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Author Topic: Unexpected Encounter (Open)  (Read 123 times)

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Re: Unexpected Encounter (Open)
« on: August 13, 2022, 05:58:09 pm »
Yawning, Sho had been on his hour lunch break with thirty minutes remaining. Normally, he would spend it working on the latest chapter of his comic story, proofreading it, or reading a few comics from his collection that he'd brought from home just to pass the time. It was usually how he spent his lunch. However, his mind had been rather distracted lately due to previous incidents that have caused his life to be disrupted in a sense. He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing, all the green-eyed young man could perceive having Usui Yuuto back into his life trying to repair their friendship again, on top of being his temporary graphic artist was a disruption.

He agreed to allow the other male to work on the remaining pages that were left to do but that was only because he'd gotten him out of a tough situation from having passed out in the cafe where they met at. Where he'd awaken in Yuuto's apartment in his bedroom. That conversation when he finally woke up had been awkward, not to mention that he wasn't feeling very well due to dealing with the Post-Heat effects that still made his entire body feel as if it was still going through a Heat cycle. God how he hated it every time his Heat came around. Sho had been thankful to not have to take anymore suppressants in the form of pills and he hadn't had the shot medication for very long to notice any significant changes in his body.

Part of him didn't think it was working. He was still going through pain and still had to wear that collar around his neck to avoid his scent involuntarily releasing and causing problems for those around him. All it did was make people, specifically Alphas, act stupid and try to sexually harass him after being told he wasn't interested in them. According to Sadie, it's a blow to an Alpha's pride to be rejected by an Omega which is why they react the way they do when he turns them down. Sho didn't doubt that but that wasn't his problem that an Alpha didn't like to be told no. That didn't mean trying to attempt to assault him for it. Thankfully, the last Alpha that "seemed" remotely interested was a woman. However, she was incredibly pushy and Sho hated her scent. He'd even told his doctor of this when he last saw him.

Sho personally felt the woman meant no harm despite her insistence in wanting to mate with him and get to know him but Yuuto felt otherwise about that. Sho just felt Yuuto was worried for nothing but even Sadie had been worried as well. But to an extent that she'd told him he couldn't return to work until he saw his doctor and found out what was going on with his body and the news he got was not something he'd expected. Sho found out he was a "Dominant Omega". He'd never heard of such a thing before but it was what his doctor had said his test results had come back and confirmed. Sho not only had to deal with that news but also was told that because he isn't an average Omega, it was now unfortunately necessary for him to find some way to relieve himself when his next Heat came. He was not looking forward to that. He could no longer hold out like he normally had been doing. If he didn't want to go through the constant pain he'd been going through, he had no choice now.

His doctor knew it was embarrassing for him and he wasn't trying to push Sho to do anything he didn't feel comfortable with. He was grateful for that. Unfortunately, it just left him mentally in a weird place. It's why he was walking around the busy mall to clear his mind. He did eat something but then he'd visited the comic shop in the mall for a bit before leaving and just quietly and casually walking. Rather zoned out and lost in his own thoughts as he walked through the crowd of people with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. While everyone else was bustling with excitement, Sho was filled with indifference. He had too much on his mind to even enjoy his lunch like he normally would. The only thing that snapped him out of his own thoughts was the sound of someone crying. Hearing this made him stop in his tracks and began looking in every direction to find where it was coming from as it sounded close by from where he was.

Sho got out of the way to avoid bumping into anyone, wanting to make sure for his own sanity that he wasn't just hearing things in the mixture of all the conversations around him. But he wasn't hearing things. As he'd gotten out of the way of oncoming people, that's when his eyes came upon a small little girl that was sitting on the floor by the wall crying as she was hugging a kitten in her arms. That wasn't the strangest thing he'd seen all day and it's not as if it wasn't unusual for children to get separated from their parents. The Hitoshi Mall was pretty big after all. It's any wonder adults didn't get lost walking around it. He found it odd she seemed to be ignored by people passing by and not acknowledging her. That said, Sho felt it best to take the girl to the security booth and alert her parents who he figured may have been looking for her.

She was clearly scared so he was careful in approaching her. He knelt down in front of the little girl and asked her in a kind tone, "Hey, are you lost?" Despite what he had going on with him, he tried to remain positive and hoped some good would come out of this situation. That being reuniting this little girl with her family. She couldn't be any more than seven or eight years old from the looks of her but unless he'd asked her and she was willing to answer him, Sho could only assume her age. Right now, that wasn't important. What was important was keeping her calm so he could help her.





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