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Author Topic: Tom Warren [Alpha]  (Read 96 times)

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Tom Warren [Alpha]
« on: January 08, 2021, 10:50:50 am »
PM/DM a member of staff if interested in bio.

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.
Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant."

Name: Thomas Warren

Alias: Tom (for short)

Date of Birth: July, 7th, 1993

Age: 28 (almost 29)

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Alpha

Character's Scent: Black Coffee & Juniper Berry

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: American

Species: Human

Hobbies: Cooking, Exercising (jogging & light walks), Reading, Computers (fixing them internally & externally)

Powers/Abilities: ----

Personality: As he lives alone in his apartment, Tom had no choice but to learn how to cook. His first attempt was a real disaster but with more practice, he got better at it. Buying specialty cook books helped to where he's now able to prepare actual dishes but also some sweets as well as he has a pretty big sweet tooth. To keep from gaining weight from eating so many sweets, he jogs early in the mornings. During the spring and summer, he enjoys taking walks as well. Tom even enjoys reading and has a small bookshelf in his apartment with different titles of his favorite books. Half of those books are specialized for computers because he enjoys working with computers in order to fix them. He's learned how to take apart a computer and build it from scratch. He's also specialized in IT work as well, fixing issues that go on within the system. He's also not someone that keeps everything in order because when he's heavily focused on something, everything is scattered around him but not in the place where it should be.

This shows he's not a very orderly person but it does show he's a very focused one even if things can be a bit chaotic at times for him. However, he never rushes to try to fix what he's working on. Because computers are very delicate equipment along with smaller pieces, Tom prefers to take everything step by step. He's a good listener as well for he likes to sit quietly and allow someone else to vent without interrupting them. He can understand what a person is saying to him to an extent and try to give helpful advice to them. When it comes to more awkward discussions involving situations he's never experienced, he finds himself uncomfortable. Tom will also jump to the defense of others since he doesn't like the idea of seeing someone in trouble, whether he knows them or not. If someone can't defend themselves, then there's nothing wrong with stepping in to help. At least that is what he feels and believes. He won't resort to physically fighting someone unless absolutely necessary. If anything, Tom would pull someone off another person and tell them to get lost. If they don't listen and try to fight him, he would make them regret it.

Occupation: Warren Computers - Owner & IT System and Hardware Specialist

School: ----

Place of Living: Red Fountain Apartments > Apt #000, (pick available apt number)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Naruto - Minato Namikaze

Appearance: Tom is a tall man, 190 cm tall, and has an athletic body, which he maintains by jogging. His firm muscles are given due to the fact that he lifts weights in his computer store out of boredom when there are no customers around. He has short blond hair and his hair sometimes looks messy. His eyes are blue like the clear summer sky. His wardrobe is made up of space pants, jeans of all colors, fine shirts, vests with zippers, tracksuits, and pajamas. He has a few business suits but only keeps them on hand for when he actually needs to wear them. Most of what Tom mainly wears is casual.

History: Tom, fully name Thomas, was boring in Cleveland, Ohio to parents Isabel Warren (Omega, Female) and Samuel Warren (Alpha, Male). Isabel and Samuel had difficulties trying to conceive children due to his wife & mate constantly having miscarriages unexpectedly. But they desired a child and continued to try despite these struggles. Eventually, they were able to conceive their first and only child, a son they named Tom. However, Isabel was alone when she gave birth while Samuel was an army officer sent out on a mission. He was already aware of his wife's pregnancy and couldn't be happier that they were finally going to have a child and couldn't wait to give there to see his son. The birth went smoothly and Tom was a perfectly healthy baby. This was supposed to be a happy moment between the bonded couple but when Samuel finally returned from his mission to see his wife and son, the expression he wore on his face was akin to regret and wondering if this was a mistake.

Having been on the grounds during the start of the war that began from the 9/11 attacks that happened in New York, he'd seen so many people fight to protect America and die as a result of doing so. From watching their enemies die and comrades die, Samuel didn't think it was a great idea to bring a child into such a cruel world only to grow up and have to go out and fight, then die. Isabel saw this and tried to console him by showing him their son in hopes of changing his mind. By telling him that they have a beautiful baby boy that will learn so many things from his father. Maybe he won't make the choice to fight and fight and that's fine. He didn't have to. He can just grow up, be a normal child that will make his own decisions when he became older. Samuel still felt unsure. In fact, instead of having a child, he suggested they focus on themselves instead. Taking care of a child while knowing their father will often be away to fight when they needed their father there to guide them wasn't in the best interest of the child. A child needed both parents in Samuel's opinion. He didn't like the idea that Isabel would be all alone taking care of the baby and not being able to be there to help.

The one thing they wanted for so long, they decided to make the decision to give up for adoption. Isabel didn't want to do this but she understood her mate's reasonings and worries. It broke her so much to give their baby up but they decided it would be best. And so it was made official that he'd be placed in the hands of Stansberry Children's Home where they believed the people there would place him in a two-parent home with a couple that will love him and be there for him. They said their goodbyes to their baby boy and left Tom in the care of the children's home. The director of the children's home along with the help of others that worked there, took care of baby Tom. They got him cleaned up and placed him with other newborns there. Time eventually passed and he eventually grew. He was a cheerful child who became attached to the other children in the home. He was also very obedient when told to do something. Tom was still living in the children's home even when he entered elementary school which wasn't far from the home and a lot of the children at the home attended the school as well.

Even in school, Tom was a diligent individual. He was able to quickly learn the basics of the subjects that were taught to him. When he reached the age of 13 is when he presented as an Alpha. Originally, he'd thought he'd become ill from something he'd eaten or coming down with a cold but what he was feeling was different from that. Becoming aroused suddenly out of the blue which he freaked out about but once it'd been explained to him what was happening to his body, it'd begun to make sense to him. He just had to make sure to keep his Rut medication on hand at all times. Personally, he wasn't someone that focused on the secondary genders of others. He was simply just "existing". Others were heavily focused on it, being excited to find out what their secondary genders were but he was just indifferent about it. He understood more the older he became why people cared so much about what he considered to be an insignificant detail about a person. Alphas were put on a pedestal yet they would often mistreat those around them. Not all were like that but many were. Betas were neutral to almost everything but depending on who they would hang out with, they could be neutral, caring, or just as terrible as an Alpha. Then there were Omegas. The most sought-after individuals in terms of partners.

Though many were bullied for being low and middle class while high-class Omegas were treated like royalty in a sense because of their families. Because Tom was never adopted by a family, he was never given that opportunity to know what it feels like. But even if he never had that, he thought of everyone at Stansberry Children's Home as his family nevertheless. Since he'd thought and behaved differently compared to most Alphas, he was known for standing up for anyone that was being targeted. Even if he wasn't looking to fight, he would prefer the fighting to stop. It put him at odds with a lot of his Alpha peers but since he wasn't looking to be part of a cliche and just prefer genuine interactions with others, he wasn't someone that was "popular" in school. He had friends but he also focused on his studies as well. Especially when he was in high school where he became an award-winning student that made high grades. This was because he had an interest in building and fixing computers and he'd made himself quite the profile.

He'd built his first computer on top of often fixing the school computers whenever the systems were acting up and knowing how to fix and operate them. He was offered a scholarship at Ohio State University and by then, he was officially too old to be in the system and therefore hand to leave. But he wasn't without help as everything at the home adored him and was proud of him for the person he became and the work he put in to earn the scholarship for school. They helped him get a small apartment to start out with and provided him with some things to type him over until he was able to get the rest on his own. Tom was very appreciative of their support and help and promised them he will continue to work hard. And he did just that. He completed his first two years of university and by the time he'd reached his third year, he'd been approached by one of his professors who thought he may be interested in attending school in Japan where they offered a lot more opportunities for promising students like Tom. Of course, he'd taken that offer without question and he was transferred from America to Japan where he was enrolled in Kaibara University to complete his final two years for his Computer Informations Systems Major. The country was very unfamiliar to Tom but he was more than willing to make it work for him. Again, while he didn't think much about dating or finding a mate, there was a fellow peer he'd become attracted to.

However, after learning that she was already in a relationship with someone, he didn't worry about it. He liked how close they became as friends because of their interests in working with computers but he respected that she was with someone else. Tom just began to focus on his personal goal, which was opening his own computer store. He'd had a few odd jobs working at stores that paid him hourly and doing the same work on the side for anyone that was having issues with their computers and they was willing to pay him to fix them. Tom was able to achieve this goal two years after he graduated from Kaibara and he used the money he had saved up from working, he used to buy an available spot at a decent price. He worked hard for this and it showed because he fixed the place up and ordered all the computers, parts, etc, that he wanted to sell on the shelves. He even had a workshop area that was spacious enough where he would work on personal computer projects, not in his apartment or use the area to work on computers and laptops customers brought in to be fixed. He's happy and content with his life. It doesn't bother him that he lives alone either but strangely, that part of his soul he sometimes ignores does desire to find a soul mate and start a family of his own one day. While he may not have ever asked about his birth parents and where he'd come from, if they both could see him now and how far he's come, they would definitely be proud of him.

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