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Playable Characters
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:21:11 pm »

Toshiro Hisakawa

Alpha, Open
Toshiro Hisakawa works as the head nurse at Hakoniwa Academy. Toshiro can be helpful when he wants to be or when he feels it's necessary if the situation benefits him. He enjoys fraternizing with others in a sexual sense, which has led him to engage in sexual contact with multiple partners. He does enjoy helping others, whether it be under a medical profession or outside of it. However, he'd instead help those that are also willing to help themselves and not merely take advantage of the kindness of others. Face Claim is Kousuke Ooshiba from Hitorijime My Hero.
Satella Havener

Alpha, Open
Satella Havener is a Jewel Witch summoner and a Hunter that is a bitter individual when it comes to those who aren't human and capable of harming innocent people. This is because her older sister was taken by a demon and her parents were killed when she was just a child. Thus Satella believes her sister is still alive. Outside of her job, She seems to have a parchment for flirting, showing that she does have a playful side about her. Face Claim is Tokaku Azuma from Akuma no Riddle.
Lana Segawa

Alpha, Open
Lana Segawa is known for being a strict teacher at Hakoniwa Academy and shows a dislike when students disrespect their superiors and has a very reserved and cold demeanor. She's not a teacher that anyone can easily get along with and her very presence causes many to grow quiet, which shows that she has a stronghold over her students' attention when in the classroom. She remains the same outside of the classroom as well. Although Lana may not show that she has her students' best interests at heart, deep down she does and will not hesitate in protecting them if need be. Lana has the ability to control lightning, able to shoot bolts from her fingertips. She can create strong lightning barriers while also possessing enhanced strength from this power. She has a commanding presence about her which is possibly due to why students fear and respect her at the same time. Lana teaches Biology. Face Claim is Lucy Aoi from Freezing.
Danno Fujita

Alpha, Open
Danno Fujita attends Kaibara University as a second-year student and his major is in music. He also has a dark past. This past involved his father's dangerous dealings with many people that often threatened the lives of his family on more than one occasion. When it came right down to it, Danno's parents were killed leaving only him and his younger sister Dani the only ones having made it out of the ordeal alive. Danno believes that they are still being stalked after by their father's enemies and is constantly on guard. He doesn't socialize much with others and has a habit of looking down upon others that are weaker than him. Despite having a stoic demeanor, this changes when he is around his sister whom he buys and makes many things for. He's skilled at playing the piano and sewing things such as stuffed animals and handkerchiefs for her to keep her happy and her mind off worrying about their eventual fates. Face Claim is Masato Hijirikawa from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪.
Akane Katsura

Alpha, Open
Akane Katsura works at the Star Rock Bar as a bartender and is also friends with Kazuya Shiodome. Akane, much like Kazuya, is nice to others but also has a lazy attitude about himself. Actually, he would prefer to be lazy rather than do anything and is known for joking around too much with his friends. He gives everyone nicknames and tends to laugh when anyone calls him by his full name and tells them to just call him "Kane". Kazuya is the only one that doesn't mind Akane's antics. He enjoys reading manga and watching anime. His family doesn't approve of his job as they would prefer him to take over his family's business which is a famous record company known by Katsura Music Industries but he has no interest in doing so. Akane may love music yet he has no desire to turn it into a career. Face Claim is Kotobuki Reiji from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪.
Ophelia Mila D'Angelo

Alpha, Open
Ophelia Mila D'Angelo is a French woman and the younger sister of Andre and she has always viewed her brother as a disgrace and a weakling for his actions as part of the Army. She obtained the rank of Major General, a rank that was higher than the one her brother obtained during his service. Ophelia is a beautiful woman with the given moniker of “Ice Queen” due to being harsh toward her subordinates and merciless toward her enemies. She eventually decided to retire from the Army to live and work in Japan for the police department. She works in the sex crimes unit of the department as a Senior Detective. Face Claim is Olivier Mira Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Andre Julien D'Angelo

Alpha, Open
Andre Julien D'Angelo is the eldest song born into an elite French family. Ophelia is his younger sister. Although he may look intimidating, he’s a friendly gentleman that’s overly affectionate. He doesn’t mind risking his life for the safety of others the same way he did as a soldier in the Army where he obtained the rank of Major. He has a tendency to show off his skills and muscles which makes others highly uncomfortable. He retired from the Army and decided to work in Japan’s police department. He works in the criminal investigation unit of the department as a Junior Detective. Face Claim is Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Dana Peterson

Alpha, Open
Dana Peterson is an amazonian Demi-God Princess from another dimension. She’s the heir to the throne of her world that is inhabited by only women but left because she desired something more than being ruler over an entire kingdom. She took on the civilian identity of Dana Peterson but her real identity is Princess Nadia Heriasca and became a policewoman in the sex crimes unit of Japan’s police department where she settled after growing tired of moving around. Her strength was recognized by Ophelia during one of her investigations and she ordered her Captain to induct her into the sex crimes unit, which she now works as a First Grade Detective. Face Claim is Princess Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman from Justice League vs Teen Titans

Jerred Trask

Beta, Open
Jerred Trask is an American from Seattle, Washington who used to be a keyboarder for a group called “Heartbreak Hotel” but the group broke up and he joined another one for a short amount of time. The group reformed after three years and he decided to return because of his love for music. However, he is very rude and loud but he is talented. He doesn’t take crap from his band members and demands the best out of them. He and his group have performed all around the world, their most recent gig being currently in Japan. Face Claim is Kaede Sumizome from Katekyo.
Ryota Segawa

Beta, Open
Ryota Segawa, while nice at first glance, can be a very cranky person. He has a temper on him because his students always turn in terrible assignments with horrible grammar. They’ve dubbed him “Ryota the English Devil”. Ryota teaches Eighth Grade English at Seinan Academy. Face Claim is Hiroki Kamijou from Junjou Romantica.
Janetta Watson

Beta, Open
Janetta Watson is a solo singer that specializes in singing fast and slow pop songs. She likes to push herself past her comfort zone to learn to sing in other music genres. She’s always had a love for Japanese music and wanted to learn the language to be able to sing their music and express her love for it. She knows how to play the guitar through learning how to play the violin. Janetta hates a lot of today's music as it generally sucks and tries to bring back the old good sounds to music. She can read sheet music as well. During her second year of university back home, she decided to transfer schools and come to Japan where she now attends Kaibara University. She’s currently taking a break to create some new songs. Janetta’s always looking to inspire those who love music into following their dreams if they have their hearts set on wanting to make a career out of it. Face Claim is Kamitsure from Pokemon.
Alexa Nathans

Beta, Open
Alexa Nathans is an American woman from Las Vegas, Nevada where she worked as a showgirl for five years before deciding to quit and look for work elsewhere. Being used to the idea of constantly being surrounded by people that go out to have a good time, Alexa began to look for work where she could find it. This included work that wasn’t in the US. She’s worked at bars and nightclubs in France, Germany, and Ireland. She eventually landed a job working at Club Skye in Tokyo, Japan as one of their server girls. Face Claim is Shirona from Pokemon.
Clay Knight

Beta, Open
Clay Knight is a first-year student at Kaibara University with a computer science major with a passion for anything music, computers, science, and video games. He’s interested as long as it pertains to his interests. Though because of this, he’s technically a mild hermit. He doesn’t leave his apartment much except to go to attend school during the day and spends his nights at one of Tokyo’s hottest clubs, Club Skye as their DJ. The money he makes from this job is what’s covering his tuition and materials right now. He’s a private person that tends to stay to himself. Face Claim is Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Iris Takahata

Beta, Open
Iris Takahata is an expert in the kitchen. He’s a twenty-four-year-old third-year student at Kaibara University striving for a culinary arts major. He’s the heir to his family’s restaurant chains but it is expected of his older brother Izuku who is an Alpha to take over. Iris doesn’t wish to be overlooked because of his secondary gender status and works hard in his own right to be recognized as a good cook. He may occasionally be a slacker but he does put effort into the dishes he prepares for others to enjoy. Iris desires to open his own restaurant someday since he’s constantly overshadowed by his brother and therefore wants to prove he can be just as successful with his life. He’s good at heart and very kind. He does have a habit of avoiding talking to his parents who constantly tries to get him to change his major to work in something they picked for him and he chooses not to change what he wants to do. Face Claim is Soma Yuki hara from Food Wars.
Lillian Summers

Beta, Open
Lillian Summers is a first-year student at Kaibara University that's studying for her major in Creative Writing. She's always enjoyed writing short stories of anything that comes to mind. Lillian also reads a lot of novels from her favorite authors that allows her to get inspiration for her own work. Anything she uses, she always credits the original source. She lacks confidence in her writing ability despite being told by teachers that what she writes is good. Outside of writing, she also does press flower crafting. She finds it relaxing. As a person, she's very sweet and cheerful. Easy to get along with and tries to help others in any way she can. She doesn't like to see others unhappy and will do what she can to cheer them up. Face Claim is Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia.
Reiko Shina

Beta, Open
Reiko Shina is a first-year student at Kaibara University going for a psychology major who is actually pretty smart despite the fact that upon first meeting her, others write her off as an airhead or someone with ADHD. Reiko's actually someone who's a great listener and counsels others whenever they have a problem. It's this interest in helping others with their problems that led Reiko to psychology and thus desires to be a counselor. Erina Nakiri from Food Wars.

Mamiko Mazawa

Omega, Open
Mamiko Mazawa is a girl with no friends but hangs around other girls who are more popular than herself in hopes that they will like her enough for her to be accepted by them. In exchange for hanging around them, they basically treat her like a servant so she does any and everything they tell her to do, that includes their homework, carrying their bags, or getting them things that they wish to have that they can get and do themselves. Deep down, she is a really sweet girl who desires to have friends of her own but has trouble making them. She is a Ninth Year Student that attends Hakoniwa Academy. Face Claim is Rio Kamishiro from Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.
Zessica Waver

Omega, Open
Zessica Waver is a tenth-year student at Hakoniwa who is pretty much reserved and stays to herself. The reason for that is because she has a clairvoyance ability that allows her to know events before they happen by simply touching someone or something. A very vague vision appears of a possible future. As such, she keeps this to herself to avoid anyone to avoid causing them problems. She originally lived with both of her parents and her twin brother but when their parents split, her brother was taken to live with her mother while she lived with her father who does nothing but work and is hardly ever home. Face Claim is Waver Velvet (Female) from Fate/Zero.
Kazuya Shidome

Omega, Open
Kazuya Shidome is nice to just about anyone, no matter who they are. He's known for being helpful as well as optimistic even when things around him start to become bad. His outlook remains positive. Kazuya actually lost his mother in a plane crash which resulted in him being sent to an orphanage and later adopted into another family where the couple couldn't have children of their own. He never met his father but it is assumed that the man is still alive. Kazuya enjoys listening to music and can be very naive about different things that he has no knowledge of. He is close friends with Akane Katsura who he works with at the Star Rock Bar as a server. Face Claim is Ittoki Otoya from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪.
Yukio Naito

Omega, Open
Yukio Naito is a first-year student at Kaibara University. His major is in music. He is always seen hanging around Danno Fujita, mainly due to the fact that no one else wants to hang around him so he pretty much sort of claimed himself to be Danno's friend despite his reluctance to make friends given the situation he and his sister are in. Yukio is understanding of that as well as being the only person that is aware of what's going on with Danno. Yukio addresses everyone by their first names without using honorifics and can play an instrument known as the Synthesizer pretty well. His interests also fall into computers and video games which contrasts with his personality due to him not displaying cheerfulness but he is not rude nor does he look down on others either. Face Claim is Mikaze Ai from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪.

Omega, Reserved by ultimate_baby
Cassandra Lockheart is a recently transferred American girl that attends Hakoniwa Academy. Her reason behind her transfer is because she desires to find an old childhood friend of hers that moved to Tokyo two years ago and the last few letters she received from "him" mentioned he attended this school. Cassandra has a great sense of fashion and she's also fast at running and is constantly hounded by the track team members to join their club. Instead, she becomes a member of the student council as their secretary to avoid being bothered to join any other clubs. Cassandra is a tenth-year student. Face Claim is Anis Yamamoto from Barajou No Kiss.
Jillian Arthur

Omega, Open
Jillian Arthur, although originally from Carson City, Nevada, in her later life, moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and worked as a producer for many different music groups and solo artists. She now works at Astraea Academy in Japan covering the following music course: Vocal Music I & II and Chorus. Face Claim is Blue from Pokemon.
Joshua Smith

Omega, Open
Joshua Smith is an American young man with a soft spot for animals, but mostly prefers cats. He seems to collect a different stray cat as a pet all the time. He's a senior at Hakoniwa Academy and hopes to study at Kaibara University to become a veterinarian because he loves working with animals. Face Claim is Yuzuki Teramitsu from B-Project.
Rei Asahina

Omega, Open
Rei Asahina was born into a family that comes from a long line of witches and warlocks ranging from good, evil, and neutral. His parents were a forced pair that had him and three older siblings that are all Alphas that have powerful magic and skill. As for Rei, he was the only Omega born into his with the ability to nullify any magic activated around him. He is also the only one born with this ability and his grandparents are constantly trying to arrange appropriate future mates for him that he always declines. As a person, has a carefree and cheerful personality, usually bantering and teasing others. He is also noted to be very perverted, often finding himself in risque situations or confessing his desires towards a girl. Usually, this is by complete accident, but he simply rolls with it and lets himself enjoy the situation without getting worked up about it. His family finds this behavior inappropriate while Rei is indifferent towards their opinions. He’s a junior at Hakoniwa Academy. Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven.

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