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« on: August 20, 2020, 04:12:49 pm »


Species Origin: The third planet closest to the sun. Commonly referred to as Earth, Gaia, Terra, or the Blue Marble. It is home to millions of species and is known as the densest planet in the solar system. Earth is said to be over four billion years old as told by radiometric dating. Its magnetic field blocks the life-threatening radiation from the sun. 70% of its mass is water while the rest is divided up into land, among these forests and valleys and mountains.

Origin Description: Earth, specifically the Black Forest in Germany.

Species Type: Elf

Species Strengths:Aleantylars are generally very patient and calm, (most of the time), particularly the older they are. Their stamina is higher than that of a human, and unless they use too much of their power at any one time, they can go for hours at combat, traveling by foot, or being able to go without food for a day or more without losing their energy. Being graceful and nimble, they are quick on their feet and capable of standing or sitting up in trees on thin branches for hours, but only if the branch is healthy. If the branch is weak, chances are it will break it. Aleantylars can walk away from a spot, without the slightest sound. One minute they're there and the next they're gone, having wandered away. This sometimes leads people to think they vanished into thin air, but such is not the case.

Species Weaknesses: Aleantylars can use too much of their powers, whether using them all together or in single, which can cause them to become very weak and exhausted. Their curiosity can lead them into trouble if they're not careful, and sometimes they can be too trusting, especially when they are young and inexperienced. They are highly allergic to the Yarrow flower, which can render them severely ill, to the possibility of killing them if their body does not heal them right away. Exhaustion can prevent this, and they'll need another healer right away. Some Aleantylar are prone to sleepwalking, following a recovery from exhaustion spells, and it usually takes about a day or so for them to get back to their regularly sleeping schedule.

Powers & Abilities:
Healing: All types of healing with just a touch of their hand to the physical wound or ailment. They are capable of healing horrible injuries and diseases on another being or themselves just by a touch (to another being) or by a simple mind of willpower (themselves). This power allows them to regenerate loss limbs, heal diseases, heart problems, any matter of illness or sickness or injury. This also allows them to bring the dead back to life, though the Aleantylars did not always bring someone back from the dead. In fact they rarely ever brought anyone back from the dead. Their blood is one of a powerful healing efficacy. While red in color, there is a golden hue mixed into the blood that glows when the blood is released. This very blood has the power to make remarkable transformations, such as reverting back undead to the original status, human, or grant natural born monsters more power. Their blood can give power to the person or being who drinks it. The more blood taken by the person, the more power given to that person. It is the purest of all blood, and is sacred. Essentially, an Aleantylar is LIFE.

Electrokinesis: The power of over lightning and anything electrical. Aleantylars can take full control of any electrical source and create it as well, thus causing electrical storms in the skies (without rain) of varying types of lightning, as well as take control over any electrical source with just a thought. They are capable of producing lightning or a form of electricity out of thin-air just by thinking about it. They use this power to defend themselves when facing a mightier opponent who cannot be defeated by iron weapons alone.

Atmoskinesis:The ability to create devastating storms of horrifying and powerful electrical storms. This power covers all land area within a 100 mile radius, causing blackouts, wall-to-wall powerful lightning spells that rock the very ground. Fires are common.

Electromagnetokinesis: The ability create, shape, or manipulate electromagnetism, thus sometimes causing what is called an electromagnetic pulse, otherwise known as EMP. EMPY is a high intensity burst of electromagnetic energy in which there is rapid acceleration of charged particles. This can cause a wipeout of all electrical objects. The Aleantylars did not use this power when the electricity was first used for the modern world.

Superb-Intelligence:The Aleantylar are beings of intelligence and wisdom far above other humanoid species. They have a vast amount of understanding of the world around them, and the inhabitants that dwell on it. This wisdom further allows them to apply perception and judgment to perform the right action when a course of direction is needed. Their intelligence allows them comprehend and fully retain logic, abstract thought, understanding, awareness of themselves and those around themselves, problem-solving, memory and planning, and creativity. This superb-intelligence leads them to understanding of the physical world, as well as the mental, the spiritual, and the worlds beyond the scope of the normal human mind. Aleantylar have greatly advanced skills in mathematics, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial visualization, and memory. They can process information quickly and forever retain it to their memory.

Immunity to Magic and Spells: They are immune to magic spells, and events that would cause other beings to lose their abilities and powers. They are also unaffected by events that would cause another humanoid species to lose control of their abilities and powers.

Acrobatic Prowess: Their abilities are quite similar to other Eldrain races; they are quite capable of performing acrobatic moves with the trees much like a monkey with ninja like techniques. Because they are light on their feet, they can stand on a branch that would Crack under a human's weight, and they have no trouble leaping from tree to tree even in the tops of the trees.

Combat: Aleantylar do not like to fight, but will enter combat to defend themselves or to protect someone they care for. They start learning at the age of six, and are taught how to use a variety of weapons, most notably the bow and arrow and a long-sword type weapon. They are formidable warriors with their skills and techniques and do not have a problem taking out many opponents at once. Their fast reflexes allow them to quickly maneuver between opponents, and weapons thereof, as well as take out their opponents' own weapons, including destroying these weapons when necessary. There are times an Aleantylar will use his or her electrokinetic or atmoskinetic abilities to assist them in battle, but only when they view it as necessary and no choice.

The major drawback to these powers is that some Aleantylars become weakened after using them, particularly if a large enough amount is used. While they are immune to magic, they are not immune to faraday cages or anything made of faraday, which can render their electrokinesis unusable.

Appearance: Aleantylar elves are of human height, standing anywhere from 5'9 to 6'3, but generally weigh anywhere from 120 lbs to 140 lbs. They have a slim, athletic build to their physique. All Aleantylar have various shades of blond hair and various shades of blue eyes. Some Aleantylar do have various shades of green eyes. Their eyebrows are thin. Females are slightly smaller and thinner than males. They generally wear their hair long, sometimes loose and sometimes in a ponytail or in braids. Very few Aleantylar will wear their hair short, sometimes with a shagged look that does not dissuade their beauty and grace. At age 17, all Aleantylar will go through a change every so often in which their hair will turn completely white for a temporary time. This is the only time an Aleantylar can produce children. The change in hair color lasts any where from one to two weeks. Aleantylars also have a specific scent that attracts and appeals others to them. Some may smell like vanilla, others may smell like pumpkin spice or lavender, and some may smell like cinnamon or chocolate. During times of fertility, their scent is one of an aphrodisiac.

[Img 1] [Img 2]

All male Aleantylar have a unique birthmark of two way axe and cross on their left shoulder. This generally allows other species to know what type of Elf species they are. They also lack facial hair seen in other male humanoid creatures. All female Aleantylar have a unique star shaped birthmark on their right shoulder. Like the males, this birthmark allows other races to know which elf clan the Aleantylar is from. They also wear earrings that dazzle and sparkle in the sunlight. Each Aleantylar bears Corellon’s symbol, a lightning bolt in their foreheads, which he can bring out, at will. During birth to their teens, Aleantylar elves mature at the same rate as humans. Once they reach fifteen to sixteen years, this maturity slows down considerably, causing them to have a teenage appearance up until they are fifty years of age, at which they are considered an adult. At 100 years of age, they are considered middle-aged, and at 200 years of age, they are considered at their prime.

Unlike other elves, the Aleantylar do sleep, though they only need about four to six hours of sleep a night. When they sleep, their sixth sense stays alert, enabling them to sense danger and thus to awaken quickly before they are attacked by enemies. Some Aleantylar, particularly those of middle age sleep with their eyes open.

History: Corellon, the god of life created the Aleantylar on Earth when he was 200 years old, out of a portion of his blood and his energy. He started with ten, over three separate occasions to conserve his energy and to rest between the creating. He established their primary residency in the Black Forest within Baaden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany. For a few hundred years, they lived peacefully in their realm, carrying on their activities that had nothing to do with the outside world. However, over a short period of time the Aleantylar developed a high curiosity that turned into a fascination, and then love when they encountered humans. Over time, the Aleantylar began to court the humans, thus marrying them, and producing hybrid children. These hybrid children would then also become attracted to other humans and thus the cycle would continue.

Previously, Aleantylars were capable of dying from non-natural causes, meaning they could be killed. Their life span was only 300 to 500 years, but most passed away around 300 years. They also were only capable of producing three children at a time. It was believed that mating with humans would save the species in some way. Sadly, not all survived.

Over time, just as the wisest Aleantylar Moon Kishoka knew, the Aleantylar race began to die out, while their hybrid children continued to reproduce with humans. By the time the 1900s came about, the last pure blood Aleantylar had died out, leaving behind only several hybrid children. However, the hybrid children who continued to reproduce with humans would also eventually die out, thus leaving behind hybrids that seemingly had more human than before. The last line of the Aleantylar descendants is the Copiel family.

It was Thunder’s great-grandfather on his father’s side who once had the pure blood of the Aleantylar. His great-grandfather Rhiannon Tomioril Copiel died at the age of 305. He only produced one child, Charlone, who was not a pure Aleantylar, thanks to his human mother. In turn, Charlone married Eva, a human without Aleantylar blood or descendance, and their children were humans too. In desperation to save his creation, Corellon created one last Aleantylar through the Copiel family. This time, taking no chances, he used all of his blood to create Thunder during his conceiving between Frank and Hannah Copiel.

This would ultimately make Thunder a pure blood Aleantylar with the inability to be killed, but also prevented him from killing others, a limitation Corellon put on him to balance his powers. After creating Thunder, Corellon stopped creating the Aleantylars. Instead, the god of life put his faith in Thunder to repopulate the Aleantylar species when he becomes old enough. Thunder is the very last pure Aleantylar on earth.

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Re: Aleantylar
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