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Omegaverse Lore
« on: May 12, 2020, 01:39:41 am »
What is Omegaverse?
The Omegaverse is known for being an alternate universe that follows the hierarchy of wolves when it comes to status and mating in stories where humans are used. The known status individuals in these stories are the Alpha, Beta, and Omega or commonly known by the short-term A/B/O/U. Male and Female characters are present but in many stories, they are often ignored or excluded. This also frequently happens to Beta characters.

Here at Enchanting Love, Male and Female characters are welcome. Alphas, Betas, and Omegas are welcome. We are not excluding any gender or status for reasons that don't make sense. We encourage everyone to plot with one another using the characters that they have. If you've come here, expecting exclusion, then you've come to the wrong place. All characters are born under the primary gender of male and female by their secondary gender is what places them as an A/B/O/U. We do allow characters to have powers and to be a species other than humans. However, the only species we are excluding from Enchanting Love are furries. These characters aren't allowed to be created. Characters can have animal ears and tails but they still have to look human. The only full-body animal characters we're allowing are werewolves. These are people that unwillingly transform into a large dogs on the full moon. These transformations cannot be helped. Do not abuse this or werewolves will be excluded too.

Alphas usually have a strong musky scent and sometimes smell of different spices. This scent can induce Heats in omega or arouse them. They are always on top during reproduction. Alphas are also known for being born into high-class families and status in Omegaverse. There can also be low-class Alphas as well.

There's also the rare 1% of Alphas that present as "Dominant Alphas" or Alphas with a working uterus. Dominant Alphas can be either male or female and but they're extremely sensitive to the pheromones of others. They show signs of feeling sick and irritable. What is seen as something great for family's who give birth to such an Alpha is an extreme annoyance for the Alpha. Meaning they're unable to mate with just anyone but can still satisfy their needs during their Ruts but during this time they are extremely vulnerable. This also means once their Rut is over, they usually vomit from having to inhale the pheromones of the one they were with. The only one they would not do this with is their "fated mate".

They're protective of what's theirs and are known for being highly aggressive. Alphas have many things that differentiate them from others. This ranges from physical characteristics, psychological attributes, and physiology. Among one of the common traits is the knot at the base of an Alphas member. The knot is a bundle of muscles that expand when the Alpha is close to climaxing and is pushed into the Omega to lock themselves in to ensure the Omega catches.

Alpha females lack a penis that the males have so in place of that, theirs is a retractable member. Female Alphas, however, cannot become pregnant as a womb doesn't exist. But it isn't uncommon nor impossible for a female Alpha to have a working uterus. It's more common for them to not have one. Commonly, it is known that female Alphas cannot become pregnant but they can impregnate. However, there is a 1% of the population that exists where some female Alphas can become pregnant and the knot that usually exists is formed from the walls of their vagina instead of producing the male organ. A female who is born like this usually is unable to impregnate but there have been few cases where a woman has been able to do both.

Males & Females
Betas are your everyday human with some exceptions. They're middle-class individuals in most stories. They have a very weak scent as their glands don't produce it as heavily as Alphas and Omegas. Their scent is also calming to Omegas and Alphas. Beta males cannot become pregnant but they can impregnate Omegas both male and female. It is commonly known that Betas normally mate with other Betas.

Omegas go into heats, increasing their fertility, causing them to want to mate. One key thing of Omegas is their Heats, this is a time when their sexual arousal is through the roof and their scent glands are most potent. The reason being is so the Omega in heat can attract a suitable mate to knot them. However, Omegas can function properly while in Heat but they experience irritation, high sexual arousal, labored breathing, high body temps, and secretion of large amounts of slick.

There are also individuals known as "Recessive Omegas" and they have a very short Heat cycle. They can even go without taking suppressants because their Heats don't last for very long. Oftentimes, they tend to pass as Betas and become unnoticed. Their scents also don't attract Alphas and Betas because of how infrequent their heats are. Therefore even when in Heat, their scent can be released without causing any problems to others around them. They have a low chance of getting pregnant as well but still can and birth control is still encouraged.

There are even "Dominant Omegas" whose Heats are more painful than that of average Omegas. They don't respond very well to the scents of Alphas the majority of the time and refuse to be bound to them. This does mean they can be bound to Betas but Dominant Omegas tend to not want to mate. They experience all the symptoms of going into Heat but it's more aggressive and makes them feel constantly sick. They're also more fertile and their scents are stronger than an average Omega. A Dominant Omega usually has a "fated mate" and is this person that can quell their painful Heats. Omegas are normally part of the lower-class in many stories but it isn't the case in ALL stories. Omegas can be born into high-class and middle-class families.

Males, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated. Males lacking the reproductive organs females have is made up of the anal cavity serving as both used for natural processes like waste removal and as well as the uterus. When it is time for them to give birth to their offspring, they usually have to have a C-section in order for them to be removed.

Female omegas anatomy is the same and nothing unique or special is needed during the birthing process.

Individuals that don't have a secondary gender are called "Unknowns". This will be classified in their medical files and the reasons behind why they don't have scent glands that would identify them as one of the three primary Secondary Genders. The usual reasons include medical as people can be allergic to their own scents or their bodies are rejecting the chemical reaction when mixed with others that experience heats/ruts.

Other reasons that aren't medical related are usually individuals choosing to have their scents removed for personal or spiritual/religious reasons. Personally, these people who choose it don't wish to identify with being Alpha, Beta, or Omega because they want to live their lives free of social and biological constructs. For religious reasons, people that are involved in the church find the Secondary Genders and how they make people react on sexual instinct to be sinful. To promote healthy relationships and encourage having happy families, they remove their scent glands to avoid being seen as hypocrites in their line of work.

Both women and men will have normal genitalia that doesn't change. The only exceptions that would, would be a person having powers or being born a certain species other than human. The powers can cause one's secondary gender to fluctuate between two to all three of them. This is not uncommon but it is more uncommon for people to have their scent glands removed by choice. Anyone that presents as Unknown usually has normal relationships with people and sexual preferences are the same as the other three.

Other Need to Know Info

Slick is a substance secreted by Omegas when in Heat. It's usually a sweet-smelling fluid that is semi-translucent and when tasted, it's usually sweet. Slick is considered a form of self-lubrication for Omegas.

Marking is where an Alpha and Omega bite at the juncture between the neck and shoulder. Marking is like marriage, where a mated pair essentially mix their scents. It is also a way for an Alpha to show what's theirs towards other Alphas attempting to take an Omega that isn't theirs.

A Rut is the Alphas version of going through a Heat, except the Alphas, are highly aggressive and dominant during this. It is brought on when an Omega triggers it through their Heat, however, it can happen naturally without an Omega's involvement. During this time the Alpha is highly aroused and will seek out an unmarked or unmated Omega to mate with.

A Heat is similar to menstruation, but instead of pain and blood produced, slick is produced and an Omega is in a state of euphoria. Although Omegas can stand it, it is best for them to remain close to an Alpha if mated or indoors if unmated. An Omega in Heat is very vulnerable and very susceptible to the smell of an Alpha. Making it easy for them to be taken advantage of. The intervals of between a Heat can be a once a month or a year. The time for heats varies, from a few days to two weeks. Depending on how often the heat is and certain genetic factors, the heat can vary in intensity and effects on others.  Heats also trigger the slick glands to activate and overproduce, causing some of it to seep out of the anal cavity.

Scent glands are located in the wrists and junctures of the neck between the shoulder. Scent glands are found on all A/B/O/U types. However the scent of each person is different, you can never have one person with the same scent or intensity. Omegas have sweet scents, Betas are calming/natural scents, and Alphas have strong overpowering musky scents, and Unknowns have multiple scents due to presenting as more than one of the three standard secondary genders. Of course, to detect these scents all A/B/O/U types have a heightened smell to detect these scents. Scents also are a way of expressing one's distress, anger, and or arousal. Fun fact, when an Omega is pregnant their scent is stronger which gives away their pregnancy easily even without them being aware they're pregnant.

A/B/O/U Body types
Now regarding body types, it varies widely from skinny, very masculine, and curvy. But it also depends on the hybrids type as well. Alphas have more lanky and masculine frames/bodies, this due to their very high testosterone's level allowing high muscle mass. Some even are skinny so you have that option. Omegas have smaller and sometimes masculine frames, the reason is due to the low testosterone level they carry, but it is of course slightly higher in males than females. The reason for this is so the Omegas maternal instincts are not overruled by the effects that come with high testosterone. Betas can have any varying body type as they are technically your everyday human with nothing special about them. It all depends on the family regarding all statuses. The same can be said for individuals who are under the "Unknown" secondary gender as their body type will vary if they present as more than one secondary gender or don't present as one at all.

In Omegaverse, the contraceptives that are used to prevent pregnancy for individuals that do not wish to become pregnant are Suspressants which are pills Omegas normally take to control their Heat. They're to be taken when an Omega knows when they're going into their Heat. Omegas normally take these pills when they want to identify as a Beta or Alpha or when they don't want to have Heats. Birth Control or Plan B pills are available as well but these are normally taken should one's partner does not wear a condom. Both of these pills allow for individuals to still have their Heats but conception is prevented. Other contraceptive items used are condoms and intrauterine contraceptives.

It is not a requirement of Omegas to wear a collar if they do not want to. It is, however, an option for Omegas to wear a collar to avoid being claimed by a random Alpha due to being unmated. Many Omegas avoid wearing these as many are known for being shunned simply because they are an Omega due to the stigmatism of the status being of the lower class. Unfortunately, some Omegas have no choice but to wear a collar because they have frequent Heats and to avoid being unwillingly claimed, they wear them. Only the Omega can remove their collar which looks more like a choker and they have a key to unlock it in order to take it off.

Not often used in Omegaverse stories but they aren't uncommon either. Muzzles are known to be worn by Alphas to keep from biting and claiming Omegas. They're not a requirement to be worn. Similar to Omegas in wearing a collar, Alphas have the choice of using a muzzle if they feel as if they have an uncontrollable urge to claim Omegas when they are nearby.

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