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Author Topic: Getting Answers [Hiroka/Yuuto]  (Read 111 times)

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Re: Getting Answers [Hiroka/Yuuto]
« on: February 23, 2022, 06:27:17 pm »
The doctor was right. It wasn't what Sho wanted to hear but at least he didn't have to wonder any longer about what was going on with him. He finally had his answer. It just forced him in a direction he actively wanted to avoid. His doctor was surprisingly supportive in his decisions and wished others were a lot like him in their decision-making when it came to being sexually active. A person has the right to abstain if they wanted to. They didn't have to give in to their urges simply because their body wanted them to. But those individuals usually have already accepted the secondary gender they present as and just handle business like normal. The thought of contraception or birth control is almost always an afterthought. It's why there were so many pregnancies amongst partners, whether official mates or not.

Sho decided a long time ago he wanted to focus on school and strive to be a comic writer like he wanted. He didn't see himself in a position of raising a family, much less having a mate. He may have managed to calm his nerves when around Alphas, whether they be male or female, and just accepted they exist and move on, but some part of him always remained on guard. That side of him wouldn't completely go away. It'd become second nature in a sense. He knew he couldn't go around violently attacking people and running away. He needed to reign that in which he has for the most part. Now he just had to deal with giving in to his body's sexual desires ... even though he didn't have any. All he ever experienced during each Heat cycle was pain and vomiting. He wished he could just take the medication that would allow him to focus and live his life out without having to deal with that but given the information he'd been told, this would not be the case. He would be doing more research into this on his own after this visit today. At least he had the answers he wanted, the documentation with the results right there in front of him, and more importantly, his doctor wasn't making him feel bad for not focusing on wanting to mate.

 ... As his previous doctors had done. It's what made him dread doctor visits and doctors themselves. All he needed to do was try and figure on his on where to go from here. Well, Sho had a general idea even if he disliked where his mind drifted off to, making him since once more. "Arigatou, for the answers," he thanked his doctor. "So other than my medication being switched to a stronger dosage because of me being a Dominant Omega ... what about the lack of 'not feeling anything'? I'm only asking because even I'm not completely convinced an upped dosage to my medication would even fix that issue. Or will it?" His previous medications have always been tame in their dosages and his body constantly rejecting them didn't help. So he wondered if a stronger dosage would change his sex drive in some way. He wasn't looking for it but he had to ask. Considering he had to start alleviating himself to reduce the pain he constantly feels during his Heat cycles. He definitely wanted an answer for this.

That and he had another question for his doctor about something completely different and wanted an opinion regarding it. "I had another question as well but I don't know if it will sound strange to you. Um, but what if I ... have no interest in having children in the near future? I've never made plans for it or thought about it. I just prefer to be left alone. And with this new issue discovery, I feel like my body would start wanting that even if I don't. S-So ... I suppose what I'm trying to ask is ... if I don't want children, would it be possible to have that removed later? If I wanted to? With my scent causing problems the way it is being stronger than normal which I don't get, that was something I've been thinking about that might rid me of some of my problems and not inconvenience others anymore..."





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