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Author Topic: Darkness Prays Too [Open]  (Read 23 times)

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Darkness Prays Too [Open]
« on: September 30, 2021, 03:46:25 am »

OOC: Song he is singing as an offering to the dead: Song

Walking down the street wasn't something that normally would have even been allowed like this when the ethereal beauty was more than likely to be noticed and or followed. However, today was a day that Callidora honored, no matter what was going on. It had been ten years since the death of a captain that had believed in him, hoping to free him from his prison as a young boy. It was with great sadness that Callidora had to kill the man and he was probably the only death that Callidora truly felt and regretted in more ways than one could imagine. Such a light being snuffed from the world was regrettable. The captain had aligned himself with the wrong individuals, and thus our trained assassin was forced to murder him at the age of ten. Even now, our young assassin was now known in the public eye as a singer, dancer, and actor. A rising star, who miraculously showed up in Japan, even though he was well known in Greece and the United States. There was much work he had done to separate himself.

With a white cloak tied around his neck covering his entire body to hide his identity, Callidora held his demon cat, Fou, while walking. For most, anyone watching would think it was odd, but it was also the same style he had gone in to see the man upon his death, hence the cloak in remembrance. Fou could sense the sadness that seemingly pooled behind his eyes, Callidora despite him not letting it show on his face. His voice would betray him as he smiled at the cat, rubbing behind his ears. "We have some time to make sure all the spirits have a prayer for their walk in the shadows. You never know when they might need a light." He'd smile reassuringly. Fou was a greater demon cat, despite his small stature and he had his own spiritual pressure that would make others aware had he decided to release it but this was something he liked to do with Callidora, who he considered not just a partner, but family. Traveling around like this was something they got to do when they had time.

Walking up the stairs to the shrine, Callidora would take off his white hood, his silver/white hair catching the sunlight and reflecting back as he bowed his head before the bell. He was silent, but it was very clear he was making a wish of some sort. Someone could recognize him, but he didn't care about that. His voice would be heard today, one way or another. Even while grieving, he would not be seen as unsightly. His body posture was perfect, his movements were graceful, and he was attentive to every move his body made. Today his prayer would be perfect. Normally, the young man wasn't one for showing weakness, nor was he this open with people but even he had something that kicked his ass from the past.

While he may have given up on some areas concerning his happiness and not believing in complete and utter happiness. Callidora remained determined to never allow any of his own past to repeat itself. It was always something he would learn from, especially now that it had been ten years. This was him laying down a piece of what was left of the soul he had, in hopes of making peace with it all. Each year it got a little better.

Fou would hop out of Callidora's arms, sitting by him his side as he watched the man move to step forward opening his eyes to grab and light an incense. Placing it in one of the many gold urns hanging from the wall, Callidora would place both of his hands together, his fingers intertwining as he lifted his head towards the light that came down from the ceiling. Despite hearing others around him, despite all he had been through, despite his sacrifices, despite never being loved, despite being abandoned by everyone, the music was one thing that never left him and had been there since the beginning. Everyone all had their own demons and Callidora didn't blame anyone, but he expected nothing from anyone either. This was for all of them. The dead needed their time too.

Opening his mouth, the angelic bell tone would sound out for all to hear. For him, it was only light and the prayer.

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