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Author Topic: Dance Dance Revolution (Akira)  (Read 17 times)

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Dance Dance Revolution (Akira)
« on: January 29, 2022, 07:24:28 pm »
Minato wasn't usually someone that ventured to the mall. Not unless he was looking for something specific that he couldn't find in a regular store or he was in the mood to see a movie. As of late, nothing new had come out that warranted his interest. And they usually only did their showing of older movies from years ago once a month the first two weekends of the month. All-day of nothing but movies from 10 to 20 years ago that were way ahead of their time. Which was more his thing. He did favor a lot of older movies over anything new so that wasn't surprising. As for not finding anything in regular stores, he didn't like shopping in the mall. That wasn't to say he didn't have the money to shop at the many expensive stores that carried name-brand items from shoes, bags, clothes, etc. However, none of it interests him either. Minato was a simple person. He preferred regular clothing. He didn't need to advertise the fact that he had money.

Why would he? On his off days, he liked to enjoy NOT being noticed by anyone. The mall is one place he only came to with a reason in mind. Today it wasn't to watch a movie. No, he was here for the arcade. He couldn't remember the last time he'd actually been to one. Probably during high school but not so much after. He wanted to do something different with his free time and he was a sucker for occasionally playing games. The blonde actually preferred the retro atmosphere and games provided. Not to mention the music played and the food offered. Why not splurge to do something fun to clear his mind. It was one day he didn't feel like crap going outside but he'd worn a scent-blocking mask over his face to keep from being affected by unwanted scents. He didn't think he'd have an issue like that in the arcade since a lot of kids, high schoolers, and university students came here to just blow off steam. Minato himself could pass for a university student despite not being one but he was here for his own entertainment and nothing more.

Dressed in casual wear, a black shirt, red jeans, and a light gray jacket, he ventured through the arcade while looking at the games that different arcade goers were playing. He was looking for one that wasn't being played at the moment. Naturally, this had led him to the Dance Dance Revolution game. Nobody was playing on it compared to the racing games, the crane game, and fighting games so it seemed like a good game to start with first. Given that he professionally danced and sang, he didn't think this would be too hard. He only felt that way because he'd never played it before but he'd seen others play the dance game so the concept wasn't foreign at all. Stepping up on the dancing platform, Minato reached into his pocket for change and deposited it into the machine. The game immediately revved itself up while loudly announcing that a new challenger has taken the stage which caught the attention of some of the arcade goers to venture in his very direction. 'Great, now the game has given me an audience,' Minato thought with a sigh but it was too late now. He'd already put his money in so he wasn't going to simply bail out because a small crowd was watching. He figured they'll probably get bored and go back to the games they were playing.

If he focused on it too much, he'd only cause his own self grief. The music from the game boomed and played loudly before getting itself up and shouting at Minato to dance! The game had begun. His mind and body were focused on the pop-style music being played. Step after step, he moved his feet and body to the beat, following along to the difficult directions scrolling across the screen while a few cheers could be heard behind him as he continued to dance. Minato was so focused on the music and the screen prompting the directions for him to step in that he was able to filter out the background noise behind him. None of it bothered him as it had earlier. No, Minato was too busy enjoying himself and feeling free to do so.

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