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Author Topic: Shai Bello [Unknown]  (Read 136 times)

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Shai Bello [Unknown]
« on: January 19, 2021, 03:26:36 pm »
PM/DM a member of staff if interested in bio.

But for now, we stay here for awhile; 'Cause you know, I want to see you smile.

Name: Shai Bello

Alias: Dork {Older Brother}, Sweetheart {Dad}, Munchkin {Mom}, Mama {Liron}

Date of Birth: December 25th, 1996

Age: 24

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown (can switch between all three secondary genders)

Character's Scent: Can shift Secondary Gender but no scent normally.

Alpha - Pine & Cinnamon
Beta - Cranberry & Roasted Chestnuts
Omega - Jelly-Filled Donut & Peppermint

Sexuality: Demisexual

Race: Half Italian / Half Jewish. Grew up in America.

Species: Gem (Diamond)

Hobbies: Playing video games, Playing Basketball, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Clothes Making, Cooking/Baking, Cosplay, Gymnastics, Swimming, Origami, Poetry, Filmmaking, Yoga, Soccer, Reading Comics, Drinking  Tea, Boxing, & etc.

 Gem Shifting - Shai can transform themselves into any humanoid. That or any animal too. The condition is though they always have to look like a gem version of that thing. It works better if they have seen whatever they are copying though.

Gem Hardness - Shai can harden their skin much like a gem. Which increases their natural defense quite a lot. This however can only increase the defense to that of their natural gem lapis lazuli in Shai's case.

Gold Manipulation - Shai naturally produces gold from their body. They can manipulate the gold around. But also they can also harden the gold and even use that to patch up their skin.

Personality: Shai is a very calm and quiet person who tends to keep to herself a lot. Despite her quietness, Shai can be affectionate when she wants to. And most would probably call her a creative and generous soul. She's confident in who she is compared to before, as she at one point was accused of being a liar or having no true sense of self. Now, she doesn't allow herself to focus on the opinions of what others think of her and instead focuses on herself and her child that she has to take care of. Shai will only defend those who can't defend themselves. However, her priority will always be to her child who she is willing to chance to make sacrifices for compared to doing this for complete strangers.

Occupation: Clothes Maker/Tailor.

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > (Any available two bedroom apartment)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Avatar the Last Air Bender - Yue

Appearance: Shai Bello is a person with long shiny diamond white hair with gold-like flakes in it. And in a certain light, it can sparkle much like a jewel. They also have blue eyes that irises look gem-like too. Their frame was generally being a fairly thin hourglass. With skin that honestly looks fairly pale. Generally wear fairly formal clothes that have some amount of black and/or white in them. But always wearing long black or white gloves. Shai I & Shai II

History: Shai grew up in a fairly stable household with parents that were happily married pair and an older brother who teased her on occasion. Her mom being much like them as they had no natural secondary gender when they presented. The same could be said for Shai as well. When she became of the age where her secondary gender presented, she presented as all three and produced unnatural scents that would confuse those who interacted with her as they never smelled the same. So much so, that this confusion unknowingly angered those around them, calling her a freak of nature for at that time, it was uncommon for people to present as all three or even two secondary genders. It's also why when this happens, these same people are classified as "Unknowns".

Shai accepted this but thought the idea of being an "Unknown" was demeaning. She wanted to be more than that and it's lucky for her she had a supportive family. Her parents made sure she felt love despite the confused bullying she received from other people. And seemed like Shai was being very responsive to the support. To the point, they even got into a relationship with a nice more charismatic guy. Which their mom in particular thought it may be too soon for her daughter to seek a mate. For the most part, the relationship went well. Her dad due to the seeming recovery decided to put Shai into a self-defense class. And her mom continued to comfort them after. But also decided they should try an outdoor activity with just them. Which when they do it would help. But many times their boyfriend would schedule to do things that end up the same thing instead.

Soon enough Shai became pregnant and her parents were disappointed that this happened. Especially Shai's mother who was hesitant on the idea of her daughter finding comfort in who she felt was an immature young man who wasn't serious. Her father was just frustrated that she wasn't more careful. Due to this, she ran away from them with her boyfriend. Who also ran away. She realized this mistake upon telling her boyfriend about her pregnancy who didn't believe the child was theirs so he began to beat Shai and make her out to be a liar to others that would listen to him. So soon after they scrambled to run away. Being found looking like a wreck. Sent to the hospital and moved back with her parents who apologized. Staying with them as they build Shai back up. Supporting her as they helped Shai raise their child, which was a girl she named Liron. Once she got back up on her feet, Shai eventually moved out of her parent's home to fully support and take care of herself and her daughter. She will always be grateful for their help but she also needs to set an example for her child by providing a good life for them.

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Re: Shai Bello (Unknown)
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2021, 05:51:40 pm »
You got a couple of issues that aren't a big deal but it's more of a heads up for the future.

1. Anytime you select the Amestia Inn, The Red Fountain Towers, or the Red Fountain Apartments, you have to put the room/apartment number (or number and letter) they are staying in. That way we know to add your character to the list of claimed rooms/apartments. So for the Red Fountain Apartments, you need to look at the apartment thread again to see which available apartment you want. One for singles and the other is for families. So it's not too hard to pick between the two.

2. Second is the overabundance of images. You don't want to bog down your bio with too many of them. I'd suggested linking them instead. An example of what I mean would be "sexy red outfit" and you'd put the URL BBCode around that for players to click on it. Now your main image of what your character looks like can go underneath your description of what they look like. That's fine.

Other than these two things, it looks pretty okay. It's more of a three paragraph bio but still not bad as everything is pretty put together. So fix those two things and you should be approved afterwards. ^^


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Re: Shai Bello (Unknown)
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2021, 07:28:52 pm »
Ok I think I fixed it? And picked an apartment number.

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