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Author Topic: St Patty's Night (Jonouchi)  (Read 11 times)

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St Patty's Night (Jonouchi)
« on: February 27, 2022, 10:16:27 pm »
When it came to festival events, Usagi was like a kid in a candy store. There was never a festival event held that the blonde didn't attend. Unless she had to work late, which was rarely, or cram for classes, given her grades, that was all the time, that was usually the only time she wouldn't be able to make time to go to a festival. But sadly last month, she had to focus on her classes and was unable to make time to go to the Valentine's Day festival which bummed her out greatly. It's not as if she had anyone to go with, she would've just been going by herself. Which was fine. She never made a big deal out of it. She'd whine to herself on occasion about not having a mate or at least a boyfriend but the main thing she enjoyed the most about going was the candy, the food, and especially the masquerade ball. She bet everyone's outfits were awesome this year. She wished she could've been there to see it.

But the festival had ended weeks ago and it was now March. The two holidays that would be focused on now were St Patrick's Day and White Day. A white day festival wasn't something that was common and it usually got mixed in with the St Patrick's Day festival. This was fine with Usagi because the holiday was all about having good luck and she felt she could use a little bit of luck tonight. White day being intertwined with it was a bonus for those who, again, had someone to share it with. Usagi did not have this luxury sadly but she wasn't here at Tokyo Dome City to focus on that. Just to get out and have some fun which she had felt like she hadn't done much of. All she'd been doing was focusing on school and work. She was in dying for some much needed stress relief. Usagi wasted no time in stuffing her face with a St Patty's decorated cupcake from one of the stands that were offering one cupcake free but if anyone wanted another, they had to pay for it. One cupcake was all Usagi needed.

"Yum." Usagi took another bite of the cupcake she held with both hands. It was indeed a delicious treat. She didn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to pay for another. She was a sucker for sweets and knew she shouldn't be eating it but she didn't care. She wanted to indulge and have fun tonight. She didn't know when she'd be able to have free time like this again. Tonight, she was going to drown all her thoughts in sweets, rides, and any various entertainment the festival had to offer. She was going to do all she could until she got tired and wanted to go home. It was a long way home but, again, it was fine. She was in no hurry to get home anyway. Plus, it'd be a waste to not show off the outfit she wore with the weather finally starting to warm up a little earlier outside compared to normally. She made sure to wear a green shirt with cute green bows in her hair along with a white skirt and white sneakers with green shoe strings. She was definitely decked out for St Patty's day and had no shame in showing it.

There were a lot of people out tonight for it, more than she expected there to be. It was still fine. At the moment, she was enjoying the cupcake snack as she found an empty table to perch herself at to sit down and finish it. Usagi hadn't wanted to keep walking around with it in her hands and eating it. Knowing how clumsy she was, the blonde would eventually drop it. No, she had the right idea of sitting down to take her time to finish eating it. In the meantime, she was able to sit and admire how Tokyo Dome City glammed up everything for St Patrick's Day. She couldn't help but be in awe at the lights and decorations. 'Aw, I bet the Valentine's Day festival was just as if not more pretty this year. I wish I had been able to see it,' she thought with a pout.

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