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Author Topic: Psyche Vampire  (Read 82 times)

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Psyche Vampire
« on: February 23, 2021, 07:45:18 pm »

Species Origin: Europe, then Japan 200 yrs later

Origin Description: A Psyche Vampire has no true place of origin as they are normally treated as slaves within a high noble vampire line for their blood. When the noble vampire family migrates, they take the Psyche with them. Known places of origin for them to be are Western, Northern, & Southern Europe. Migration to Japan years later came behind Vampire Hunters from the 17th and 18th centuries eradicating them. They took safety in different areas of Japan.

Species Type: Vampire Psyche Blood Producing Vampire

Species Strengths: Vampire Psyches strength lies in the production of the blood they have as it is known to not only have incredible healing abilities in regards to serious injuries but their blood also has the ability to cure sterility for vampires that are unable to conceive. Touching or consuming their blood is how this is done. They have average vampiric abilities at the cost of losing some. They have traits more aligned with being human than vampires. When they bite humans and give them the excess blood produced that needs to be released, they increase their overall energy and mood but this only lasts for a short period of time. No human bitten by Psyches turn into vampires. Psyches have immunity to sunlight, they have enhanced sight only during the day and while they have the enhanced strength that all vampires have, using it depletes them of energy. They do have high regeneration being a vampire that produces blood instead of taking it. If they've not given the blood they produced to someone and they are injured, that excess blood is used to regenerate serious to minor injuries.

Species Weaknesses: Vampire Psyches aren't individuals made primarily for battle as they are more at a disadvantage. In the hands of a noble vampire family who is using them as a blood bag, this would be their only use in a battle. To heal the wounds of those they're forced to serve under. They have more blood than a normal vampire but it has been recorded that Psyches die in their mid-20s due to running out of blood. It is unknown if they can extend their lives through blood transfusions from other vampires or humans. This knowledge isn't known because Psyches are treated as tools for the procreation of vampire lines. It's also why they lack a lot of their vampiric senses such as enhanced hearing, being cold to the touch despite possessing a heartbeat, lack the ability to see in the dark, lack flight and familiar summoning, and using their enhanced strength actually taxes them. They're also present as two secondary genders: Beta & Omega. The mixture of these scents makes them easy to find as they are sought after heavily by noble vampire families. A Psyche in hiding wears a special collar to block their scent from other vampires but weakens it around humans. Humans can still smell their scent but vampires looking for them cannot unless it is close family to said Psyche. Psyches are not only used as blood bags but also breeding tools to keep further producing a child within a vampire family that will fall victim to this fate.

Powers & Abilities:
Blood Production While Psyches are still technically vampires, instead of drinking blood from those they bite, they give them blood instead. Providing humans with temporary increased energy and happiness (varies from human to human but the longest the effects have lasted is between 3 days to a week) and for vampires, healing their injuries and curing them of their infertility. Their blood also has the ability to regenerate and awaken ancient vampires. Because they produce more blood than they drink it, if they do not release this excess blood, they will suffer from massive nosebleeds the longer they attempt to fight the urge to bite someone. Using substitutes to fight this urge doesn't work in the same way it would for a vampire who needs to feed. This production of blood occurs around the same time as their Heat period, making their scent more desirable to vampires who seek them.

Sunlight Immunity Psyches have the ability to walk within sunlight without being affected by it. It is speculated that the overproduction of blood has something to do with it.

Limited Senses Psyches lack an enhanced sense of hearing and smell that enhances them to track their prey. They lack the ability of enhanced sight at night while possessing it during the day, don't possess the capabilities of flight or summoning familiars.

Enhanced Strength Psyches possess enhanced strength but to a certain degree that it can deplete their strength. This strength usually surfaces during their Heat periods and their blood production is at an all-time high.

Secondary Gender Psyches always present as two secondary genders: Beta and Omega, giving them a mixture of sweet and calming scents. This also indicates when they are most fertile like your average Omega. It is rare when one presents having the Alpha secondary gender. There is no known record of it but it's possible should this happen, these individuals would more than likely present as an Alpha and Beta.

Appearance: The record of one Psyche is the progenitor of them, a female vampire named Sophia Pistis who possessed long white flowing hair and due to being used as a slave, she possessed a pale skin complexion that is common for vampires but not for Psyches. Her spirit lives in any currently Psyche Vampires that are born and she will appear to them as the person they hold most dear in their hearts but not as her actual likeness.

History: Sophia Pistis is the progenitor of the Psyche Vampire line and was used from the moment she became of age as not only a blood bag to heal vampires of their wounds and sterility but also used as mating tools as well to produce more of them. The only problem with this is that Psyche Vampires aren't frequently born and one surface within a vampire's bloodline every hundred years. Vampires see them as salvation to extend their race so they don't die out. Their blood can even be used to revive the most powerful and ancient vampires that desire to use humans on Earth as slaves rather than working alongside them. Psyche Vampires usually have no say and they're often treated as tools for the vampire community instead of being treated as if they're a part of it. They're technically fountains of life that must be preserved and bred. This is also why they present as two secondary genders as the biological production of their bodies can't be sustained presenting as one without them being riddled with so much pain.

They present mainly as a Beta and Omega, with the Beta being able to calm that pain they would good through just as an Omega. There hasn't been any record of a Psyche presenting as an Alpha but should they, they would more than likely be male and presented with the secondary genders of an Alpha and Beta. When a Psyche has all of their blood taken, they die. In the case of Sophia, this is why she had to bear children before her death. Theoretically, all of her children would've continued the same lifestyle she did as a slave or a tool. She is also the collective existence of all the Psyches that have ever been born after her and died to this cruel cycle. There have been people that have tried to save them from such a lifestyle upon discovering they're a breed of vampire that means no harm to humans but they never succeeded, losing their lives in the process. It was said once by Sophia through an unknown Psyche born after her that this cycle they live is a curse. The curse of birth and rebirth. It can only be broken when a Psyche Vampire finds a mate they willingly choose to be with that isn't forced onto them.

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Re: Psyche Vampire
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2021, 06:41:55 am »

Your species has been approved!





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