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Author Topic: chance meeting (open/m)  (Read 27 times)

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chance meeting (open/m)
« on: July 14, 2022, 01:44:56 pm »

It was another day at the Amestia House, fairly quiet around this time as there weren't many people coming in needing a place to spend their Heat or Rut. It made it a rather boring day. At least for Runa. Nights were always better for her because she knew that's when more people came and she would meet the most delicious of individuals to spend time with. Whether intercourse was involved or not. There were many that didn't care much for intimacy so they opted for the dark-haired succubus to drain some of their stamina to calm them down enough so they could go home safely without being targeted. Runa hadn't minded that at all. If it meant spending a little time with her client and making them feel comfortable while also enjoying herself as well.

Sex was a plus but Runa was able to get by on draining a person's stamina or rather sexual energy from them. In turn, it usually made her aroused and want to ravish them after but she had to be mindful that not everyone wanted to close contact. She honestly didn't think she would enjoy having such a job when her sister came to her with such an offer. After all, she had no shame when it came to flaunting her body to others. Showing them what they're in store for. Many of her clients loved being heavily dominated which made many of her nights absolutely fun. Then she had a small group of her clients who preferred it when she was gentle to them. Runa hadn't minded that at all either. Didn't matter the client, she wanted to pamper them and satisfy them.

But as she was held up in her room late in the afternoon, the woman felt so bored with no one coming by, giving her nothing to do to entertain herself. Oh sure, if she wanted, she could have fun with one of her coworkers but her sister Asuna would chastise her for it and she hadn't wanted to hear that. It's all in good fun and it felt good to let off some steam. Currently, Runa was lying in the middle of her bed, wearing a white negligee with the straps hanging off her shoulders. The "nightwear" definitely showed off not only her long legs as she had them stretched out at the head of her bed but also revealing the top of her large breasts. The fabric itself was seethrough, revealing the white laced thong panties she wore. Leaving nothing to the imagination. She stared up at the ceiling of her room in boredom, humming softly to try and get her mind off of being bored. If only briefly. Yet it wasn't working.

"Gah! I'm so bored!" she complained out loud, rolling over on her stomach and using her elbows to prop herself up, her cheeks puffed in disappointment as her thoughts began to wander, releasing a small sigh. 'As fulfilling as this job is to my sexual needs, it isn't fulfilling to what I really want. I want a mate. I have so many lovely clients but none of them are seeking partners. Was hoping this job would make finding a perfect mate easy for me. I'll desire and love them and no one else,' Runa thought with a giddy chuckle. 'Well, maybe someday. I can't give up. The last thing I want is for Asuna to think she can beat me to the punch to finding love first.' Ah yes, the competition or rather bet between Runa and her sister Asuna to see which one of them could find a mate first. Runa loves egging her sister on and she was only goofing around but her sister took her seriously. So now the two of them were on a quest to find their "destined one".

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door, making the succubus perk up immediately. She'd gone from pouting to displaying a smile on her face as she kicked her legs back and forth while still laying on her stomach. Showing just how excited she is to have a visitor. She was hoping it was a client and not a coworker. But guess she'll have to find out and see. "Do come in, darling," Runa replied in a seductive voice.

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