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« on: May 24, 2020, 02:20:29 pm »
Frequently Asked Questions

All frequently asked questions will be here. If any explanations aren't clear, feel free to ask the staff either through the cbox or through PMs. If there isn't a question that's on here that you feel is needed, let us know and we'll not only answer it but added here.

Omegaverse is an alternate universe in which males can become pregnant. This isn't a heavily populated genre due to that being the main reason why many are turned off by it among other reasons. However, it is popular among a small number of people that favor it. A social system exists that classifies individuals as an Alpha, Beta, and Omega. In EL's universe, we also have another secondary gender that classifies people as Unknowns as well.

Alphas are known for being dominant and aggressive individuals out of everyone. They're oftentimes stronger whether they have powers or not. Males and females can be Alphas however a female Alpha normally carries a lot of testosterone, can impregnate an Omega but cannot become pregnant. Where the female's clitoris is, a retractable **** is there instead. Depending on the setting of a story, a womb for an Alpha female can be small to non-existent. Alpha males, on the other hand, are known for releasing a lot of semen during sexual intercourse. Some verses have knotting and others don't, making the intercourse pretty standard. Alpha males are known for having larger penises and are highly protective of their Omega partners. Alphas aren't always exclusive to mating with Omegas. They can mate with Betas if they so choose to.

Betas are your everyday person. They are commonly known to breed with other Betas. Depending on the story, Betas cannot breed with Alphas or Omegas. Commonly, male Betas cannot become pregnant but female Betas can. Male Betas can impregnate an Omega and other Beta females. With a female and male Beta, they can reproduce that way. Sometimes even a female Alpha and a female Beta would be able to reproduce. In the universe of Enchanting Love, since it is common for characters to have abilities, with Beta characters they vary. Should they be born with powers, they would more than likely be weaker, depending upon the power.

Omegas are the softer and more gentle out of the three. They're the nurturing parents who raise their children as well as being the only ones to become pregnant, besides Beta females. The female Omegas use normal body systems that allow them to have a baby. For male Omegas, it is different. All Omegas go through Heats. It depends on how an author wishes for these characters to frequently go into Heats. It is during these times that Omegas are most fertile. However, Pre-Heat is what males go through. Since they only have one hole, their rectum is doubling as protection for the female parts. During Pre-Heat these parts start to gro after they empty their rectum. The reason this happens is so nothing gets stuck in the uterus. Omegas are also known to be physically smaller and less muscular as well as having smaller penises if they're male. They love to take care of children, many of them desiring to start a family whereas others don't trust Alphas and refuse to mate with them. Showing that not all Omegas are submissive. This is the case for the site's universe. Omegas on the site also have powers depending on their families and are sought after for breeding purposes. Omegas on Enchanting Love can fight back against those that attempt to harm them. For more information about Heats, refer to the Omegaverse Lore thread here.

Those who classify under the secondary gender "Unknown" refers to those who either don't have a secondary gender anymore or because their powers cause their secondary gender to fluctuate between two to all three of them. Many can be born having terrible allergic reactions to their own scent where it is required for their scent glands to be removed, other medical reasons, religious or personal. It is allowed in EL's universe for characters to decide if they want their scent glands removed to be a regular person not tied to the societal system that often separates many for what they present as. The procedure is costly, it is not something that can be done easily. Men and women are given the choice if it is recommended by their doctors or they can inquire about it on their own. But those who are Unknowns have nothing changed about their bodies except they would no longer produce a scent or experience having a Heat or Rut. Genitalia will also be normal. This means females that were once Alphas no longer will produce a **** during intercourse but they would still remain barren and males that were once Omegas will no longer have the ability to become pregnant. As for individuals that have powers or are not human, it is normal for them to present as two or all three secondary genders. Many of them can handle it but others cannot. But because of this, it makes it difficult to know what secondary gender they were originally present as which places them under this category. Medication for those that have this issue is different from that of an average person who doesn't have powers or whose powers don't affect how they present. They still have to take them to avoid their scents from affecting those around them.

Canons are allowed to be played here on the site. Depending upon the series they come from, you all as the player will have to modernize the character's backstory for them to fit properly into the universe of the site. An example would be registering a canon from Naruto and removing all aspects of ninja related stuff and creating an original history for the character that's similar to their story from their respective series with its personality and other things intact. Yes, we are flexible when it comes to that and it is because we try to encourage everyone to be creative when forming their bios. If it's passable, it will be approved, if not, you will be told to fix it.

Yes, they are. There will be a lot of supernatural aspects on the board in different areas for you to jump into whether it is the schools, parkers, other areas of Japan or other countries. When you make characters with powers, make sure they are balanced by explaining how they work and their drawbacks.

All of them. You can make your character whatever sexual orientation you wish to give them without overcomplicating it. Everyone here is used to the standard ones but adding additional terms like "homo-romantic" or anything under that umbrella or more is not needed. You can have your characters be into someone without needing to be very specific about it. So if your character is specifically gay or straight but they have a specific interest in people, that isn't something that's needed as a label. The only time a label may make sense is only IF a character is Asexual. But obvious ones, no. That's something that can be plotted out between you and other members. Staff also has the right to question the sexuality you put if it doesn't make sense. If you're asked to explain it so we can have an understanding of it, it's advised to do so. However, if it's too similar to an already existing sexuality, we'd suggest to you to use it over an extensive word salad of sexual attraction labels. We do advise players to do research beforehand on sexualities because if you give your character a sexuality but are playing them the opposite of it, that's confusing other players. An example would be assuming all male Omegas only want to mate with other male characters. They can mate with Alpha and Beta females if they are straight. So there is a variety that exists here on the site for players that want to play straight males that are Omegas. As for "Gender Identities", these are not sexualities and we don't consider them as such. How your character identifies is not the same as who they are attracted to. As our template asks if your character is Male or Female, that's based on biological sex when born. If you want to insert your characters' identity into their history, that's totally fine as long as you explain it thoroughly for all players to understand it and write with you accordingly. That's all we ask

An age limit for the characters doesn't exist. You can make your character any age you choose and build a plot around them. The only time age becomes a factor is for characters that go into Heats and Ruts. Characters have to be at least sixteen years of age or older to engage in sexual intercourse with other characters. Please do not use your younger characters to have sex with other younger or even older characters.

There is no limit to how many characters members can play. But to keep up with them, you have to make sure you post them within the page list thread you make after your first character is approved. From that point on, it's YOUR responsibility to update it and keep up with who you play. There is no creating new accounts for multiple characters. You only create another account if you feel as if you have too many characters on the first one. But yes, multiple characters under one account, no limit, no needed extra accounts unless you feel it's necessary. Just don't register a bunch of characters all at once and not use them because then you will be penalized for taking up a bunch of Face Claims that people could be using. Be considerate to other players in regards to that.

Your characters don't have to be human. You can make a character of any species you want. The only species of characters that aren't allowed on the site are furries. However, the most common nonhuman characters are demons, vampires, angels, aliens, werewolves, humans with animal features such as having the ears and tail of an animal. These characters are usually cat girls (or boys), fox girl (or boy), etc. Go crazy as long as you explain why they're wherever you decide to put them. There is also an approved species sub-board as well with info in certain species that are registered. If there isn't one registered and you'd like to make it, feel free to do that. Do your research, gather your information, and post it.

Yes, they are. The ratings for such threads whether intimate or gore related go from PG to M. We are a plot based site, which means do try to plot and not focus on the sexual aspect of the Omegaverse genre. Your characters need to at least like each other and don't do too many at the same time. This also means don't go forcing your characters onto other players characters. If it's not talked out beforehand that this is what you've plotted out, you will be immediately banned from the site and the server. Fans of this genre would like to feel safe playing their characters here without having to worry about whether or not certain characters of theirs will be taken advantage of. If you wouldn't stick your Dick in crazy or let crazy stick its Dick in you in RL, don't come doing it here on the site. IC or not. Any further abuse will be a permanent restriction of intimate threads for ALL members and resorting to the "fade to black" format. Right now, only +18 players can write mature content and anyone younger than this have to "fade to black".

Yes, characters from all over the country are allowed on the site. There are no limitations just because the site is set primarily in Tokyo, there are boards for areas outside of Tokyo such as its other neighbor cities and prefectures, other countries and characters from other dimensions too as they coming from whatever dimension they live in would technically be considered foreign in Japan.

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