therefore, you won't see him holding himself out for anyone. It also means that while Mikayla is willing to help someone, he'd do it whenever he's in the mood to and not out of obligation. It depends on the person and the situation. If he finds it to be a bother, he simply won't get involved in helping and go on his way.

Occupation: Sells his craft work online & sells the brew he makes

School: ----

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > (choose any available room)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim:  Project Scard - Sakishima Kagami

Appearance: Mikayla I & Mikayla II

History: Mikayla was born an only child to a single Omega mother who was male and worked three jobs to be able to take care of him. He was often in the care of close friends of his mother to watch him while they worked. This caused him to not be close with his mother due to not understanding why they were never around. However, he doesn't resent him for it and later came to understand as he got older that his mother was only struggling and working so much to provide for him. He did at one point question his mother just who his father was but they were reluctant to tell him and simply chose not to while telling him to not worry so much about his father. If he were concerned about them, he would've stayed with them. It was clear it was a matter of pride that was keeping Mikayla's mother from asking for help from his father. Wanting to prove they can take care of their child on their own without the provided help of the one who impregnated them.

So for the most part growing up, Mikayla had a fairly normal childhood with some minor hardships but nothing that he and his mother didn't work together to fix. But when he became of age and presented as an Omega, there was nothing stopping the attention he would get from others when he wasn't looking or asking for it. Mikayla preferred to be left alone. He wasn't interested all that much in making friends but he had "acquaintances" he associated himself with. He wasn't looking to bond with anyone either but it didn't stop anyone from making a pass at him. It annoyed him greatly. In a sense that it became noticeable by his peers or rather they would openly state that they found it strange that an Omega like him didn't have the desire to be with anyone. As it was known for Omegas to be courted and find mates, mainly to help keep their Heats in check. As displeasing as he found it, Mikayla settled for visiting Heat Houses in the area to satisfy his urgers so they wouldn't get out of hand but otherwise held no desire for anything outside of that. It didn't help that his mother was an example of why should he bother to trust someone that wouldn't stick around. By opting out of bonding, it saved Mikayla the hassle of tying himself down with anyone that would waste his time.

During his sophomore year of high school, his mother became ill and his time was spent at home taking care of them. It was through taking care of his mother that he discovered he did have a knack for providing medical care which his mother often encouraged him to pursue a career in it. He would often say no to that idea because it sounded stress-inducing. Taking care of his mother also provided them with the chance to work on their relationship as mother and son and it was during this time they managed to become closer. His mother gave him advice whenever he had an issue about something and remained ever encouraging. Up until they eventually passed away, leaving Mikayla to take care of himself. Luckily, his mother left a Living Will behind that had money provided that would take care of him for as long as he needed until he found work or decided to go to college and decide on a career path.

But Mikayla took the road less traveled. Sure he used the money to keep himself afloat but he also found interest in other things to pass the time and make him happy. Things he actually enjoyed doing. He discovered that he loved working with his hands and making things, which is how he'd gotten into activities like woodworking, pottery, and soap making. He was so good at it that the items he crafted were bought by interested parties willing to pay him. So from that point on, Mikayla decided to do this as a leisure job to earn some extra cash on the side and put it into savings. A close friend of his mother's and someone who looked after him on occasion worked at a bar but also was a homebrewer on the side. They were willing to show him how to do it if he was interested. He was definitely interested as it intrigued him to learn to do something new he'd never done before. However, this was also the closest thing to being a social drinker that he would get to since he never makes an effort to go out and hang and make friends.

Even though he still has those high school "acquaintances" that come visit him every so often to where Mikayla starts to question are they just doing it to make sure he's still alive in a joking sense. But he acknowledges them for the length of time they stick around and then go on their way after. But it was a good opportunity for him to tells out his brewing skills by having them taste what he made to see if they liked it. Surprisingly they never had large complaints. Only a few concerns when the tastes of the cider or beer were off but they offered suggestions on how he could fix the taste to make it more enjoyable. Thus he now sells brews of beer, mead, and cider along with his craftwork. For a much smaller yet singular spacing for himself, he eventually moved out of the old home he lived in with his mother and downgraded himself to a room staying at the Amestia Inn. The extended-stay inn would allow for him to save more money and pay rent for a room rather than paying a large lump sum for space he didn't need. He's content with his life and enjoys what he does. And when he takes a break from it all, he can be found parked right in front of a TV binge-watching shows. Such is the life of Mikayla.

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