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Author Topic: Ryoichi Kishino [Alpha]  (Read 46 times)

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Ryoichi Kishino [Alpha]
« on: October 15, 2021, 09:00:52 pm »
PM Staff member SmiTTy if interested in this bio

"Yoshi made her choice and here is mine: I will keep our family legacy alive!"

Name: Ryoichi Kishino

Alias: Ryo (for short), Crimson Fighter (self-proclaimed), Crimson Jackass (by his cousin Jacob)

Date of Birth: February 15th, 2001

Age: 21

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Cinnamon & Blueberry

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Japanese American

Species: Human (birth) & Demon (thru family heritage)

Hobbies: Training (Martial Arts & Kendo), Competing (challenging his cousin Jacob to prove he's better), Women (flirting and hooking up w/them)

Kendo Expert - Ryoichi is efficient in kendo as he can wield different katana effectively no matter their size or weight due to his training. There's never been anyone outside of his sister and cousin Jacob that has been able to defeat him in a fight. When he taps into his hidden demon blood, his speed and skill change to where he's faster and stronger. Enabling him to take down stronger opponents. Almost always, Ryoichi is seen carrying around a sword, whether it is wooden or not.

Martial Arts Expert - With his family owning a dojo, he and his sister both trained under their father's tutelage when they were young to fight using basic and advanced techniques of martial arts. Ryoichi has become skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as finding openings to attack the pressure points on his opponents' bodies to immobilize them. His sister surpasses him in this area only when she taps into the demon blood within her whereas Ryoichi maintains the same average skill level even when he uses his own demon blood. The only difference is he doesn't possess the same amount of it to use to his advantage the way his sister does. But this doesn't mean he is unable to overpower others whose skills are less than compatible to be considered a challenge. The only other person that is an exception to this is his cousin Jacob.

Kishino Five Treasures - Ryoichi's family on his father's side is from a clan of Onmyouji that is famous for having demon blood within their bloodline as well as having in possession all Seven of the Kishino Seven Swords but in his case, his family is known to be in the possession of only five of those swords that are quite powerful and normally wielded by someone that is skilled in various types of magic that are normally learned through the use of forbidden scrolls that were created by the ancestor that he was named after, Ryouichi Kishino. In his case, he's only able to use two of the five swords his family has in their possession. They are very destructive in power and can even drain a user's strength and either turn it into power or feed off of his flesh and blood. This is the reason why he's only able to use two of the following:

  • Kogarasumaru Amakuni - A black katana that is sealed within Ryoichi's right index fingernail that he summons with a snap of his fingers and the blade appears at will when he needs it while also calling out its name and telling it to come forth. Being 62.7cm in length, the sword is curved at its center but is completely straight after that curve. Upon mentioning this blade, it should be noted of its interesting design as if it was a mixture between the continental double-edged "sword" and the Japanese katana. The name Kogarasumaru refers to the distinct crafting of the sword, while Amakuni is said to be the name of the sword-smith who forged the katana (it is speculated that he might be fictional to hide the identity of the real swordsmith and such a sword-smith never existed). It serves the purpose of being used as a regular fighting sword since the power within it is almost depleted and it is the sword that Ryoichi uses most often.
  • Raikiri - Another of the Kishino Seven Swords that is sealed within Ryoichi's left ring fingernail and he summons it the same way he does with Kogarasumaru. This sword actually has power in it as it wields the element of lightning and its shape also resembles that of a lightning bolt. It is quite a versatile weapon that draws actual lightning from the skies that allow its wielder to effectively destroy a large mass of enemies with it. Lightning, while it is a very useful power that this sword draws its power from, it's also very destructive in a sense that it cannot be used if the wielder is in a state of rage for the sword's power will increase tenfold as well as the strength of the wielder with it. Being in a state of rage could put himself and those around him in danger so Ryoichi does his best to keep his emotions in control whenever he uses Raikiri, which isn't often he has to/needs to use this sword.

Enhanced Strength Possessing only only enhances his strength just by that much compared to that of an average person. This means Ryoichi is limited to being able to only lift certain things without immediately being overwhelmed with exhaustion afterward. His sister's enhanced strength is better than his own which is why she is able to easily overpower him. However, when it comes to the extra strength, it also works against him. Meaning he can use it during regular fights against opponents but not against anyone he harbors a great deal of jealously towards. In his case, he harbors incredible jealously towards his cousin Jacob who refuses to submit and recognizes Alphas as being superior over Omegas. And seeing an Omega, more specifically, his cousin, refusing to not be looked down upon by him or anyone else irritates him. So whenever he challenges him, his skill level and strength are normal but Ryoichi is unaware of this because he doesn't realize the enhanced strength works against him rather than working in his favor when he taps into it.

Magical Capabilities Though a small amount, Ryoichi does possess some magic capability that allows him to be able to wield two of the Kishino Seven Swords. Like his sister who is able to control the element of fire, Ryoichi is able to control light-based magic in the form of pure light or dark light. However, he has trouble controlling both and has no known attacks to use properly at this time. When he does use the power, they're usually one-shot attacks from the palm of his hand. They cause damage but it is minimal. This is considered Ryoichi's weakest area.

Personality: Ryoichi is skilled in kendo and martial arts, being taught both forms by his father. He's prideful when it comes to his skills and would not hesitate to use them on anyone he believes needs a good beating or simply to be reminded of where their place lies. He won't harm anyone innocent but he will teach someone who is bullying others a lesson through his skill if they're brave enough to show him their own. Unskilled opponents, he is able to take out with ease. Also, with his family's deep-rooted background history, Ryoichi isn't a stranger to supernatural occurrences or those with powers. With it being common in daily life, he isn't shocked or surprised to encounter someone with abilities or someone that isn't human. He finds it rather intriguing and to strengthen his own skills, he tends to challenge them to test himself and to see how strong they are. He's always striving to get stronger to prove to himself and his father he is worthy of taking over their family dojo and continuing their legacy by passing down the swords that are currently in his family's possession. Though Ryoichi is only able to wield two of the swords with his sister wielding one. The others require more experience both mentally and physically and they usually pick their wielder rather than the wielder picking the sword.

He's very independent, preferring to do everything on his own instead of asking for help by proving he doesn't need it. But aside from his usual daily life of training, he does enjoy doing typical things such as going out enjoying himself with former high school friends he keeps in contact with. They drink, play games, and pick up women. Ryoichi enjoys the company of a woman very much, especially pretty ones and isn't ashamed to tell a woman how beautiful she is. He's quite fond of women with large breasts. This side of him shows he has moments where he likes to goof off and have fun. That he isn't entirely uptight as he appears. While he isn't distant with his twin sister Yoshika, only to himself he doesn't deny that at one point he was jealous of her and resented her for declaring to take over their family dojo. However, he became surprised that she changed her mind once they graduated from school to go down a different career path to allow him to take over which she feels he deserves. There is a hint that it bothers him that his sister is better than him even though they were trained equally as they grew up but he does appreciate that she doesn't hang it over his head. He just would prefer it if his father had more faith in his skill. But he does get along decently with other members of his family, except for his cousin Jacob who he finds to be an annoying and disrespectful Omega.

Deep down while Ryoichi is strong, yet he harbors a lot of inner turmoil, mostly because he feels that he's not strong enough or worthy to be able to run their family dojo the same way his father does. He is a bit rough around the edges himself when he tends to jump into the fray of a fight with someone without thinking beforehand but in his mind, this doesn't make him incapable of training others. But he has always been known for being competitive and being a sore loser when he is defeated by someone stronger than him. This is usually seen with his cousin. While Ryoichi doesn't hate Omegas or think low of them, he just finds it annoying when his cousin shamelessly vocalizes how much he hates the idea of being tied down to an Alpha, no matter if it's a man or woman. In some ways, it's possible that Ryoichi is jealous that his cousins are often arranged to meet with different potential suitors by their stepmother whereas he has to go out looking on his own. Even if they may not be someone he connects with, he finds it just unnecessary to be terrible to them for no reason. But he feels this way without knowing the entire story of his cousins' suitors.

Occupation: In Training to take over the Kishino Dojo

School: ----

Place of Living: Kishino Home w/dojo attached

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: High School D x D - Sirzechs Lucifer

Appearance: Ryoichi is a handsome young man that stands at the height of 5'10". He has blue eyes and shoulder-length crimson red hair. He's often described as a male version of his sister Yoshika because of how similar in appearance they appear. He's seen usually wearing formal clothing when at home and training, suits sometimes but does wear casual clothing that ranges from different shirts, pants, and shoes. Ryoichi I & Ryoichi II

History: Ryoichi was born to parents Yoshida Kishino (Alpha, Male) and Donna Kishino (Beta, Female). He's also the oldest twin with his sister Yoshika (Alpha & Beta, Female) being the younger twin. Only his parents address him by his full name but others normally address him by Ryo. He and his sister are the only children of their parents. His father was born into the Kishino Clan that originated in Kyoto, an Onmyouji clan that followed Buddhist teachings along with kendo and martial arts as well. They also have a long history of demon exorcising. Each member of the clan also is known for having demonic genes in their blood and high magic aptitude compared to normal humans. They developed their own style of swordsmanship and magic, resulting in the creation of the Onmyoudou. They share a rivalry with the Azo Clan because the Kishino Clan made the choice of incorporating western knowledge into their teachings. The Azo Clan looked down on them for this decision and this thirst for knowledge and power led to catastrophic events throughout the Kishino Clan's years.

Which would later on down the line include forging swords that were made from the powers of the demons that were slain which produced the Kishino Seven Swords, a set of seven katana with fearsome powers. This knowledge of the family is what made Ryoichi the person he is today. Because while many members of the family's past have suffered defeats and deaths, Ryoichi wanted to become strong to keep the family legacy alive by not making the same mistakes past members of their clan did. And like his father, he wanted to take over the family dojo and train others just as he and his sister were. Though he did find it strange at one point that his mother was so lax about all this information. That is only because his mother was told beforehand by his father about everything and left it up to her to accept it and him. To which she did. She just wanted her family to be safe and to be careful. So it was no secret between Ryoichi and his family about their heritage and what to look forward to as they became older. The only thing they didn't put much stock into is their secondary genders as they had all agreed to care about one another regardless of how they present. If secondary gender was a factor, Donna had known she would not have been chosen by her children's father.

But this didn't mean that their children wouldn't fall prey to the societal pressure the world has over every person and how they present. Ryoichi was indifferent. At least for a while until he and his sister began interacting with their cousins on a daily basis. They were the children of their mother's twin sister Danielle. And although things were fine at first, Ryoichi found annoyance with his cousin Jacob who was always quick to express his distaste for everything and everyone around him. Including how he is often seen as a delinquent in the eyes of others because of his fighting skills. So he thought since his cousin was great at fighting, he'd shut him up by showing him up. Which didn't work. He was bested by his cousin while being told to get bent and leave him alone. This is what stirred the rivalry between the two, at least on Ryoichi's part because he refused to accept defeat by his Omega cousin. Ryoichi had already presented as an Alpha when he became of age but his sister is the one that presented as two secondary genders. And being an Alpha, his pride was obviously hurt but what he failed to realize is that tapping into the demon blood inside of him doesn't work whenever he's fighting someone he harbors jealously towards.

So while he was constantly training regularly to perfect and strengthen his skills, he could never beat his cousin Jacob and the only reason he is unable to beat his sister is that she possesses twice more demon blood in her that allows her to overpower him. As for the Kishino Seven Swords, only five of them were recovered and are currently in his family's possession. With Ryoichi wield two and his sister wielding one. The other two were never recovered and neither Ryoichi nor his sister were told why. However, Ryoichi continued to train to prove to his father that he was more than capable of running their family dojo when he became older yet his sister was the one that declared she would be the one to do this, causing him to inwardly resent her without openly stating it. It was so easily decided because both of their parents felt that Yoshika was the better candidate because she was grounded, level-headed and calm when fighting. Her anger is rarely raised when she fights unless someone is egging her on and that is rare. But because Yoshika had also wanted to run the dojo when she graduated from school, Ryoichi felt he'd been left with no real purpose. What was he to do besides living a mundane life he didn't want to live?

He had decided that if it's where his life was going to lead, he could continue to train and at least be proficient in skill enough to help people which he has been known to do by beating the crap out of others he feels are causing problems for others. So doing that is his way of teaching them a lesson and showing them their place. He found fun in it at times to the point of dubbing himself the "Crimson Fighter" which he's been told countless times by Jacob that it sounds dumb and in turn calls him a "Crimson Dumbass" to mock him. Which he clearly hates. Even when he graduated he kept this rivalry going between him and his cousin. However, there are times where Ryoichi isn't all about training. He does show that he can step outside of that and have some fun. Which is what he often did whenever his parents made him feel inferior to his sister. He'd go and hang out with friends, drink, and hook up with hot women which Ryoichi is definitely known for. He may be the guy that has training and responsibility drilled into his mindset, he knows when to indulge when it comes to women. Never passing up the opportunity to express how beauty are. He's very fond of women with large breasts which his mother deems highly inappropriate. But not as inappropriate as his sister deciding against taking over their family dojo to start a career as an OnlyFans model.

That was a surprise decision that came out of nowhere. It amused him as well as worried him since just about everyone is aware of what OnlyFans is used for. However, his sister made it clear that she wasn't going to be intimate with anyone on or outside of the website. Instead, her fascination with cosplay and modeling is what she uses it for. However, that interest in cosplay came from Usegi and Jacob who watched anime and read manga. That is not something he can be mad at them for since Yoshika came to the decision on her own. That and deciding to allow him to train and take over their family dojo when their father steps down. Their parents clearly didn't approve of his sister's decision and they make that known constantly. However, she simply ignores them. She did apologize to him if her decision to take over had made him upset with her as that was not something she wanted. He hadn't expected his sister to apologize to him but accepted that she had when her choice was her own and she didn't do anything wrong. But they did reconcile their differences despite their father still making him feel inadequate compared to her but that is something he wishes to stop to prove that he's just as strong as his sister. Make both of his parents proud of him by showing he is a responsible and capable individual. He will not let their family legacy simply fade with their father.

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