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Author Topic: Sakura Minase (Beta)  (Read 164 times)

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Sakura Minase (Beta)
« on: June 10, 2021, 03:29:31 am »
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Name: Sakura Minase

Alias: Saku (father’s nickname for her) Kura (mother’s nickname and friends)

Date of Birth: April 30th, 1998

Age: 24

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Lotus Blossoms

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: 3/4 Japanese & 1/4 Swedish

Species: Shape Shifter

Hobbies: Gardening flowers, ranging from tulips to buttercups. Her specialty is roses, having learned from her grandmother, a botanist, at an early age. She uses the flowers to make her own brand of perfume that she sometimes sells on Etsy, though most times she gives away free bottles of it to people she likes. On accession, she enjoys playing the drums, a hobby she picked up in her teenage years during Junior High School when she was in Band.

Shape Shifting Physiology - Sakura has the ability to shapeshift into different animals, but only three per day. The transformation depends upon both her mood and the most recent animal she came into contact with. After the third transformation of the day, she cannot transform anymore and will resort to a type of catatonic state. The transformation can either be a pleasurable experience, such as transforming into a bunny or a cute kitten, or painful such as transforming into an alligator or a fish. In a water-form transformation, she must be within the water, or she could literally suffocate to death. While in the form of the animal, she will act, think, and behave like the animal she is while still understanding human language and emotions. She just won’t be able to communicate very well in these forms. Depending on the animal she transforms into, she also gains their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. As a result, she cannot eat certain foods she enjoys while being human, because, in her animal form, certain foods are very toxic and could possibly kill her if she doesn’t get treatment (by a veterinarian, right away.

Personality: Sakura is a shy person when you first meet her, but as you get to know her, she can become quite bubbly and animated, always wanting to hang out at the club during leisure time. She loves to dance, even if it’s by herself, or with others. The weird thing is, she only goes to parties or dancing at clubs if her friends are going, because otherwise, she’s not confident to go alone, and her shyness makes her awkward in front of strangers. Because of her ability to transform into various furry domesticated animals, she tends to be very affectionate with those she’s befriended; so affectionate that she might rub up against them like a cat or flop into their lap like a dog. There’s an underside to Sakura’s bubbly personality. They say that the happiest people in the world are the ones who suffer from quiet depression. This is true with Sakura. Underneath the exterior, Sakura harbors depression about herself and her place in the world. Sometimes, the depression gets bad enough where she won’t shower for several days at a time, and she’ll eat next to nothing. Her sleep habits are also affected and at times Sakura sports dark circles under her eyes and a pallor complexion. To hide this, she uses makeup and puts on her bubbly personality to hide her depression from others. At least once a week, she visits a counselor to discuss whatever’s bothering her, and a psychiatrist to get anti-depression medicine (Tramadol) that she takes once daily. While this is a pain medication, it has certain receptors that increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, which elevates her mood.

Occupation: Works at the Meigard Library as a Librarian

School: ----

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > (Pick any available room at the inn)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: THE iDOLM@STER - Miura Azusa

Appearance: Sakura I & Sakura II

History: Sakura Minase was born to parents Aurora Johansson (Omega) and Ichiro Minase (Alpha), both shapeshifters, in the small village of Shirakawa in the Ōno District. Aurora was a Swedish woman who was very foreign and out of place in the country of Japan but her love for Ichiro and wanting to start a family of her own. She struggled to get pregnant, having several miscarriages before being able to carry to term only two children: her oldest son Yuki Minase (Alpha) and her youngest daughter Sakura Minase (Beta). While Yuki was conceived regularly, Sakura was conceived through the use of fertility treatments that enabled her mother to become pregnant with her. Aurora showed a lot of happiness at the successful yet difficult birth of her daughter and it was because of this, both of Sakura's parents devoted their attention directly to her. This caused Yuki to become jealous of his sister, constantly feeling hurt that their parents loved her more than him. It was Sakura's presence that made him feel as well as believe that he'd been forgotten about. So when he turned eighteen, he decided to leave the village never to return. Yuki leaving is what hurt Sakura the most because she loved her brother and didn't understand why he would leave her. While he never outwardly said it to her.

Sakura knew deep down that she was the reason behind her brother leaving. But their parents did love both of their children but it was due to their mother struggling to get pregnant that they were constantly worried that Sakura would end up getting sick. Thus the reason behind their constant attention on her and asking of Yuki to keep watch over her even when he refused and showed annoyance towards his sister. This situation led to an argument between Ichiro and Aurora and it brought up a painful memory between them, one that Sakura never knew until then. Although her parents were mated, it didn't stop her father from cheating on her mother with other women in an attempt to conceive more children. He ended up having at least three women that Sakura knew of on the side and had six children, two each with them. It was possible there were more but Sakura was way too hurt to listen further. Her mother was definitely hurt as well as betrayed that her mate would do something like this to her.

To their family, over something she couldn't control. But part of Sakura's mother had suspicions that Ichiro was seeing other women, which is why she'd decided to try fertility treatments to keep from losing her husband and mate to any of these women.  She never understood why he decided to betray her like this because even one was just bad enough. Yuki's leaving is what turned the family upside down, breaking things apart entirely. But she knew that Yuki wasn't her only sibling and that she had more out there that she'd never met. As much as she desired to meet them, if only out of curiosity, Sakura knew she'd never had the courage to do so and decided early on not to seek them out. This could've had to do with her own personal fear of them treating her the same way her brother had and she didn't want that. Not to mention, her parents were arguing enough already and Sakura didn't want to do anything to cause trouble by adding to their already long list of problems. Because of the frequent arguments, her mother had begun drinking and while drunk, she would often mistake Sakura for her father and slap her around because it satisfied her in a sense to get back at him for betraying her with those other women. This made Sakura afraid of her mother as she was unable to defend herself from the woman when she was like this. Upon finding out he took custody of his daughter and raised her into the dark world of murder.

Ichiro had sought out taking on jobs where he worked as a hired and skilled assassin. He believed that by bringing his daughter into this world, she would become hardened and not emotional like her brother and mother. He had high hopes for his son but he hadn't expected him to walk out on them. So he was stuck with his daughter. It annoyed him more when the child presented as a Beta. While originally, he saw this as an annoyance, he actually found a use for his daughter's secondary gender. Encouraging her to use it to lure their targets into a false sense of security each time they went on missions together. Which she did if it allowed her to stay safe and make her father happy enough to keep her around and not toss her to the side. That is until her father felt she was old enough to take on her first job at the age of eighteen. The idea of killing and having killed someone was a blow to her mind. Sakura was overcome with regret and sorrow over killing another living being. Her father was the one that always did the killing. She was never asked to do so until this one time. Her father was displeased with his daughter's reactions and began to yell and belittle her. He called her a failure and it was at that point on he told Sakura to go. She was no longer his daughter anymore.

This hurt and horrified Sakura in more ways than one. She'd tried so hard to please both of her parents in hopes it would stop them from fighting, maybe make up with one another. She'd even thought she'd be able to ask her father about her half-siblings and if it was okay that she could meet with them. But that all turned to smoke over being unable to handle one job. The life of an assassin was not for her. She never wanted this. She just wanted to be close to her family, to feel loved, to feel wanted by someone. Her mind had then completely snapped as she decided on her own to return to her mother after so many years of not seeing her, only to discover that her father had already beaten her to the punch at visiting the woman. But the woman was still reeling from having her daughter taken away from her and her son never wanting to come home that seeing her husband caused her to lunch at him in a fit of rage while drunk. Sakura immediately stepped in to stop this so it wouldn't escalate further. However, this only momentarily snapped her out of the depressive funk she was in.

It wasn't long before it'd returned when her father suddenly lashed out against her, asking what the hell was a useless child like her doing here and to get the hell out. But her mother was pleading for Sakura to stay while trying to fight Ichiro and insulting him for making her feel so useless that she wasn't worth staying with. Being slapped around again, seeing her parents arguing right in front of her again was what caused Sakura's depression and anger to boil over that she'd transformed into a Doberman Pinscher and attacked them viciously, mauling them. When it was over, Sakura transformed back and in horror at what she had done, passed out on the floor. When she awoke later, she left the house, setting it on fire, and never looked back. With her new life ahead of her, Sakura stayed with her friend until she turned nineteen and acquired a job at the Meigard library. After years of saving up, she managed to get herself a car to drive herself back and forth to work rather than take the bus, and recently, she just moved into the Amestia Inn where she hopes she can leave her past behind her. However, Sakura still longs to reconcile things between her and her brother Yuki since realistically, he is the only family she has that she knows. It would make things worse to go looking up the half-siblings their father had while mated to their mother. No matter how much she longs for a complete family, Sakura knows that will be nothing more than a dream.

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