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Author Topic: Clearing the Mind (Open)  (Read 45 times)

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Clearing the Mind (Open)
« on: January 15, 2021, 07:12:50 am »

Jacob had the day off from work as well as having finished all of his homework. That left him with nothing to do but to get out of the house and clear his head for a while. Thus, he went to Ueno Park. Not that he had to stress too much about being home since Aori and Derri had moved out already and settling into their lives so that made things at home a lot less crazy. He didn't have to listen to Aori talking as if his ass and mouth had switched places. It was just him, Usegi, their younger half-brother Lucas and of course their mother. Their stepfather was away due to working on another mission for the CIA but it was fine having him home when he was. Today was just a regular day. Thankfully, he didn't have to deal with idiots at school challenging him to fights or just starting trouble with other students just to be Dicks. It's enough when his cousin Ryoichi did it but when others did it, it was just annoying as hell.

Stretching his arms up, Jacob yawned then placed his hands behind his head as he walked along the sidewalk path, headphones in his ears. The park was crowded like it normally was during the day with people hanging out. Friends, families, and couples spending time with one another at the park. Jacob adjusted the volume on his bluetooth headphones and selected a song on his phone's playlist to listen to as he continued walking. All the while, his mind wandering again. He would be graduating from high school soon, which meant he had to start preparing himself for college. He'd already decided he was going to Kaibara University to work on getting an AA degree. At least having a college education on his resume besides the job he had currently would help him to get a better and high paying job. He didn't dislike his job at the record store but Jacob didn't want to spend the rest of his life working a minimum wage job. He would like to have something that would allow him to save up money and live on his own.

Unlike everyone else his age, Jacob wasn't worried about trying to find a mate to take care of him. He was more than fine taking care of himself. Just because he was an Omega didn't mean he had to be domesticated. It may have been expected and other Omegas may have been fine with that but Jacob wasn't. He wasn't going to put down others who were fine with focusing on a family. They do them. Jacob wanted to live his life without the extra headache. Now if his stepmother would understand that, it would be nice. Sadly, he knew that wouldn't happen considering the woman subjected him and Usegi to constantly sitting with Alphas suitors she deemed would be appropriate partners for them. While Usegi would just whine about it considering he was already in a relationship and Jacob was the only one that knew about it, as for himself, he would cuss the woman out as well as yell at his father for allowing the idiot woman to continue putting them through that. They weren't her children. She had children that she pretty much let do whatever they wanted because they were Betas.

It was ridiculous and he didn't understand it but considering they weren't interested in trying to socialize with him or the rest of his siblings, Jacob never bothered to wrap his brain around it. It was a headache dealing with all of them whenever he was "required" to go to his stepmother's home. He knew that was coming up pretty soon. He released yet another sigh. He was trying to clear his mind and he was only making himself annoyed. He took out his phone from his pocket and selected a calmer song to listen to, to fix that. All while not paying attention to where he was going.

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