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Author Topic: Abigail Kirkland [Unknown]  (Read 115 times)

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Abigail Kirkland [Unknown]
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:19:00 pm »

Name: Abigail Kirkland

Alias: Abby (for short), Marvelous Lady (Hero Identity)

Date of Birth: December 09th, 1995

Age: 26

Primary Gender: Female

Secondary Gender: Unknown – Can switch between Alpha and Beta secondary genders due to her powers. When at full strength, she has the scent of an Alpha, when weakened, her scent is reduced to that of a Beta.

Character's Scent: Alphas – Green Apple & Roses, Beta – Green Apple & Lavender

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: American

Species: Fae Succubus

Hobbies: Reading Manga & Comic Books, Playing video games, Running and playing soccer, Collecting model airplanes, Obsessed with flying

Powers/Abilities: Abigail was at first unaware of the nature of her powers and was severely untrained in using them in the beginning. Despite being raised and believed to be human throughout her life, her discovery of her powers frightened her but because she desires not to hurt anyone, she was willing to train to properly use them. Unlike your standard succubus, Abigail's abilities differ. Below explains how her abilities work:

Fae Succubus Powers

Chi Suction (Life-Force Drain) – Abigail can drain the chi (life-force) from someone through the action of a kiss. Her eyes turn a luminous blue when this occurs. If she happens to completely drain someone of their chi, the ending result of her doing so is that person dying. She has since learned to control this ability by controlling how much chi she takes from someone.

Accelerated Healing – Like any succubus, Abigail requires the action of “feeding” on energy through the actions of kissing or through sex. This was something she learned as a teenager when she shared her first kiss with someone whose energy she accidentally drained. Thankfully, they didn't die. She's too embarrassed at the idea of having sex with someone and tries her hardest not to end up getting serious injuries. She's satisfied with the act of kissing to heal any minor wounds she has and it only requires her to kiss someone for a minute. For faster healing, the kiss would need to be longer. Abigail is only willing to do this with close friends.

Chi Restoration (Restoring Life-Force) – This power is limited for Abigail but with enough concentration, she is able to revive a dead person by transferring the combined chi of several life forces into them. This power is very draining for her because it requires her to use the chi she's taken from others and use that energy to bring a dead person back to life. However, the mirror time for this to work cannot be over an hour, otherwise, it will not work. As for Abigail herself, this leaves her drained and left with the need to feed on energy to replenish what she lost.

Touch Control – Abigail can control a person temporarily by enthralling them with her touch. This ability only works if a person is receptive to her sexual advances. It doesn't work if a person happens to not be sexually attracted to her.

Aura Sensing – This ability allows Abigail to be able to see the level of lust a person feels through by being able to see their aura which changes colors. This also gives her the ability to assess a person's secondary gender without having to get a whiff of their scent. Each secondary gender has a different lust aura color and the darker the color, the obvious it is that a person is filled with sexual desire. Aura colors are as follows: Alphas – Green, Betas – Orange, Omegas – Pink, & Unknowns – vary from having one color aura or multiple.

Other Abilities

Flight – Abigail has the power to fly at high speeds. She can also levitate in the air as well. Unlike other Succubi who have present wings and a tail, Abigail herself does not. Her ability to take flight is from her own force of will and from the chi she absorbs.

Enhanced Strength – Abigail does display enhanced strength as a single punch from her can incapacitate anyone. She tries to control how much force of this strength she uses so she's not breaking the bones inside of a person's body. When fighting against humans, she holds herself back enough to still be able to fight without doing bodily harm or killing someone. Anyone that isn't human who's causing trouble is fair game and she doesn't hold back. She can create literal gusts of wind that cause debris to fly around her and she can even lift objects that are heavier than herself. She had to start working out her muscles more to avoid overshooting them and doing damage to her own body in the process.

Enhanced Speed – Along with possessing incredible strength, Abigail has an equally impressive amount of speed. She can move a remarkable distance and incapacitate multiple opponents instantly. Because of this, it makes her movements difficult to track by those who have never fought against her. Her speed also works in conjunction with her flight ability. Abigail herself jokes that she can fly faster than the speed of sound.

Enhanced Durability – Abigail possesses high resistance to damage and magical attacks but this doesn't mean she doesn't have a vulnerability. She can be injured if she withstands enough damage from more powerful attacks and powers. She can be injured by magically enhanced weaponry that's meant to harm/kill non-human beings.

Chi-Based Attacks

Rain of Light – Using the chi energy she has absorbed, Abigail can use light-based attacks. This attack requires her to place her index and middle fingers on her forehead to concentrate on building up the power the amount of energy she wishes to use. She then begins sequentially swiping them. From the tips of her fingers, she fires multiple rays of light at her targets.

Fists of Light – Requiring the same act as the first attack, Abigail has to concentrate on transferring the chi-energy she has to the direct place of her body she wishes for it to go. With this attack, one or both of her hands are engulfed in azure blue light which she uses that power to punch her targets and causing sheer blunt damage.

Personality: Abigail can be described as being a very energetic woman with a love for comic books and manga. She used to visualize herself as being part of the stories she read when she was younger and it's quite clear her most favorite stories are that of superheroes. This caused her to develop a hero complex because she wanted to protect the world she lives in and the people around her. Her adoptive parents were very conservative people and advised against this behavior. They were verbally and religiously abusive toward Abigail which caused her to harbor resentment and guilt towards them. This was because they didn't like the idea of humans with powers and non-humans living among them and corrupting their world. She didn't understand this nor did she agree with it either. Despite her mistreatment and growing up around different types of people, Abigail doesn't regard anybody as inferior to her. It's also why she doesn't think much of the societal system that in some parts of the world are enforced whereas, in others, people are free to live as they please regardless of their secondary gender.

She does hate how people use it as a reason to put others down and make them feel as if they're less than nothing. As for the discovery of her nature of not being human, Abigail didn't handle it very well at first. In fact, she was very much frightened and confused as to what was happening. Her first kiss with someone ended up placing that person in a coma which she never forgave herself for doing. This was an accident sure but it didn't help that she was treated as a monster by that person's family and including her own who had no idea that Abigail wasn't human. For the first time, she felt truly alone with no one to turn to, to help her. Not to mention, other feelings awakened inside of her that also scared her. The need to insanely ravage someone without a care as to who it was. She may have been on medication to suppress her urges but they weren't working for her. She thought something was wrong with her and sought the nearest place that could help her to avoid hurting anyone. It was doing this she discovered herself to be a fae succubus which explained her sudden need to sexually satisfy herself.

After her discovery of her powers and her true nature, Abigail trained to have better control as well as growing stronger in the process. This eventually produced the idea to put what she's read in comics and manga to because a superhero to save people in need, thus her creation of the name “Marvelous Lady” and declared that she will help the people and keep watch over the city. It's also clear she's not a favorite in the eyes of the police who find her to be a nuisance but as she relies on them, they rely on her when they are unable to handle situations that are out of their control, especially if it involves individuals with powers or just random creatures and monsters showing up and causing a disturbance and destruction in their paths. Abigail has a good head on her shoulders even if she tends to act like she has the mind of a teenager at times which makes it hard for many to take her seriously. Not only does she love manga and comics but also playing video games as well. She'll play virtually anything from shooter games, RPG, fighting games, party games, etc. She finds them to be a good distraction when she wants to destress.

Despite being a fae succubus, Abigail is very embarrassed at the idea of a close skinship with others to be able to use her powers. When it's strangers causing trouble and using her abilities to apprehend the is fine, when it's close friends, she's super shy. She also struggles a lot with her inner desire to mate when she wants to focus on helping people. Her powers cause her to switch between the secondary genders of an Alpha and Beta and if she's not careful and in control of herself, she can accidentally end up killing someone out of the desire for their sexual energy. The Beta side of her usually kicks in to prevent this and she calms down but that doesn't erase her fear that one day, it may not work. She isn't sure why she presents as two secondary genders but has speculated that some part of it may have to do with not only her powers but possibly her desire to protect the people around her. However, the last thing she wants is for anyone to hate her for someone she's working her hardest to control. She cares deeply about people and the one thing she doesn't want is for them to lose their faith in her.

Occupation: The Marvelous Hero Agency – Head Hero

School: ----

Place of Living: Abigail takes up residence at her hero agency that also doubles as living quarters. The agency is located in Ikebukuro in the southern district of Tokyo, Japan.

Original or Canon: Original

Face Claim: Kamen America – Kamen America/Charlotte Vanders

Appearance: Abigail I & Mavelous Lady I

History: Abigail knows nothing of her birth parents but it is known she did have them or at least a mother who willingly gave her up to protect her from her father. This is what Abigail's adoptive family had told her. They never met her mother, they only knew of what was in her file when they adopted her. She wasn't given a name when she was born but her adoptive parents gave her the name “Abigail Kirkland” and she grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado while believing she was human. Her new parents were deeply religious and conservative people who took her to church while teaching her that sex was a sin. It is known that her adoptive parents don't have their secondary genders anymore, willingly having the glands surgically removed because they didn't like the idea that they forced carnal sexual desires between people against their will. They had a deep hatred for the societal system and chose not to be a part of it. They also made it clear to Abigail that when she became old enough, she was going to have the same surgery as well.

This showed that she grew up in a home having no choice whether or not she wanted to accept the secondary gender she would later present as when she became of age. However, this wasn't the only thing they tried to rob of her. Abigail, like any child, loved the things that kids her age would enjoy. Cartoons, toys, playing dress-up, and pretending to be characters from the shows she enjoyed watching. She definitely loved superheroes and would think that maybe when she became older, she could make her parents happy and become one by helping everyone feel safe and wanted. They were not happy about this as they found such interests in heroes and cartoons to not only be a waste of time but sinful. As there was no such thing as heroes in their mind. The only hero they wanted Abigail to be inspired by was God himself. This is also where she learned that her parents didn't view people with dangerous powers or even non-humans very highly. She didn't understand why that was because she's met others her age that had powers that weren't dangerous and they were nice to her. She also enjoyed playing with them but she was forbidden from doing so.

It was at age fourteen that Abigail first presented as a Beta and while her parents were grateful that she wasn't subjected to the sin of presenting as an Alpha or Omega, the declaration of her getting the surgery was still prominent. She clearly hated having her parents decide things for her so it was when she decided to date, that was something she kept to herself to avoid being chastised by them. It wasn't until she was eighteen that she decided to date someone and for reasons unknown, she was overwhelmed with this strange urge to ravage her boyfriend yet held herself back from doing so. She was satisfied with making out with him but it was during one of their make-out sessions she unintentionally drained his chi through this action which put him into a coma. Scared and confused, she turned to her parents where they revealed to her that the only thing in Abigail's file that gave them a clue that she would eventually develop powers is that her birth mother wasn't human and she was on the run from her birth father. They didn't ask questions and only told the adoption agency they wanted a child, even if it was one that would eventually have abilities. However, they didn't think that Abigail's powers would be so potentially deadly and they showed how afraid of her they. Upset by this, she ran away from home and went to the hospital to check on her boyfriend but had been stopped by his family who also treated her the same as the only parents she'd ever known did.

Abigail felt alone and unwanted but also she was now dealing with a scary high urge to mate and didn't know why nor did she understand it. She wanted to understand what was happening to her and before she would end up hurting anyone, she went to the nearest place that was known for helping those who had abilities. She didn't have much money on her but she wanted to buy anything that would help make the feelings she had to go away. The clerk that ran the place told her that there was nothing that could properly help fix an untrained fae succubus with a strong desire to feed off sexual energy. The clerk was a demon named Felix who was surprised to find a young succubus woman not knowing how to properly use her abilities. That's when Abigail had told him that she raised believing she was human and didn't know what she was or that she'd have powers. So this made Felix obligated to tell her what was going on with her. She was currently overcome with the carnal desire to mate with him, she was giving off the strong scent of an Alpha which also confused her because she could've sworn she was a Beta, and Betas aren't commonly known for being so hypersexual. He told that's because succubi tend to present as Alphas or Omegas. He did get the scent of a Beta off of her but it was faint which was quite strange to him.

However, he didn't want her presence being leaked back to him if she were to end up accidentally harming someone so in exchange for a place to stay since she also mentioned that she was a runaway and to help him out at his shop, he agreed to train her. Abigail was thrilled about that and she promised to be helpful to him as well as thanked him for being willing to help her. Over the course of three years, she trained with Felix to better handle her abilities, even meeting some of his colleagues that worked for different factions and agencies that focused on helping and protecting people. They also agreed to help out Abigail, which included allowing her to travel with them and help them out when they needed an extra hand. It became known that while the people she worked alongside helped for the sake of the people, not everyone was receptive to their help. Being the optimistic person that she is, she wanted to create build an agency of her own someplace that would be accepting and receptive to her help. This also meant she blurted out wanting to be a superhero which Felix and his friends got a good laugh at it but they admired her spirit. She did get a better handle on her powers but displays a bit of fear presenting as two secondary genders with the Alpha being the more dominant one that drives her need to feed on what she discovered to be the “chi energy” from people. The thought of having sex with someone makes her very shy but she has been able to get over her embarrassment of kissing.

She wasn't ashamed at first, this aspect developed the more she learned about what succubi do but kissing was the better alternative and she can control how much chi energy she drains from someone. Draining them completely results in killing them and taking a life isn't the road that Abigail wants to go down, considering it almost happened once with her ex-boyfriend who thankfully did awaken from his coma the last she checked in on him two years ago. As for the idea of becoming a superhero, that did come to pass, or at least with the help of Felix's friends and she took on the persona identity of “Marvelous Lady”. Eventually, Abigail left Colorado Springs with the offer to create the agency she wanted where its purpose would be to help and protect the people. This offer would require her to leave the comforts of the US and move to the country of Japan where she'd have the help and support of two of Felix's colleagues that work in the country and were always on board for extra help in the city. Abigail agreed to this and it was settled and agreed upon. She got herself a passport and the proper building had been found and set up to be used. All it needed was a name to which Abigail crowned it with the name “ The Marvelous Hero Agency”. Its purpose will be to recruit those with powers and train them to use them to help the people of Japan. The language barrier was a killer but in two years, Abigail herself managed to not speak in completely broken Japanese and insult people accidentally. It's not perfect but it's a start and it's a life that she's rather happy and comfortable with.

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Re: Abigail Kirkland [Unknown]
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2021, 10:32:06 am »

Please be sure to update your claims and character list.





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