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Author Topic: Yokai Incorporated  (Read 74 times)

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Yokai Incorporated
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:13:21 pm »
Yokai Incorporated

Yokai Incorporated, or Yokai Inc for short is a research facility that is a subdivision with establishments to the organization known as Fairy Tale. Yokai Inc.’s purpose was originally for medical research, creating medicines and weapons for monsters of the Yokai Realm that is hidden by an invisible barrier from the human world. On the surface, it did provide this with many of its staff hired for specific jobs. But behind the scenes, Yokai Inc was really doing experimentation on both humans and monsters. Their goal: to create monsters they can control whether they be pure blood monsters or hybrids. There were only certain researchers that worked for the company that knew about the experiments being done as others were kept in the dark.

Fairy Tale was fine with this if the board of directors put in charge of Yokai Incorporated kept up their end of the bargain by providing them with monster individuals that would willingly obey them. After all, they were an anti-human terrorist organization that did not mind causing chaos and attempting to want to rule the human world. If it meant taking humans and using them for painful experiments instead of just killing them whenever they pose a threat, that worked out better for them. This organization also was very well connected and maintained a great deal of assets both in finances and manpower. So, it is not surprising they were the ones funding them from behind the scenes. Yokai Inc operates similarly to Fairy Tale in them not caring about exposing of their own should any of them attempt to take them down.

This is what has happened to Yokai Inc. In current events, the Yokai Realm is not aware of the facility’s darkest secrets. On the surface, they just appear as any normal company that is trying to help Yokai (monster) kind while not realizing they are nothing more than tools to them. As for their employees, there were two that attempted to bring to light the true nature of the facility and what they were really doing to both monsters and humans! However, they lost their lives because they knew too much. Not just them but many others as well. On top of that, many of their test subjects have escaped to the human world! Many of them being more valuable over the others and bounties have been put out on the escaped test subjects. The job: either bring them in alive or kill them.

In the meantime, because the previous facility had been destroyed, Yokai Incorporated setup shop in a new area while masking the other facility as an accident gone wrong. Will you be the one willing to reveal the truth to everyone or will you allow for corrupt monster officials to do as they please with human and monster kind?


If anyone is at least familiar with the Rosario Vampire both the anime and mostly the manga, then knowing who Fairy Tale is, should not be too hard to guess. It is more a manga arc than an anime one. The Yokai Realm itself is a reference to the Rosario Vampire series and the world remains separated by an invisible barrier from the human world. It can be disrupted and seen if someone is powerful enough to break the barrier but that is an idea for another day. There should not be too many arcs with this idea. As I have mentioned before, I’m pretty flexible with this idea and anyone wanting to incorporate their own characters into this can do so. The main arc revolves around Kusano Yatogami, Eri Hayase, and Akira Yaotome. But I was thinking one could get captured and taken back to the facility and they want to go back and get them.

As for other arcs, I do not have anything else after their arc is finished which is why I said in their plot pages I am allowing side plot ideas with different test subjects that escaped during the destruction of the first Yokai Inc facility. If you have a character that fits for that then I do not mind you playing around with it if it does not go off the rails into something that does not make sense. I do not picture this plot getting as massive, but I mean, I do not mind trying to give everyone something to do if they want. ^^


If more characters are added to this in terms of being escaped test subjects, then I will add them to the list. Right now, outside of Eri and Akira, there are 50 unnamed test subjects that have escaped. The antagonists of this plot would be the Yokai Inc board of directors and if they aren’t taken out for failing by Fairy Tale themselves, then they will become the antagonist taking over what they started. I don’t really need the actual characters from the Rosario Vampire manga from the Fairy Tale organization to be a part of this. This is strictly more of an original idea with the elements of the series thrown in. Also, while they are in the process of trying to collect all of the escaped test subjects, they’re also collecting new ones. Anyone with characters that wish to be added as an ‘interested target’, feel free to hit me up to add your character to the list along with a reason as to why Yokai Inc has an interest in them.

Yokai Inc Board of Directors:
5 unnamed members on the board

Fairy Tale:
Funding behind the scenes, may become primary antagonist later

Escaped Tests Subjects:
Eri Hayase – Test Subject 109, half human & half dragon
Akira Yaotome – Test Subject 90, half human & half ghoul
At least 50 unnamed test subjects

Interested Targets:
Kusano Yatogami – possesses immunity to toxins that they want to duplicate

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