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Author Topic: Shizuka Doumeki [Alpha]  (Read 28 times)

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Shizuka Doumeki [Alpha]
« on: January 20, 2022, 08:40:37 pm »
PM/DM member Shouta Akimoto/Jazcat if interested in this bio

"Reality isn't limited to the things one has seen."

Name: Shizuka Doumeki

Alias: Doumeki (rarely uses given name)

Date of Birth: March 03rd, 2001

Age: 20

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Whiskey & Ceylon Tea

Sexuality: Homosexual

Race: Japanese

Species: Human

Hobbies: Archery, Eating, Finding good restaurants, Protecting Watanuki

Archery - Doumeki is a master archer who rarely misses his target thanks to a keen eye, a better sense, and hours and hours of rigorous practice. He tends to train for at least two hours a day, be it with target practice or simple meditation to heighten his control and stamina. He will take part in other forms of training as well to keep his body and mind strong. Although he can use other forms of combat as well, including daggers as well as hand to hand, archery is his primary method of choice. This makes him a formidable foe, as well as someone you do not want on your bad side, as he has been known to turn various people and spirits into target practice when in a bad mood.

Spiritual Powers - Having high-level spiritual powers is a blessing for Doumeki, as it allows him to see and help or destroy spirits as needed. Though he primarily uses his powers to perform exorcisms or ward away evil spirits in general, particularly from Watanuki, as was ordered of him by Yuuko. In part, he has used his abilities to attempt to protect Watanuki from Himawari's bad luck, going so far as to appear around them whenever they were alone together, thoroughly making a nuisance out of himself in the process. He can draw out his spiritual power and use it as a shield as well as a weapon, granting strength to his arrows or other abilities.

Personality: Doumeki is a man of few words. Not because he has trouble speaking, but rather because for the most part, he sees little point in it. Listening is more than enough to gather information, and one does not need words to communicate. Because of this, he is excellent at keeping secrets and is very trustworthy about what and what not to say. He has been tasked to keep Watanuki safe, and to keep him from finding out certain truths that may be damaging to him. At times it can be difficult for him to remain secretive to Watanuki, but he would not betray the trust that has been placed in him. He is very loyal to those he considers friends -- or acquaintances, or mandatory obligations in some respects. He would do anything to protect those he cares about, going so far as to give his life to protect them should the need arise. He is careful though, and strategic. He doesn't take overly unnecessary risks and always tries to calculate the odds before making a move in a fight to choose a strategy that will provide him with the best chance of winning with the least amount of damage sustained. This requires an enormous amount of discipline, which he has built up over the years with archery as well as heightening his spiritual abilities to top form.

At the same time as it can be a strength, his tendency to speak little is also one of his bigger weaknesses. When he does speak it is often one or two-word sentences and finds it troublesome to say more than that beyond having to explain folklore to someone or demand a certain type of food from Watanuki. Even when he does speak more, his words are often sarcastic and teasing, and it can be difficult to tell if he is being sincere or not. This can make him a pain to deal with, especially for people like Watanuki, whom he enjoys teasing. In general, he would much prefer not having to speak much at all to anyone and just have them understand what he means anyway, but he knows that this isn't likely, and knows he needs to learn how to talk more openly with others. Doumeki also possesses low blood sugar and associated anemia connected to his high metabolism. While this allows him to eat seemingly endless supplies of food without gaining weight, it also means that if he doesn't eat frequently enough he suffers anemic episodes that make him feel dizzy and weak. He has to be sure to eat enough to prevent this, especially when he is working, as he cannot afford to have an episode during a crucial moment. This also makes him grumpy in the mornings and does not enjoy being woken up unless someone is holding a plate of food under his nose.

Occupation: Doumeki works part-time for Yuuko as an expert in folklore and spiritual arts, primarily in a bodyguard-type capacity. However, he is seeking out other work as well for a more hands-on working ethic experience that isn't supernatural-based.

School: Kaibara University | First Year, working part-time on a degree in History and Folklore | Archery Club President

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt B7

Original or Canon: Canon

Face Claim: xxxHolic Shizuka Doumeki

Appearance: Doumeki is depicted as a tall young man with a serious disposition as he stands at the height of 6'3, making him taller than Watanuki which annoys the latter if it is pointed out by others. Doumeki also has short black hair, his eyes are a golden brown in color and a narrow face. Due to his personality, he rarely displays any facial expressions and emotions other than anger. He has been known on occasion to smirk or smile but is told it's creepy by Watanuki. When he needs to, Doumeki is shown with a bow which he uses to defend against spirits. His clothing is generally simplistic from casual t-shirts and pants with sneakers to business suits when attending interviews and when home or working at his family's shrine, he wears a kimono. He is very identical in appearance to his late grandfather except for the only difference between the two is it has been stated by his mother that his grandfather smiles more.

History: For as long as Shizuka Doumeki (Alpha) can remember he has been in touch with the spirit world, being able to sense and see spirits that are invisible to ordinary humans. Whether or not this is a good thing is still debatable, but it is something that runs in his family, and he has since tried to make the most of it. He grew up learning folklore and fairy tales that have provided him with much useful information over the years that he had used in his day-to-day life. Though most people would think it strange to use the knowledge gained from folklore in such a manner regularly, it is second nature to him. He keeps many books on the subject in his apartment and has done quite a bit of independent research since graduating from high school as well, even going so far as to major in history with a focus on folklore and mythology after entering into university. Although he has been questioned numerous times by his professors and advisors, and even some of his peers as to why he would pick such an unusual topic in this modern age, he has always just shrugged. Given that it is more widely known there are non-humans and individuals with powers that exist alongside those who are human and don't have powers, Doumeki in a sense, doesn't find this to be strange. To him there isn't another option, as being a spiritual practitioner is all he has ever done, and imagines will continue to do in the future.

It also gave him something to focus on besides his secondary gender which took a backseat in his mind compared to others who regularly would vocalize what they presented as and they either accepted it or complained. Doumeki was indifferent about it. He never treated anyone different that he interacted with. In fact, he didn't pay any attention to someone's secondary gender unless they brought it up. Doumeki always focused on his studies and his archery skills which is what his family specializes along with the folklore and fairytale information. He was later scouted by a woman named Ichihara Yuuko who recognized his abilities would be useful in protecting his classmate, Watanuki Kimihiro who was an Omega that could see spirits but they often terrorized his life regularly more than he was willing to admit. This is the first time Doumeki began to acknowledge his own secondary gender as he began to associate more with Watanuki who showed a clear dislike of him despite having done nothing to warrant it. Watanuki had also disliked the idea of Doumeki being suggested to work for Yuuko and also become his bodyguard whenever his abilities were needed.

Although he was hesitant to form any sort of acquaintanceship with Yuuko at first due to her odd nature and suspicious shop, he eventually agreed and has since worked for her part-time in a non-official capacity. He has grown used to her somewhat unusual personality and has even become something of a drinking buddy of hers. For the most part, he finds her amusing, though it is troubling to him when she attempts to interfere in his personal life. A subject he tries to avoid because he is more aware of it as is she that he is more drawn to Watanuki. If asked by Yuuko, he wouldn't deny it but he would if he was asked while Watanuki was present. So he avoids it altogether. It's sometimes made worse on occasion by Mokona (Larg) and the spirits who reside at the shop, who also seems to have taken a liking to pester him when they get a chance. Though he is slightly amused that they appear to like bothering Watanuki more than they do him. Occasionally he has taken part in their tormenting him, though primarily through demanding food that is difficult to find or completely out of season, all the while expecting Watanuki to comply and make it for him. In part, this is because it is amusing to watch Watanuki get worked up, and for a time at least he enjoyed tormenting him for the sake of it, but since then his reasons have changed.

He clearly has a strained relationship with Watanuki, although this is mostly in part because of his silent personality, which annoys the other. Doumeki has attempted to put some effort into wanting to improve their relationship, though he often feels awkward being around Watanuki, seeing as he is often with the girl that he has feelings for, Himawari Kunogi who presents as both an Alpha and a Beta. Admittedly they still do not get along particularly well, due to various misunderstandings, but Doumeki truly does care for Watanuki and his well-being. Even if it was annoying at first to have to watch over him on Yuuko's orders, as Watanuki constantly attracts bad, and often dangerous spirits. Still, he did understand why Yuuko wanted him to look out for Watanuki, and did so, becoming very loyal to him and eventually coming to terms with his feelings for Watanuki. This was a secret originally between Doumeki and Yuuko but Himawari also discovered his feelings for the other on top of having her own mixed feelings for him as well. And like Yuuko, Doumeki knows about Himawari's bad luck that's been with her all her life. It is this knowledge of her situation the reason behind Doumeki appearing out of nowhere when Watanuki and Himawari are together. Doumeki knows that Watanuki dislikes it when he does this but says nothing while Himawari merely brushes it off.

He doesn't speak about his own family much but his relationship with his parents is shown to be strained. Simply because unlike most parents with an Alpha child, they don't pressure their son to do anything against his will or have high expectations placed on him. He has once told Watanuki he doubted that his parents would care if he stayed out all night or got into dangerous situations, and has found proof of this many times over the years. As soon as he was able to afford to do so he rented an apartment downtown. He will also occasionally return to the shrine to help out with classes in archery or judo, though this has diminished in the past few months as well. He does not like to talk about his family and finds it rather pointless to do so. He has been known to clam up and become even less communicative than normal, going so far as to not talk to the person for the rest of the day afterward. He knows that it's a bit childish, but he dislikes having anyone meddle in his personal life beyond what could be considered a minimal amount. Right now, his focus is on school, continuing his current duties in watching over Watanuki and working for Yuuko as he has been doing. However, he has been seeking out actual work to at least build up a proper resume.

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