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Author Topic: Sassa Stendahl (Omega)  (Read 138 times)

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Sassa Stendahl (Omega)
« on: December 12, 2020, 09:50:41 pm »
PM/DM member Smolpog/Yumi Hanabira if interested in bio.


Name: Sassa Gunhilda Stendahl

Alias: Smaug (Nickname), Sassy Sassa (Nickname), Red Dragon (Viking Name)

Date of Birth: August 14th (When she appeared in this world)

Age: 17 (Appearance) | 170 (Actual Age)

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Omega

Character's Scent: Juniper & Chamomile (takes on a smokey scent when using her abilities)

Sexuality: Lesbian

Race: Norse

Species: Dragon | Cursed to live as a humanoid Dragon until spell is broken

Hobbies: Watching kaiju movies, collecting Godzilla merchandise (snuggles into a Godzilla body pillow at night), cooking, metalworking, sun bathing, tanning, swimming, pottery, flying, mountain climbing, fighting, hoarding jewelry (and maybe people)

Powers/Abilities: GOLDEN FLAMES
Heir to the Gold Dragon Etylyl and Fire Dragon Tendra, Sassa is an experienced fighter, and isn’t afraid to show her skills. With her decelerated aging, Sassa is able to hone her skills despite being so young in terms of dragon years. As a young dragon, she’s quick to anger, but that just increases her powers; it’s possible for Sassa to become berserk, and it would take considerable force to calm her down.

Dragon Physiology Sassa’s thick scaled armor protects her from minor physical attacks with the exception of her throat being the most vulnerable due to concentrating her fire within that area before releasing it; additionally, she is fire resistant, and can withstand extreme heat. While in this form, she has enhanced durability, endurance, strength and senses such as smell and vision. So long as Sassa continues honing her skills, she can advance to supernatural aiding her flight, biting and claw attacks. The black spikes protruding from her body can cause massive damage especially from her prehensile tail. Though she’s young, her mighty roar can blow away or break objects with potential damaging hearing, causing fear or paralyzation to anyone who hears it.

Flowing within Sassa is the fire and primordial draconic energy. She’s able to channel the energies into her attacks, create additional layers of armor, and fly at a faster and higher rate; while her regenerative abilities are enhanced, using draconic energy will hasten the healing, and remove poisons/toxins/venoms from her system. However, using such is dangerous with backlash being twice fold of the power she uses resulting in death if handled improperly. Luckily, she can absorb fire and can use it against her opponent(s) or as energy. Sassa’s blood contains magical properties, and is often sought out by humans and other magically-inclined species for greedy purposes.

Heiress to the Gold As the descendant of the Gold Dragon who defeated Beowulf, Sassa has an extensive legacy to uphold. Through training and experience, she can increase her attacks and defenses to almost nigh invulnerability. While unable to use any of the primordial abilities in her humanoid form, in her dragon form she can produce a fearful scream to create shock and fear among those who hear it with chances of paralysis. Sassa’s dragon form would take on a new appearance as she ages to reflect more gold in her scales.

Heiress to the Flame Sassa is primarily aligned with Tendra’s Fire Dragon lineage as it’s easier to control. She can eat fire to regain energy and even reflect it back at her opponents; fire-base attacks are null. If flipped into a berserk mode, she can coat herself in the fire to increase damage, and take down her opponent(s). If fighting against water and ice users, she’ll have a difficult time winning if she can at all.

Humanoid Form Due to being cursed to live among humans, Sassa was able to retain a portion of her dragon abilities and physiology. She is able to fly so long as the wind is in her favor; if flying against the wind current it will quickly drain her. Her prehensile tail lacks spikes, but can still cause massive damage and may result in death. Her horns often need filing down to retrain their sharpness, and keep them from becoming too large. Sassa’s right hand retains the scales and claws of her dragon form. Heat resistance, and able to withstand certain physical attacks, she often keeps it wrapped up in special bandages to prevent harming others. Sassa’s roar, though weaker than her dragon one, can still cause fear to anyone who hears it with potentially breaking fragile objects such as glass.

Sassa retains her regeneration, magical blood, and draconic fire abilities.

Personality: Sassa holds her birth and heritage high, and to insult it is to want death. A skilled fighter in both human and dragon form, she comes off as emotionally distracted unless fighting is involved. She isn't afraid of death or being wounded, and won't let a silly thing as being an Omega stop her from her rightful duty as Heiress to the Gold Dragon. When angered, Sassa has a habit of cursing in her mother tongue and smoke coming out from her mouth. She doesn't hesitate to light someone on fire using the excuse that she's hungry as her reason.

Despite her arrogant attitude, she is a hard worker and will complete whatever task is set before her. Whether it’s house chores, school projects, or more, Sassa will never complain. Seeing it as a means to get stronger, Sassa will tolerate working with others so long as the job gets done. She doesn’t have the patience for slackers or anyone trying to take the easy way out, and will forcefully remove them. Sassa is a blunt individual who tells it like it is, and doesn’t qualm over hurting feelings as they’re not necessary for battle; often resulting in others running away in tears or starting fights. Yet, Sassa doesn’t fight those she considers weak as they’re a waste of energy and calls them ‘junk food.’

There are a few humans Sassa doesn't mind being around. The first being Dr. Stendahl who aided Sassa when she first arrived in this world. Dr. Sally Stendahl has an endless amount of patience towards Sassa and aiding the young humanoid to learn about the new world, its culture and languages; she is fluent in German and Japanese. However, this doesn’t mean that Sassa’s hatred for humans ended in those short years. While she’s grown more tolerate over the lesser species, there is little restraint in using her tail to trip one or teach them a lesson.

Dr. Stendahl introduced Sassa to monster movies, specifically Godzilla. Sassa immediately fell in love with the franchise. No matter what, Godzilla is the best, and could not be defeated. Saving up her money, she would begin her collection of merchandise, and rewatch the films (sometimes reenacting them if no one was looking). It’s due to this she has a dream of one day finding her Mothra, and being together forever as King and Queen.

Occupation: Student

School: Hakoniwa Academy > 3rd Year

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartment > Apt K3 > Yukiyo Akuma & Sassa Stendahl

Original or Canon: Original



Swimsuit Outfit:

Dragon Form:

History: Dragons have lived for as long as mankind could dream. In an alternate universe, the Gold Dragon slays the mighty hero Beowulf starting an everlasting war between the two species. As generations live and die on the battlefield, so too are the legends and secrets past on from parent to child. So much blood split that the lands became stained, and the floral held its dye in memory of those who lost their lives for a purpose lost to time.

Born to inherit the legacy of the Gold Dragon that defeated Beowulf, Sassa is the only surviving child of the Fire Dragon Tendra and Gold Dragon Etylyl. Born to fight the Vikings, Englishmen and whoever else dared challenged them for glory and treasure. Sassa enters each battle like it’s her last as she eliminates all humans believing they will destroy their kind and the world. Bearing the weight of being the surviving heir, Sassa had little in terms of prospective males to become her mate. In time, she would mate with one of them to bear children to continue the war.

However, that was not to be. Eventually, the humans learned magic from magical species, and used it in battle. Mana combined with the magical blood of a dragon did not mix well as it opened a portal forcing Sassa to be sucked through, and dropped into another world, specifically Nördlinger Ries. Sacred, unsure, and angry, she flew out of the crater, and began wrecking havoc among the people and towns. Several cities were on fire before a mage was able to cast a powerful spell to turn Sassa into a human. It is due to the primordial blood that it prevented her from being completely changed to a human. Maintaining some dragon features and abilities, it took a special team to capture her.

Dr. Sally Stendahl became Sassa’s guardian, and it was her responsibility to study the dragon hybrid to discover the young woman’s secrets, powers and anything else. Dr. Stendahl spent months with Sassa, teaching her how to walk, swim and learning the German language. Anyone else who approaches Sassa is met with fire and a swift hit with her tail as she doesn’t trust them. Bonding over the years, Sassa learned not all humans were cruel though she didn’t trust them as far as she can throw them. Sassa remained the young and vibrant young woman as everyone around her aged, died or left the facility. Eventually, she was told that there’s another dragon creature in Japan, and that Sassa would be transferred there.

The day after Dr. Stendahl’s funeral, Sassa exits a government plane where she would enter high school with other species, and room with Yukiyo Akuma. Part of the young heir is terrified of the new world set before her, but maybe here she can find some way to go home. Would her family still be alive or would they have all died out? Would she even be able to return to her dragon form without channeling intensive magic and energy to be such? Sassa doesn’t know what lies in the future, but she’s going to make the most of it in Tokyo.

Sassa --> Swedish diminuitive of Astrid --> Modern form of ÁSTRÍĐR --> Derived from the Old Norse elements áss "god" and fríđr "beautiful, beloved".

Gunhilda - Variant of Gunhild --> From the Old Norse name Gunnhildr, derived from the elements gunnr "war" and hildr "battle".

Stendahl - Ornamental name derived from Swedish sten "stone" and dahl "valley" (modern spelling dal).

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