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Author Topic: A Fix or a Trap (Open)  (Read 22 times)

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A Fix or a Trap (Open)
« on: May 30, 2022, 10:27:52 am »
(OOC: This thread idea stems from what I originally wrote on LH which was for Isa to meet with a suitor that tries to take her forcibly but I dunno if the idea will work the other way around with an Omega being an aggressor. Another Alpha maybe but felt that was too simplistic so I'm going with the idea that while she is in the shopping district to meet her arranged suitor, I figured I could drop a bit of Yokai Inc plot points in this. Isa becoming a target of interest for them. So if anyone that wanted to participate in my Yokai Inc plot is interested in replying to this, feel free. ^^)

Isa was on this warm day dressed in a kimono that'd been sent to her by her aunt along with a letter. She was ordered to wear it as she was meeting with yet another suitor. Walking through the shopping district of Central Tokyo, the expression on her face was filled with sadness as she quietly pressed her way forward through the bustling crowd of people. She was careful not to touch anything or anyone despite her hands being covered with the gloves her father had given her. The last thing he'd given her that she has to remember him by. She tried to keep her mind from venturing onto her parents but at times she couldn't help it. She missed them, especially her sister Helga who like her parents was deceased. The only family she had sent her away to a foreign and unfamiliar country for schooling. On top of that, to make sure she didn't have a reason to return home, her aunt would regularly arrange for her to meet a suitor while expressing her frustration at the young woman for constantly turning them down. Isa was nothing but polite when she did so but her heart just wasn't into these arrangements. All she felt was sadness and unwantedness. None of the suitors had any romantic attraction to her so agreeing to pair with them felt wrong. The only thing that would surprise Isa each time is whenever the suitor was an Omega but usually, they would be Alphas.

She wasn't sure if secondary gender made a difference since she'd always known that Alphas and Omegas were a common pair as well as Alphas with Betas. It did make Isa wonder if there were Alpha pairs that existed and how did it work out between them. Surely there had to be people that didn't follow the usual societal norm. Choosing who they wanted to be with willingly without it being a forced pair. Isa had been told such a luxury was only for Beta pairs which never made sense to her. It'd been instilled in her by her aunt that she should have a suitable mate to pair with that had looks but she clearly disliked the idea of that. The physical appearance of a person wasn't everything about them. That seemed like such a superficial thing to focus on. But this was her aunt, after all. The woman only cared about her looks, especially her own. Having Isa around was a threat to that because she knew the attention would be more on Isa and not her. Again, not something that the teen kept her mind focus on but it did show how ugly her aunt was on the inside.

While part of her was glad to be away from her aunt, it was also at the expense of not being able to see her uncle. He told her he didn't hate her. He wasn't upset with her but deep down, she felt like that wasn't true. Otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed his wife to send her away to this country. Not that Japan wasn't a beautiful country but she clearly felt out of place. The language was a struggle for her to learn outside of her own native German language. She'd sometimes get judged by citizens for being a foreigner and accidentally messing up the language unintentionally or strangely admired for her beauty which Isa was unable to tell if it was even sincere or not. It was too much for her and it was also why she'd decided to take all of her classes online so she wouldn't have to physically go to the campus of the school she was enrolled in unless she had to. Oftentimes she didn't. Like now, she had a lot of free time what with it being summer vacation for the next two months. At least her aunt had the courtesy enough to arrange this meeting at a time that was convenient for Isa to show up.

She continued walking as she tried to keep her nerves calm. She stuck out like a sore thumb in the shopping district. The kimono she wore already drew a lot of attention her way but she wasn't entirely ignorant that there were people that took one glance at her and just simply couldn't stop staring at her. Normally, she would be cooped up in her room at the Amestia Inn but she couldn't do that today thanks to her aunt interfering with her personal life. The woman thought of her as a monster because of her powers and yet she was trying to sell her off to random people. Sickening. But Isa hoped that today nothing bad would happen and that she could end this meeting without drawing attention to herself. She'd politely turn down the suitor and be on her way. Plus, since she was already out, she could explore the shopping district a little more to pick up a few things. But she had to deal with this first. Finally, she'd managed to arrive at a plaza area that had table seatings and it was where she'd been told to meet her suitor. She had a picture of them in her hand sent with everything she'd been told to wear today.

They were clearly someone influential as they were dressed in business attire while sitting at one of the tables with their phone glued to their ear. Isa was nervous but she approached the table where her suitor sat and the moment she'd stopped in front of the table, bowing politely, they gave her a smile as they'd taken just one good look at her. As she'd stood back up straight, Isa couldn't, unfortunately, return the smile as she placed her hands in front of her, doing her best not to fidget or attempt to adjust her kimono a little as it was feeling very uncomfortable wearing it. Instead, she kept her eyes focused on the person before her who'd originally been speaking on the phone to someone. They informed them they would call them back. Once they'd done this, Isa saw it as the appropriate time to speak. Clearing her throat, her German accent came out thickly whilst trying her best to speak in Japanese. She'd gotten better at the language but there was definitely no hiding her accent. "How do you do?" she spoke in a soft tone. I am Suman, Isa," she introduced herself to the individual.

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