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Monty Eventide (Omega)
« on: February 27, 2021, 04:55:59 am »
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“The unknown is too vast to live in known unhappiness.”

Name: Montgomery Eventide

Alias: Monty (for short)

Date of Birth: June 25th, 2002

Age: 20

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Peaches and Cherry blossom

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Reading (Mostly tasteless fluffy romances), Writing, Cooking, Junk Journaling ( how else is he going to remember all his new adventures?)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: Monty is a very kind and loving person. He always tries to do the right thing to help others who are hurt or in need. He has a misunderstanding of Alphas, due to being told by his parents to never interact with them. Being told they are aggressive and dangerous individuals, which he didn't seem to understand. This is because he was sheltered for most of his life and it has left him rather naive to the world and people around him. So if someone tells him something that he should be consciously aware of, he ends up believing it. At least until he figures out on his own that maybe what those have told him is possibly untrue.

But it does show that Monty comes across as very trusting to others always believing they have his best interest at heart. He's also not used to large crowds of people which he discovered upon living in Japan due to how crowded being out openly in public trying to run daily errands can be stressful and difficult. This stems from not being used to his personal space being invaded but to avoid freaking out, he does take something for his anxiety to keep his nerves calm. He does show that he has conflicting feelings when it comes to his family. While he does love and cares about them, especially when he feels homesick living in a country far away from them, he knows that if he returns home, his family would attempt to shelter him from the world again.

Despite having struggled to live on his own in a foreign country, he wasn't to experience so much about life and he can't do that if he's been kept hidden from the world. So he will contact them from time to time and talk to them and they always ask him when is he coming home but the answer is always the same, he doesn't know. The only good thing he got out of being stuck indoors for most of his life is acquiring housekeeping and cooking skills. He's always cleaning up around his space and nothing is usually out of place. Showing that he does enjoy it because it brings him some form of peace when he's moving around and not constantly left in his own thoughts. Monty is an optimistic person who tries to overcome any situation he encounters. He tries not to let bad situations linger and does his best to solve them right then when they happen.

Monty's also a hopeless romantic despite not ever having a romantic relationship at all with anyone. Seeing so many beautiful women in Japan, he oftentimes feels nervous to speak to them and is scared to tell them how pretty they are due to a fear of being rejected. As much as he would love to have a mate, he doesn't know if he is even suitable enough to be someone's partner. But he would definitely like that someday. Instead of stressing himself out about it, he chooses to focus on making as many friends as he can and he values the friendships he has, thinking of them as a family in a way. He has always struggled with expressing himself due to how he was raised and can come off as a bit of a people pleaser. The idea of someone not liking him bothers him and unrealistically, he wants to be liked by everyone he meets. That is something he's still yet to learn that not everyone is obligated to like him.

Occupation: Full Time Cashier at the Evergreen Bookstore

School: ----

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > (Choose Available Room)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Under the Moon - Amamiya Sena

Appearance: Monty is a petite male standing at 5’5". He has shaggy blonde hair and golden brown eyes. He has a peach skin complexion and is often wearing casual clothing. He is normally seen with a smile on his face unless in crowds. Monty I

History: Montgomery Eventide was born the fifth child to parents James (Alpha) & Mary (Omega) Eventide. Having 4 Alpha sons before him, they were sure that their last child would be another Alpha addition to their family. No one was more surprised than Monty's parents when he presented as an Omega. They believed the signs were there but it was possible they might have missed them. They just noticed he was a needy baby who cried at the smallest of things. They didn't find that strange as young children cried all the time. So his parents thought nothing of it. And growing up with his 4 older brothers didn't make things easier for him.

They never teased him but they were rough when playing with him and Monty just wasn't interested in roughhousing. Sure he didn't mind joining his brothers in whatever activity they were involved in, but they were highly competitive and aggressive with each other and with Monty. His older brothers were definitely confused as to why Monty had such negative reactions to activities they themselves considered to be normal for them. Monty preferred much calmer activities. Such as helping his parents with chores around the house, reading any novels he could find, asking someone to help show him how to read what it says or him reading the books on his own.

After having 4 rambunctious boys, James and Mary weren't used to the idea of having a much calmer son. They even frequently took him to doctors to find out what was wrong with him. Clearly, Monty was a healthy young boy. He just wasn't the same as his brothers. Frustrated that they weren't getting the answers they were looking for, they reached out to more doctors until they were able to find one that could fully test and make sure nothing was wrong with their son. In the end, the answer was the same. Nothing was wrong with him. However, the doctors were able to do an early test to see what he would present as before he reached the age to do so and informed Monty's parents that he would not present as an Alpha or even a Beta, but an Omega.

This shocked his parents since they didn't expect to have a son that would present as an Omega. If he didn't present as an Alpha, they at most, thought he would be a Beta. But an Omega was not what they'd expected to be told by the doctor. Their reaction to this was to take their son out of school to homeschool him instead. Monty was confused as to why his parents were taking him away from his teachers and friends and he was never allowed out of the house unless he was with his parents or with his older brothers. They loved Monty but they were worried for him to the point they became over-protective of him. His older brothers were the same way and it eventually began to bother Monty.

At first, he liked staying home and being homeschooled but eventually, he became restless and wanted to go out and do things just like his brothers who were allowed to attend public school and make friends. Monty felt robbed of this opportunity. He began to understand why when he did finally present as an Omega. His parents did everything to make sure their son had what they needed. From making sure he had his medication and buying a collar for him to block his scent and have it to where he presented more as a Beta than an Omega whenever they left the house together. As for Monty, he felt like there was no sign of escape from this lonely life he was growing up in. Growing jealous that his brothers could have such interesting and fun lives and to avoid complaining about it, he found his escape in books.

Reading is what allowed him to feel he could go anywhere he wanted to. Live the lives of the characters within the book. That included falling in love. He began to desire that and he believed himself to be no different than anyone else. He understood and knew the basics of being an Omega but was still rather naive about everything else due to his parents sheltering him. He didn't want to feel sheltered anymore. Even his brothers began to find partners for themselves and seemed happy together just like their parents. Monty didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to have that. He was always told to not trust other Alphas outside of his brothers. Didn't matter if they were men or women, he was told they are not to be trusted. They always said this. But they never said this regarding Betas or even other Omegas like him.

He didn't understand his parents' fear and protectiveness over him. When he reached the age of eighteen, he finally decided he'd had enough of being trapped by his parents. He decided to pack what he could to take with him and leave but not without leaving them a note telling him how much he loved and appreciate everything his family did for him, but he wanted to live his own life and he couldn't do that living inside like a hermit. It hadn't taken him long to realize how tough it was for someone with no life experiences to live on their own. Finding a job while having no job skills to start out with was difficult. While some people he met were nice to him, others not so much.

For the first six months on his own, he did manage to find a part-time job cleaning office buildings and would stay held up in a hotel. Monty didn't believe this would be his entire life so he became more curious about the environment of the people that worked in the office, and what they did. The company that used the office space did a lot of business with international employers. He became intrigued about that. Wondering if there was a way for him to explore more of the world than just where he lived in America. So he inquired about it while pleading that he'd do anything. His employer was skeptical considering that Monty was a very naive person. He didn't think it was a good idea to recommend anyone to go overseas and they barely know how to navigate through life.

Sure he got better at it but his employer wondered if would he be able to handle that. He barely made much working with them but he always remained very optimistic while working. Not walking around depressed or appearing like he didn't want to be at work at all. And he was friendly to everyone, greeting them with a smile. So, his employer came to the decision wondering if Monty would be interested in relocating to one of their business located in Japan. They're in need of people to clean the offices while the location in America where they currently were, had more cleaning staff on hand than they needed. It wouldn't be forever as he was free to explore the country and find work elsewhere but it would be something for him to start out with and get his foot in the door.

Monty was excited about the opportunity and immediately said yes, not knowing what he was getting himself into. He knew nothing about Japanese culture but he didn't waste any time researching it. The biggest concern and issue was learning the language. It wasn't easy and it was always easy to mess up words and unintentionally end up insulting someone on accident. Monty assured him that it would be no problem. He's willing to learn it in order to be able to communicate and get to know everyone there. His employer was still skeptical but decided to go through with it, reaching out to the overseas location in Japan and they agreed to the exchange in allowing Monty to work for them.

It was not an easy experience for Monty. He had arrangements for a place of living which was at the Amestia Inn where there was a woman there that could tutor him in learning Japanese. It was appreciated but the experience of so many people just out and about going to and from work and finding almost no time for fun was anxiety-inducing for him. Monty wasn't used to being around a large crowd of people gathered together like fish stuck in a can. He hated it. It took him a while to get used to that and it caused him to have to take something to keep his anxiety from spiking. But having a job in an all-new country was a different experience for him. He just had to make sure he renewed his passport regularly, especially if he ever decided to return to America, even for a visit.

Working at the office location in Japan was different. The buildings were much building and there were a lot of floors to clean. At first, it was a struggle and he was always exhausted after a hard day of work but he made do with it because this is what he asked for. Monty was determined to keep pushing forward to maintain his independence and avoid having to go back home to his family. Speaking of his family, they were definitely freaked out about him having left the house, to the point they reached out to police and news stations to find him. Something he found humiliating since it's not as if he was kidnapped by anyone. He was just living away from them. He reached out to them through a letter, not leaving a forwarding address on it so they wouldn't find him and try to take him back. He just told them in the letter to call off the search and that he was fine and that while he missed everyone, this was a decision he chose for himself.

He wanted that life experience the same as his parents and his brothers. He wasn't going to have that living under them and being treated as a fragile being that couldn't take care of himself. It wasn't until he was able to really settle himself into living in Japan that he reached out to them by phone. They were definitely upset with him but once they calmed down, they just told Monty they wanted him to come home. He told him he didn't know when he would or if he could. He just wanted this opportunity to have a life and he couldn't do that with them protecting him from everything. He would always call from the inn's main phone instead of using the cell phone he'd bought for himself. He'd never admit it, but part of him was paranoid they'd track the cellphone so it was easier to not use it to avoid that.

But when he called them, Monty told them each time that he was doing just fine and he was learning a lot of things. Eventually, Monty did manage to find a better job at a store in the local mall that was hiring new employees. It was called the Evergreen Bookstore and because he loved reading so much, he wasted no time applying. Luckily for him, the owner and manager of the store was a nice young woman and didn't mind hiring him. Now he's been working at the bookstore for the past year and a half as a cashier. It's been nice. It doesn't feel like he's working himself to death cleaning around the store and the best part, he can buy as many interesting books as he would like. The people are hard to get to know but he's doing his best to make it work. His boss seems to enjoy his lively presence and he's never been made to feel uncomfortable around anyone while working there.

Things were starting to look up for him. But there was that longing desire that all Omegas have and that was wanting a family. Monty never realized how awkward he was in trying to talk to others about that, especially women since there were so many cute and beautiful women but naturally, the ones he saw, he believed they wouldn't be interested in him. Instead, he would keep what he was feeling to himself but that didn't stop his biological clock from ticking. He wanted a family sure, but he realized he was probably way too young for that. Instead, he would be happy and satisfied with having friends, maybe finding someone that wasn't in a rush for the family part. Overall, whomever he met, Monty just wanted his family to be accepting of them but for right now, he was going to focus on continuing to build his life up and learn as much as he can about the world and the people around him.

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