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Author Topic: i wanna run (open)  (Read 35 times)

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i wanna run (open)
« on: May 29, 2021, 09:14:25 pm »
Isa needed to get away. Away from everyone. Since school would be ended soon for the summer, she'd have nothing to do but to sit in her room at the Amestia Inn alone with nothing to do but be surrounded by her thoughts. More so than she already is. And since being in Japan, her powers had been growing increasingly more and more out of control. She couldn't go a day without freezing anything in her room she touched if her hands weren't protected with the gloves she normally always wore. She didn't want to be here but she had nowhere's else to go or no one to really talk to. None of them would understand what she was feeling and going through or having had gone through before coming here. As she sat on the sand close to the shoreline of the beach water, she looked at her glove-covered hands in sadness. The platinum blonde didn't know what to do anymore. With her powers growing stronger, it was dangerous for her to be around anybody, let alone being confined in an inn. Anything or anyone could set her powers off and they would act on their own. The gloves helped but only for so much. Mostly to keep from freezing anything she touched but not so much kept them completely under control to where she wouldn't harm anybody.

It was Isa's greatest fear and it was why she isolated herself. She didn't want to and it'd only increased her loneliness the more she did it but regardless of how she felt about it, it was for the best. She'd lost her sister years ago and she felt helpless then, being unable to prevent it when she could have. Instead, she only made it worse. And then her parents died sometime later and that did all the more good for Isa to isolate herself more. Her parents, despite their worries and concerns, Isa knew that they did truly love her, wanted to protect her, and wanted a better life for her that didn't involve hiding from the world. Such a dream will never happen. It was sad. She had family that was still living and only her uncle and her grandparents on her mother's side who she'd been allowed to have contact with when she moved here to Japan. They did their best to check in on her and unlike her cruel aunt who was constantly sending suitors for her to sit down and meet with, her grandparents at least took the time to check on Isa's mental health rather than trying to find her someone to shack up with. Besides, she didn't like the idea of that anyway. Why would anyone want her as their mate when she was an Alpha who was afraid of her own powers?

Most looking for Alphas as partners wanted someone who was domineering and confident, not meek and scared. It was impossible for her to pretend to be someone she's not but meeting with prolific Omega suitors who strangely acted more like Alphas when they approached her than they did Omegas scared her and she found it concerning. That and none of them knew of her powers. Having powers may have been commonplace but usually, people like to be warned beforehand not surprised upon first meeting someone. It wasn't a chance Isa was willing to take. She'd hurt too many people already and believed herself to be a danger to those around her. She wanted better control of her powers but there was just no one that could help her do that. All she'd known was living in fear, sadness, and isolation. Unable to make friends with others or to fall in love with someone she had feelings for and wasn't arranged for her. Isa longed to find someone that would love her but it seems that was something that would remain nothing more than a dream. Her aunt still feared her and yet she kept trying to arrange suitors for her. Isa knew why she was doing it. To keep her from attempting to go back home but nevertheless, Isa never gave in to any of the suitors that dared approached her and she hadn't even been in Japan long and already she was being bothered by male courtiers that she had no obvious interest in and they didn't have a genuine interest in her.

Just following orders from that horrible woman because of what she'd done to her uncle. That was an accident. She hadn't meant to hurt him, it'd just happened. She apologized many times and yet ... she was still sent away, sent here. "I feel ... so all alone," Isa replied softly as she wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her head down atop her knees as she gave a soft, yet saddened sigh.

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