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Author Topic: Chillin' in the Pool (Open)  (Read 46 times)

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Chillin' in the Pool (Open)
« on: May 29, 2021, 08:29:56 pm »
While everyone currently housed at the inn was preoccupied with their own thing, Mizore had decided to take advantage of the pool and use it today since nobody was currently in it. The thought normally wouldn't cross her mind considering she kept herself hidden often where people didn't know she was around unless she wanted her presence to be made known to them. Today, she decided to switch it up, get out of her room and do something else besides watching the inn occupants. That said, this was why the young yuki-onna had decided to venture outside in the god awful heat to get into the pool. Wearing a simple bathing suit that left something to the imagination so she wouldn't draw attention to herself and a towel draped over her arm, she strolled toward one of the tables that was closest to the pool where she left her towel hanging over one of the chairs before strolling over toward the pool. She wasted no time sinking her body slowly into the cool water. Of course, being a yuki-onna, the water temperature didn't stay its normal regulated temperature for long. With the sun and its rays beaming over the pool, it feel cool but not cold or soothing to her. So with her hands submerged under water, she'd used her powers to match that of her own body temperature that made it a lot more tolerable for her to enjoy.

And with it being both humid and hot outside today, if anyone were to get into the pool after she left it, she figured they'd enjoy the temperature change in the water. After all, she found it to be one of the nice benefits of having ice powers and being a yuki-onna. Even if the only thing she disliked about herself was presenting as a Beta. However, she wasn't going to allow for little details to keep her from enjoying this time outside without feeling like she was being drained. Propping her arms atop the pool leverage, she casually moved her legs about under the water, leaning her head back to release a sigh of content as she was enjoying the feel of the water and how calm it was currently making her. This was significantly better than hanging around watching everyone. Considering that she had to write about her activities of what she does on a regular basis while attending school here in the human world, she couldn't always write about the things and the people she watches despite not interacting with any of them. She knew she should, she just didn't know how or if anyone would want to hang out with her.

So she found it safer to stay to herself. Even when she attended school, she did the same thing there. Sure, she had restrictions that on paper made sense but those wouldn't stop her from putting fear into others so they'll know to back off, making them afraid of her. However, aside from regular bullying she saw being done between people which was usually resolved in an instant, she saw no need to get involved herself. There were no issues around the inn. It was always peaceful, clean, and she had her own room where she could come and go as she pleased. Those at the front desk new she lived there but other residents weren't aware that she was an extended stay resident if they ever did see her. Not that she's had staff come to her and complain but she had been warned to not do that or if she does it, just don't get caught as people don't take too kindly to being watched. Mizore understood that but she couldn't help that it was her coping mechanism that helped her to feel involved with others but from afar. Especially since she still didn't trust humans fully yet. And humans as well as other monsters lived here too.

Has she interacted with any of them? Clearly not. Would she do so if someone approached her first? Possibly. Depended on the person. Right now, she wasn't trying to focus on it. Instead, Mizore just wanted to enjoy the cold water against her skin that was combating against the god awful heat outside today.

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