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Author Topic: Getting Answers [Hiroka/Yuuto]  (Read 111 times)

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Re: Getting Answers [Hiroka/Yuuto]
« on: February 21, 2022, 09:20:31 pm »
"Eh?" Another line of information that confused him that sounded similar but also different. "Isn't a soul mate another way of saying life partner but fancier?" he asked, brow raised. He also wasn't sure why he was throwing in gender reassignment lingo. That was weird and in no way similar. Sho wasn't trying to change anything about himself medically. He'd already accepted he was an Omega. It'd just meant he had to deal with more struggles in his life being one. He didn't think it would be this much of a struggle. He couldn't help but want everything to be simple but that was asking for too much. Long in this world was simple. Even now hearing the doctor explain that even with stronger medication, the symptoms he'd been experiencing probably wouldn't stop completely. Like everything else, it's just putting a bandaid over the issue. It wouldn't really solve it. Not really. He sat the folder in his lap, his face completely visible as he'd been reminded of when he passed out recently. How Yuuto had been extremely worried about him and how Sadie was definitely upset that he passed out happened a second time.

Now was as good a time as any to mention that. He couldn't be told anything more uncomfortable than what he was already given. He laced his fingers once again, hands atop the folder in his lap as he spoke again. "They did stop for a little while. I felt fine but then the vomiting and not being able to eat and keep anything down returned. And recently I ... um ... ran into an old friend ... from junior high. I don't really know how to explain that situation other than seeing him again is just awkward and making me rather uncomfortable. I'm more confused than I ever was before. More so now that he's working with me temporarily as my graphic artist for my comic because my usual artist has been sick," Sho explained, twiddling his thumbs together. "Anyway, I met with him a couple of weeks ago at the Melody Cafe. Rather I thought I was meeting with someone I didn't know so I took the risk in going out again while being in Post Heat. It didn't get worse or irritating until I'd bumped into a female Alpha accidentally leaving the restroom and she seems rather keen on attaching herself to me. ... I really hated her scent. But she wasn't sexually harassing me and didn't pose a threat. I just ... couldn't deal with her scent. It was too strong and it was giving me a headache. Plus, she wanted to pamper me and I'm just ... not for any of that..."

Sho had to reaffirm his lack of interest in the usual things Omegas did during their Heats. He never nested, he didn't want to be touched, he hated being pampered and treated as if he was a child. The thought of that just irritated him. It didn't matter who it was, he just didn't take to the idea of being pampered. At all. There was no appeal in it for him. But he was far from done with his explanation. The last thing he wanted was to deal with Sadie's wrath if he didn't talk to his doctor about everything. So, he continued on. "Yeah so that ended not very well. That old friend of mine found us and I really wasn't paying attention to the conversation he and the woman had. All I remember was being overpowered with two Alpha scents mixing together made my head feel like it was swimming. And I was out after that. ... Until I woke up in his apartment where he'd taken me. Usually, the scent of Alphas makes me want to hurl but for some reason, it was different this time around and I'm not sure why. It felt like I couldn't tolerate any smells around me. I threw up sure but it wasn't toward a particular scent. I just felt ... ill ... If that makes sense," Sho shrugged.





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