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Author Topic: day out on the beach (open)  (Read 27 times)

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day out on the beach (open)
« on: May 30, 2022, 12:50:10 pm »
Stretching her arms above her head, Akasha was enjoying the rays of the warm sun beaming against her skin as she released a sigh of contempt. She couldn't be more glad to be out of school right now as it gave her mind a breather to enjoy the summer break. She'd passed all of her classes and didn't have to do any makeup tests which was awesome. Now all she had to do was focus on what classes she should take come fall for college. But she had two months to prepare for that and she didn't want to be bummed out and stressed worrying about school. It was summer break. There was no harm in enjoying this free time she had and she was going to make every second of it count. The brunette-haired young woman was determined to have some fun. It would've been nice if her sister had joined her but she decided to stay at home today. Another bummer. Her sister was more focused on making sure she already had her own classes selected for next semester since she was still attending Hakoniwa Academy but Akasha was worried that Athena wouldn't get out and do anything.

The whole point of summer break was to have a break from school. Have fun, get wild, and let loose. Not think about the next following semester of school. She was happy her sister was keeping her mind focused on her studies but at the same time, it was starting to feel like she wasn't making any friends because of it. In fact, she didn't believe her sister had brought anyone home to hang out with. All she could do was encourage Athena to be a little more social but she couldn't force her to do it. She had to be the one to do it on her own. She knew most of that stemmed from her sister worrying about her due to being hyper-focused on her disability. Something that Akasha wasn't focused on at all. She'd learned to adjust to her life in a wheelchair. It was a struggle and she hated it but she adjusted. She was steadily working with her physical therapist to determine if there was any feeling in her lower body that could possibly allow her to be more mobile. Meaning using the wheelchair less to use other means of getting herself around. So far, no luck but Akasha remained optimistic regardless. Even if nothing came of it, there was no point in beating herself up about something she more than likely already knew would never be reality.

Meanwhile, she began wheeling herself around the beach. She liked that the beach she went to was wheelchair accessible and her sister would often complain that it was still too dangerous. To Akasha, to not attempt at all is a sign of defeat. Giving in to defeat is something she refused to do and stands firm by that. Plus, there were plenty of people out on the beach today and they were too busy having fun to worry about gawking at her which she believes was the main reason behind her sister's concern. With the two-piece bathing suit she had on, how could they not take a gander at her. She was proud of her body after all and even if her mobility was limited, she wanted to maintain staying healthy and not gain a massive amount of weight from sitting down. Plus, it was a nice day outside. It wasn't raining at all. It was too good a day to pass it up by staying inside all day just watching TV. She had the next two days off from her part-time job as well. She was taking advantage of all the free time she had. Akasha managed to find a nice empty spot nearby one of the stands that sold beverages to keep everyone hydrated should they feel thirsty but luckily for her, she prepared herself ahead of time.

She had everything prepped and prepared all inside of her beach bag and with her beach towel placed over everything, she was able to keep everything cool. She carefully positioned herself to where she backed her chair up slowly so she wouldn't be in anyone's way. She also had to make sure the breaks were on because she also didn't want it rolling from her either. But judging by where she'd perched herself, she figured she'd be okay. Reaching behind her, the first thing she did was grab the beach towel out first, opening the large fabric and leaning forward to spread it out on the ground as best she could in front of her wheelchair. It was a messy attempt but she knew she'd managed. Next, she attempted then attempted to move out of the chair to get onto the towel. First, she had to make sure she wasn't bruising her legs, positioning them first and then using her arm strength to scoot herself forward and then sliding down carefully onto the beach towel. So far so good. No bruising her falling face forward. She'd done this so many times she'd gotten it down pat enough to where she wasn't injuring herself further. It took time, effort, and practice but she did it.

Finally, she reached for her bag that was still hanging on the back of her chair, grabbing it by the handle to bring it down and by herself, she smiled knowing that nothing bad happened to ruin the start of this beach outing. "It's so nice out here. Athena has no idea what she's missing," she spoke aloud, turning her head to look out toward the water which displayed a gorgeous blue coloring to it. She wanted to get in it but she'd have to move everything closer to the water to even attempt that. There was always later on. Right now, she took out her phone and earbuds, placed them in her ears, turned on the music in her phone's playlist, and before she laid down, she made sure her legs were stretched out before doing so. Right now, she was bobbing her head to the music while staring up at the sky. A cool breeze blew that made it feel less humid outside. All in all, she was relaxing right now.

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