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Author Topic: Zach Green (Unknown)  (Read 125 times)

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Zach Green (Unknown)
« on: June 17, 2021, 10:22:43 pm »

They killed to earn their living - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Name: Zachary Austin Payton Green.

Alias: Green, Lieutenant, Glitch and Bolt.

Date of Birth: August, 28th, 1996

Age: 25

Primary Gender: Male

Secondary Gender: Unknown. Not entirely Human, born without.

Character's Scent: Born without due to his ancestry, sees as bonus as it would be detrimental to his service.

Sexuality: Straight (into Females regardless of secondary gender additions).

Race: Irish.

Species: Dullahan - Think headless horseman but less morbid. Fae ancestry, allows removal of head from body safely with no ill effect at any distance, and an increased lifespan to an unknown amount, as the ancestry skipped a few generations.

Hobbies: Guns, Games digital and tabletop, and a bit of fantasy writing.

Powers/Abilities: The ability to remove his head due to his ancestry, and increased lifespan to an unknown extent.

Personality: Zach is a military man by trade and by that fact is built if not bred for conflict. He is in great shape and takes pride in this fact, though he often laments that his work tends to hurt his hobbies from time to time. That said he can seem intimidating while working, his demeanor stoic and hard easily giving the impression that he has seen through you and knows exactly what he will do if you move out of line by even a twitch. Off the clock he is far more easy going and relaxed, especially when in a place he deems particularly safe and defendable. If you get him on a topic he holds dearly you will be in for a nerd out for the foreseeable future. He's dodgy about his work and if he has to answer questions on it he will go no further than saying that he's a bodyguard for an important woman and that's it. He also has opinions on guns and it may infuriate people to argue with him.

Occupation: Private Military Contractor.

Place of Living: Red Fountain Towers Rm. 22 (While in Tokyo, Otherwise no permanent place of residence.)

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Yōji Itamii from GATE

Appearance: Generally does not wear military fatigues unless undergoing...certain operations for his employer. Would generally wear a T-shirt or hoody with jeans or black dress pants, and a pair of sneakers or combat boots.

History: Zach grew up in Dublin Ireland to somewhat large and supremely dysfunctional middle class family that only a few know he's currently alive and kicking at any given time. His childhood was generally bland save for some family drama, and after getting tired of dealing with it all he decided to enlist in the army where he learned his discipline and honed his aim over his five year service period, which took him overseas to a number of countries for training and for peacekeeping efforts. It was during this time that he dealt with a number of horrid situations, people, and just sights in general making him question his choice at times until he ran into a situation, that made him choose a new path.

One day in the Golan Heights, that was when he learned that there were people in the world that understood it much more clarity than he did, and they were for better or worse, merchants of modern war. The day began normally, he woke up, attended his duties, and did his rifle maintenance for the day. By chow time, he was tasked with providing additional firepower to a squad of what he was told were mercs to retrieve a cache of weapons and equipment that had been hijacked by a local cell of ISIS fighters, and that it was imperative that the equipment made it back to friendly hands before it could be used against them. It never occurred to him to ask how it happened, only when they were heading out.

It was during the ride out to the operation start point that he learned exactly what had happened, and why they were relying on a PMC to handle this rather than a dedicated enlisted force, and why he was selected specifically to aide in the asset recovery. They were arms dealers who were selling equipment to the S.A.R semi-legally, he's not quite sure the legality of arms dealing in that situation but it wasn't his job to police that anyway, and during a deal that was going sideways, ISIS came in and stole the ordinance. With their deal with the S.A.R having fallen through, they figured they could recoup losses by playing Merc for the UN and CJTF and retrieve the equipment for a fee, that may or may not have been worth more than their original deal.

Unsure if he should be appalled or impressed by his newfound allies, he kept his mouth shut about that part and found that despite their profession, they were surprisingly familiar, like he'd gone through boot camp with them. Maybe it was because they were all vets, or maybe they were just good at reading him, he couldn't tell. But in the end he did his job with the brutal efficiency he was taught and known for at this point. One dark moonless night later, and they had the equipment they were looking for, save for a rifle or two destroyed in the fire fight, and he pulled above his fair share of weight removing a dozen marks with a merc spotter, while the rest of them caused chaos on the other side until there were none left breathing. Apparently this left an impression because after airlifting the gear and leveling the makeshift he was left with a business card, an offer, and a warning.

The Business card and offer were given to him by the 'mercenaries' boss before they left base, what was offered as a thank you, and maybe an opportunity if he'd like once his service had ended. The warning came after from his XO that told him not to risk his promising career, and his life with that band, "They're bad luck, and I hope given where you come from, you can see it." Zach kept that card in on his helmet for the remainder of his deployment, which was over just after his 23rd birthday. When it came time to decide weather he was going to waste away in over seas deployment against terrorists that really don't mind popping a bright blue helmet to show off all that crimson underneath for honestly not great pay, or if he was gonna try something new. A couple of phone calls later, a lot of paperwork and extensive testing, he found himself working for an arms dealer, and traveling the world as a hired gun and body guard. It just so happens, business has brought him to Tokyo for a time, where his boss has a dedicated HQ, so he has some more down time, and has accrued plenty of cash to hold him over until it's time for him to ship out again for some job or other again.

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Re: Zach Green (Unknown)
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2021, 07:26:37 am »

Your character has been approved! Make to post your Page List and add your character to it as well as post in Face Claims and Job Claims.





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