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Author Topic: Unplanned Encounter (Koji)  (Read 15 times)

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Unplanned Encounter (Koji)
« on: January 23, 2022, 10:17:06 pm »
Jacob had the day off from work and decided to use his time wisely by going out to get some exercise. Going out for a walk to clear his mind was a good way to spend his time. Thus, he went to Ueno Park. His everyday school stresses he once had were no more and he wasn't rushing to immediately apply for university. He wanted to work and save up money to be able to afford it on his own and not have his stepmother use her money to pay his way. He'd rather just not attend university if that were the case. He may not have had to deal with idiots constantly challenging him to fights on a regular anymore but it hadn't meant he was free from his stepmother invading his life. And because he avoids all of that woman's calls, somewhere in one of them was a message telling him that she picked out another useless suitor for him to meet with. He simply did not want to deal with that.

If they couldn't handle him as he is, then what was the point in meeting with different ones? Simple. Control. Jacob didn't understand what was it about that, that got people off but the mere thought of being controlled by someone he's in a relationship with didn't sit well with him. In fact, it just made him angrier. It hadn't matter if the person was male or female, they simply wanted to control and neuter him as a person. He'd rather eat nails than allow someone to degrade him like that. It's why he wasn't focused on finding a mate. He was fine as he was. It wasn't a necessity nor was it important for him to have a mate but his stepmother felt differently about it. Given that the woman was used to living in luxury, dealing with someone who didn't care about such things got under her skin. Why that was, Jacob would never know. And he didn't care enough to ask. Already a headache was forming just thinking about that woman. Knowing that he would have to meet with her later today. But he was going to drag it out as long as he could. At least until she got pissed off enough that he was taking too long to go by the house.

Stretching his arms up, Jacob yawned then placed his hands behind his head as he walked along the sidewalk path, headphones in his ears. The park was crowded like it normally was during the day with people hanging out. Friends, families, and couples were spending time with one another. Jacob adjusted the volume on his Bluetooth headphones and selected a song on his phone's playlist to listen to as he continued walking. All the while, his mind wandered again. Contemplating on university again. More or less waiting it out until possibly next year sometime to apply and work on getting an AA degree. But he wanted further work experience along with that degree as both looked good on a resume if he wanted a higher paying job in the future. He didn't dislike his job at the record store but Jacob didn't want to spend the rest of his life working a minimum wage job. It was enough for the time being that allowed him to save up, move out, and live on his own. Finally, he could go home to peace and quiet.

No one coming into his room unannounced and bothering him with stupid questions. As for finding a mate, Jacob was not interested. That was something many of his former classmates and his current friends knew about him. He was capable of taking care of himself. He didn't need someone to do that for him simply because he was an Omega. He already hated the idea he was one, he didn't need other people making it weirder for him. Now he had nothing against others like him being into it. They could do what they want with their lives. It just wasn't something he was looking for or wanted. Now if his stepmother would understand that, it would be nice. She had children of her own already she barely paid attention to and that was because they were Betas which didn't make sense to him either. They were her children and yet she ignored them to harass him and his brother. At least Usegi didn't have to worry about it anymore since he'd recently made it known that he and their former teacher Sousuke were engaged and were planning to become mates.

Good on them. He wished his brother good luck even if it was still strange he was with their former teacher. As long as they made each other happy, that's all Jacob cared about. What they did outside of that, wasn't his business. It only would be if he hurt his brother which he knows that Usegi can't keep a secret to save his life so he'll know if anything were to happen. As he walked down the park path, he spotted a tree with good enough shading and made his way towards it. Once there, out his phone from his pocket and selected a calmer song to listen to, and then placed it back in his pocket. He'd then began doing side stretches to loosen up his muscles. He would go to his cousins' dojo for a workout but it'd only end with him being challenged by Ryoichi and he wasn't in the mood for that. This was better. He felt more content.

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