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Author Topic: Shamil Zima (Beta)  (Read 86 times)

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Shamil Zima (Beta)
« on: May 12, 2021, 04:11:03 pm »
PM/DM member of Staff if interested in this bio.


Name: Shamil Zima

Alias: Death’s assistant (Occupation Title), Agent Zima (Occupation Name)

Date of Birth: March 11th, 2000

Age: 20 (Human Age) | 27 (Actual Age)

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Beta

Character's Scent: Mochaccino chocolate

Sexuality: Gay

Race: 1/2 Kazakhstan & 1/2 Russian

Species: Human

Hobbies: Riding on his motorcycle, listening to music, clubbing, scaring people, collecting sunglasses and leather jackets, playing video games, fighting, watching people be confused by Momoko, working out

Powers/Abilities: REAPER RECORD

Death’s assistant
Though not as powerful as a Soul Reaper, Death’s assistants are able to cross into areas where death cannot touch. Their primary purpose is to communicate and deliver the souls whose names are written in the Death Log as otherwise the uncycled soul will begin to cause an imbalance in the world’s life and death order. Shamil’s persuasion skills leave much to be desired, but if the talk comes to fighting he will win almost every time. Mixing martial arts with street fighting, he uses his strengths to take down his opponent.

Teleportation/Afterlife Transport
Shamil is able to teleport anywhere in the world although he prefers to travel by bike if possible. When it comes to delivering souls to the afterlife, Shamil can teleport them to the designated area.

Soul Review
Shamil punches a person’s chest creating a black hole (of sorts) as cinema film coils out. To the target, this is similar to watching their entire life flash before their eyes. Though used in investigative purposes, Shamil can review the target’s memories and see what they view as ‘truth’ (or what the person perceives as the ‘truth’) to find answers. While Soul Review is being used, anyone (regardless of species) has the potential to destroy the cinema film causing blackouts or loss of memory for the target.

Personality: Though much has changed in Shamil’s life, there are some habits that stay. Having spent his teenage years in a biker gang, Shamil is willing to fight regardless of it’s against someone twice his size. He has a high pain tolerance allowing him to push through the pain. This allows him to overcome some supernatural creatures aided by his gloves allowing him to send them to the afterlife. Shamil’s stoic and introverted personality often turns off potential friends and lovers though that hasn’t stopped the amount of men he’s taken to bed. He has a weakness for cute blondes, and has been berated by Momoko for falling for their cheap tricks and influence. His weakness often leaves him broke as he’ll want to lavish them with gifts and whatever else they want. To say that love isn’t easy for him is correct especially since his lovers will leave him for another who has a bigger wallet.

When it comes to his job as Death’s assistant, Shamil takes his duties very seriously. While he can’t unlock his powers as an entity of death until his human body ceases to function, Shamil does what his current body can do for the time being. Shamil goes to the gym nearly every day to help maintain his physique and health. He typically meets his lovers at the gym as they find his muscular body delicious, and they want to taste it. Strangely, Shamil won’t compromise his health or his bike for his lovers no matter how much they want to ride him and his bike at the same time. There have been times where he’s called into work during a round, and he’s left them in bed to go on the mission. This has left many disgruntled lovers to say the least. To Shamil, his job is more important as one day he hopes to take over Thanatos’ position so the man can rest.

Shamil respects his mentor though he finds her drinking habits leave much to be desired. He’s often cleaning up after them so the staff don’t get the impression he lives with an alcoholic sugar momma. Despite this, Shamil does whatever Momoko asks of him and more to prove his worth as Death’s assistant. Shamil also likes to play pranks on Momoko including switching her vodka with water, waking her up by putting her in a cold bath tub and more. There are times where they argue though it’s confusing to the general public as Shamil will be yelling, and Momoko will be signing. Yet, the two have a strong bond, and know through thick and thin that nothing will tear them apart.

Occupation: Death's assistant

School: N/A

Place of Living: Amestia Inn > Room 52 with Momoko

Original or Canon: Original



History: Death is the ultimate equalizer. There are no exceptions. Sometimes, love finds a way. A male Omega by the name of Nurzhan met and fell in love with an unknown death deity who left before Nurzhan found out he was pregnant. Left alone to raise their child, he was met with the silent judgement and hate of his people. There were many speculations on who the possible father could be, but none could be proven. Nurzhan would give birth to Shamil, an adorable little boy who looked as human as ever despite his father’s genetics. Growing up was rough for Shamil as people would ask him if he knew who his father was, and in turn, he would ask Nurzhan who only smiled sadly, but never spoke an ill word about him. Eventually, Shamil would quit asking questions.

As a child, Shamil was a quiet and sweet little boy who helped wherever he could. This would change as he grew into a teenager, and his Beta side presented. As if overnight, the sweet little boy switched to a cold hearted thug. Shamil joined a biker gang, and developed a habit of getting into trouble especially with people twice his size. Like a newly presented Alpha, Shamil needed to claim his dominance over others and show that being a Beta didn’t make him lesser; subconsciously, he sought an outlet for the father that was never there. By the age of sixteen, Shamil dropped out of school. The next two years would be the most chaotic years of his life. He was arrested multiple times - murder, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, assault and other unsavory activities. Everytime he was arrested he would break free. Nurzhan did everything he could, but nothing would stop Shamil.

It wouldn’t be until the eve of his eighteenth birthday that Shamil would get into an accident that under normal circumstances would have taken his life. It wasn't until his last breath that time seemed to stop. And there, his father finally returned.

Such is the legacy of death, its children must follow in the dark footsteps to ensure the world remains balanced at all times.

Shamil was taken to a place beyond the reaches of anyone - World’s End. There, he was healed and confirmed alive, but would retain his human form until he died freeing his other half. Like other Death’s children, Shamil was told he would be trained to become Death’s assistant; similar to a Shinigami/Reaper, but able to move into certain places where death could not touch. If Shamil did not want to become one he would die, and continue the circle of life as he was denying his sire’s bloodline.

In World’s End, time stood still. For seven years, Shamil took his anger and used it to hone his skills as Death’s assistant. Unlike others who used the scythe or other weapons to claim souls, Shamil had special gloves custom made in order to use his abilities. He would rigorously study to ace the tests, and this would earn him the covenant position of aiding Momoko who was quickly rising in the ranks as a Reaper.

Throughout his time in World’s End, Shamil got to know his father who went by Thanatos. Thanatos knew it wasn’t an excuse, but he left to protect Nurzhan and Shamil as there are many enemies who would wish to remove death entirely, and would use any advantage they could get their hands on. Thanatos confessed it never got easier when he had to carry one of his children or lovers to the afterlife. It took a lot of bonding time for Shamil to forgive Thanatos, but eventually he did. With the anger and self-hate being erased, Shamil took the time to examine his life, and decide a new path for him. Aided by Momoko’s intolerance for such, she mentored the young man on a lifelong journey to becoming a better person.

In 2021, Shamil graduated at the top 5 of his class, and was given his Death Certificate. Now an official Death’s assistant, he returned home to inform Nurzhan of his new plans. Apologizing for everything and crying in his arms, Nurzhan said he never held anything against Shamil, and knew he was destined for greater things. With promises of phone calls and face timing, Shamil left and headed to Japan for his first assignment. All he knows that awaits him is finding the secret corners of Tokyo where Death may not be able to reach, but he can.


Shamil - From Arabic شاميل (shamil) meaning "comprehensive, universal".

Zima - From a Slavic word meaning "winter".

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