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Author Topic: Under False Pretenses (Open)  (Read 10 times)

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Under False Pretenses (Open)
« on: August 06, 2022, 01:00:09 pm »
Ashford Milly was currently standing in front of an apparent luxurious and large mansion home on a very hot day. She was in the middle of trying to register for fall classes at Kaibara. She still had a long way to go before she completed her degree in one of the job fields she wanted to make a career in. At first, she was going to put off doing a round of courses for her second fallback career choice but as time was nearing more and more that she gave even a hint of taking time off for herself, her parents would surely swoop in and use it to their advantage to get her to do what they wanted. The only thing that kept them off her back was continuously attending school.

Towards the end of the year and the beginning of next, she'd be finished with her courses and received her Bachelor's degree in journalism and then that was it. However, the blonde refused to let that "be it" for her. She was willing to take it a step further. Instead of settling for just the degree in one field, she was interested in, once she was done with everything for it, she was going to take courses for her second field of interest which was teaching. Her parents won't like it but it not only keeps Milly busy and working on something she wants to do, it continues to keep her parents from pressuring her to marry once she was finished with university. At least, that was her goal. Today, was a strange day for her as her parents had called for her to meet with them only to inform her of a possible job position and wanted to see if she'd be interested in it.

She couldn't help but be suspicious of such an offer being presented to her. By her parents of all people who wish to discourage her from making something out of herself that she could be successful in overdoing anything related to family affairs, which she'd made it clear she wanted no part of. Yet she was being used as a tool and arranged to mate and marry some guy she didn't love and had never even met. All for the sake of fixing their idiotic mistakes. Mistakes that weren't hers to fix. And it had to be someone from another well-known family with money and status that she could marry into. Two things that Milly had stopped caring about years ago.

Money was fun and all to have but it wasn't enough to make a person happy. And all she would do with the money was spend it on other people by showing them kindness and that it's okay to be who they are no matter what background they came from. She would always accept them regardless. Taking them to some place they could open up and have fun was always the ice breaker she used to be able to help people get comfortable around her. Since then, it's continued to work. And when the morale was down, whether it was with her friends or her school, she'd throw extravagant events for everyone to take their minds off their problems and have some fun. Her parents hated it when she did that but Milly didn't care. Sometimes, it was best to put the feelings of others in mind for a change.

She knew she couldn't do that forever. This is why she was only piqued enough about her parents' job offer to see where it was going to go. It was up to her to turn it down. She dressed professionally for this job offer, bringing her resume with her as her driver had dropped her off at this very expensive and large home. She was to meet with some man about whatever this job was. She didn't think it had anything to do with journalism or even teaching. Milly definitely had her suspicions because her parents were vague about the type of offer it was and she didn't like that. Her parents were manipulative and vindictive all in one. Whatever this was for, she was willing to check it out, say no to it, and move on. She walked up the stairs where she'd been greeted by the staff that held the door open for her and then proceeded to guide her through the hall of the large home from the inside.

The place had this brand new smell to it. It was as if no one lived here and it was used every so often. That was the vibe she got as she proceeded to follow the staff to where she would be meeting whomever she would be speaking with today. It would appear they were going up to the second level of the home where eventually the staff had stopped after passing the first couple of doors and stopping in front of a double door that lead into what felt like a board room space from the looks of it. There were chairs around a large oval table but the only person present in the room was herself. No one else. She'd been told to wait and that someone will be with her soon. So Milly did as she'd been in structed to do. Of course, she'd seated herself in one of the chairs that was away from the larger chair while setting the folder in front of her with her resume within it on the table.

So now, she was playing the waiting game. Inwardly, she was praying for whatever this was to be over with as quickly as possible so she ould get on with her day...

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